Software Requirements Specification For Online Job Portal for PUCSDians

Version 1.0 Prepared by Somanath Dange Priya Sharma

Table of Contents Table of Contents Revision History 1.1 Software Interfaces 4.1 1. External Interface Requirements 4.5 Purpose Document Conventions Intended Audience Product Scope References 2. Introduction 1. Version 1.1 Security Requirements 5.4 1. Overall Description 2.2 1. Other Nonfunctional Requirements 5.3 1.0 .4 2.3 2. System Features 4.2 Communications Interfaces 5.2 2.2 Software Quality Attributes Revision History Author Somanath Dange (09206) Priya Sharma (08127) Date Description 28th Feb Software Requirement Specification Document Initial Release.1 2.5 Product Perspective Product Features User Classes Operating Environment Assumptions and Dependencies 3.

3 Scope: The scope of the proposed system i.4 References  Software Engineering by Ian Somerville.3 Intended Audience The intended audiences for this document are Developers.Introduction 1. 1.2 Document Conventions The following is the list of acronyms used in this document and the project as well:  PUCSD: Pune University Computer Science Department. apart from those that are available through campus placements.  OJP: Online Job Portal. Users and Testers. The document gives the detailed description of the both functional and non functional requirements of the system. Pressman.  PRN: Permanent Registration Number.1 Purpose The main objective of this document is to illustrate the requirements of the project Online Job Portal for PUCSDians. 1. The document specifies the requirements for the product so anyone who needs an introduction to this product can go through this Software Requirement Specification Document.  The recruiters will have access to a quality candidate pool. 1. . 1.e.  Software Engineering a Practitioner’s Approach by Roger S. OJP for PUCSDians is to provide a platform where  The jobseekers (alumni and freshers from PUCSD) will have an easy access to the different job opportunities available in the IT world.

Receive notification if a job matching the desired employment criteria specified in the profile is posted on the website. Post links to useful articles.2 Product Features Jobseeker’s Features: Create an account.  Enable the employers/recruiters to announce job openings and search for potential candidate from the database. Post links to useful articles and educational resources. and job id. Post job openings. Manage company profile. category.e. Administrator’s Features:  Administrators will mainly be responsible for the user management of the portal. Online Job Portal for PUCSDians will –  Enable the jobseekers (alumni and freshers from PUCSD) to search /share information regarding different available job opportunities and assist the jobseekers in preparing for the marketplace. Search profiles of suitable candidates from the database. . Apply for a job. The proposed system will provide different search options to the jobseekers such as Search job by company. Search other users using email address and add them to the list of connections Request for recommendation from users in the list of connections.Overall Description 2.1 Product Perspective The proposed system i. Participate in the discussion forum. Manage profile. 2. Search for a job. Post a job opening. Recruiter’s/Employer’s Features: Create an account. (Set appropriate access privileges).

5 or later.5 Assumptions and Dependencies The proposed system needs an internet connection on server side. JDK 1.  JDK 1.4 Operating Environment  Supported Web browsers Mozilla Firefox.1 Software Interfaces DBMS: Postgresql.  Jobseekers (alumni and freshers from PUCSD).  Supported Operating Systems Windows. External Interface Requirements: 4.  Recruiters/Employers. 2. Internet Explorer.3 User Classes There are three different users who will be using this system:  The administrators.  Apache Tomcat Web Server. and the features provided by these modules are same as those mentioned in the Product features section of this document. Google Chrome.5 or later.  Recruiter. Linux. 2. The proposed system needs following third party products –  Postgresql.2. . System Features The proposed system is divided into 3 major modules—  Jobseeker.  Administrator. Web Server: Apache Tomcat.

4.2 Communications Interfaces:  The proposed system needs an internet connection on server side.Technology: JavaScript. Non . year of admission during the registration process.  The HTTP protocol will be used to facilitate communication between the client and server. it is made mandatory for a new user to enter details like PRN. HTML.1 Security Requirements:  Only the alumni and freshers (i. PUCSDians) are allowed to register as jobseekers on this portal and to ensure the same.Functional Requirements 5. Java Server Pages.2 Software Quality Attributes: The proposed system should be  User-friendly  Robust  Scalable  Secure . CSS.e. 5.

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