Code = FF67

If processing 1st time, then enter all the following information: Bank Key = Enter Bank Key as mentioned for respective Bank. Bank Account = Enter Bank Account as mentioned for respective Bank. Currency = INR Statement Number = 1 Opening Balance = Enter opening balance Closing Balance = Enter closing balance Posting Date = As posting date required for posting to Main Bank GL Account Bank Posting only=Selected Bank posting session = Enter any identification as required. If any statement is already posted then following below : Select Overview button from above toolbar

Nepean Sea Road as example by double clicking the name Select New Statement button from above toolbar .Select Central Bank of India.

All information is copied and Statement number is incremented by one. Change the Bank posting session if required. Press Enter Key .

1000. Amount: Amount in account currency Example entries: Positive amount for M001 e.g.Valid entries: Trans= M001 = Incoming Payment M002 = Outgoing Payment Value Date: The entered value date is used to find the item on the entered customer. Merely entering a value date has no effect. . or G/L account that is to be cleared with payment. The value date can be used to select one or more items only when stated together with a specified account. 1000 Negative amount for M002 e. vendor. BusA: Enter required Business Area Example of two Banks to be reconciled.very important to use (-) as mentioned Allocation: The allocation number you enter here is transferred to the document line items.g.

After saving the screen returns as below. Select Post Individual statement to further process the session batch.Sample entries as required. Select Save button or CTRL+S. .

Code = SM35 . the following screen is displayed.After selecting the Posting from menu. Close the screen and enter T.

Select Display errors only and click/select Process button.Select the Batch session created and click “Process” button. .

the entered transaction are transferred from Inward and Outward GL Bank Accounts to Main GL Account. The below is the FBL3N details after BRS.The following final screen is displayed. .

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