For this unit, I have chosen to create a music magazine, the genre of music being rock/indie.

I have chosen to do this as this a genre of music magazine that I feel I am most familiar with, therefore I will be able to create a more successful and realistic product. I will be creating a music magazine using my knowledge from my similar product research and independent research on rock/indie magazines such as: Kerrang, Q. Rolling Stones, NME. My music magazine will include a front cover with an interesting main image and appealing sell lines; a double paged spread featuring my cover model , including an interview; a contents page that informs the reader on other articles and features in my magazine such as gigs and music events/reviews and so on. I will be particularly focusing on my cover model as the overall image I aim to create for my magazine will be presented with the way my main feature artist looks. I will be focusing on the mise en scene, such as their costume, make up and props, attempting to create an image that best represents the genre of rock/indie. And also aiming to portray a my model as if they were a real music artist. The target audience I have chosen for mu sic magazine is from the ages of 16-34. I have chosen this particular age group as it is beginning from the age where young people will start to earn their own money and get a job, therefore my magazine will be affordable for them, it is also at an age where teenagers will begin to have a passion for music and have a strong idea about their interests and dislikes. Anybody younger than my target audience will not yet have achieved a strong passion for a particular music genre as they will still be learning about the different types of music there is. Also, they might not have the money. My magazine appeals to both males and females, as it is not based on a particular gender. Depending on who the feature artist is, I feel men and women's interest in a magazine can change. However, in general, my magazine is going to have articles that appeal to both genders. My music magazine will be mainly aimed at the A B C1 social category as these will be the people most likely to spend money on my magazine. I have carried out similar product research on music magazines, particularly NME. This has provided me with information on music magazines, institutionally, representational wise, audience wise and also have given me knowledge on the way my music magazine should be presented. I focused closely on NME as it is a music magazine with features I wish to include on my magazine, and also focuses on the genre of music I am basing my magazine on. It has provided me with an insight on music magazines on the basis of: colours, layout, text, main articles, features, main images, music artists, cover models, masthead ideas, sell line ideas and so on. I will have a number of main features presented on my front cover, one of which will be a visually striking image of a female music artist. I aim to explore with different shots such as extreme close ups and high angle long shots. I want to create an interesting and alternative look to my magazine in order to make it stand out from other photos and I feel this can be best achieved with images. I will be exploring my options for my main images using props such as chairs and possibly musical instruments to further highlight my genre of magazine. I will also be using make up designs for my close up images, to create a more striking and different magazine. My main image will over power anything else on my front cover, how ever the sell lines and masthead will also be of great importance, as they will signify who my target audience is. The mode of address of my magazine will be deliberately informal, in order to draw the reader in to a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. My magazine will follow the typical conventions of other monthly music magazines, this is so that it is not outrageously different, as readers might feel uncomfortable leaving their ‘comfort zone’ and reading a magazine that is completely different. I want my magazine to be as successful as music magazines such as NME, so I aim to keep my price and general design quite similar to this magazine, as it is my inspiration for this project. Inside I will include an article on my cover model, explaining them as a music artist and giving my target audience information they would be interested in. The institutional details for my magazine will include my magazine being published by IPC. This is because NME is published by IPC, therefore I feel by using the same publishing company, my target audience would recognise other popular music magazines (NME) was published by IPC and feel my music magazine is as successful as them, therefore trust my magazines content, and buy it.

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