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The Rules of the Twelve Realms

ISBN 978-91-980865-0-8

- A gift of divine authority sent to mortals of Earth

The Rules of the Twelve Realms
-a work by Cro-Magnon in collaboration with the Highpriests of RA

Published by Viscount de Seignard de La Fressange Malmö Sweden, 2012

ISBN 978-91-980865-0-8

Table of Contents
Introduction ...........................................................................................................5 What is the Am-Tuat? ...........................................................................................6 The nature within ..................................................................................................7 Extract from the virgin of the world .......................................................................8 The nonhierarchical superorder of the fields and the twelfth field of Am-Tuat ......9 Third field of Am-Tuat ..........................................................................................11 Fourth field of Am-Tuat .......................................................................................14 First field of Am-Tuat ...........................................................................................17 Fifth field of Am-Tuat ...........................................................................................20 The ritual of the four elements ............................................................................23 Second field of Am-Tuat ......................................................................................27 Sixth field of Am-Tuat ..........................................................................................29 Seventh field of Am-Tuat .....................................................................................33 Eight field of Am-Tuat ..........................................................................................36 Echelons of the animals of the field ....................................................................38 Ninth & Tenth field of Am-Tuat ............................................................................41 Eleventh field of Am-Tuat ....................................................................................46 Twelfth field of Am-Tuat (part 2) ..........................................................................49 Illustrations & art .................................................................................................51


Origin of the work This book represents the process undergone while coping with never ending existential pondering. I have always had vivid dreams. This quest will never end.Preface Introduction We are living in times of great and swift changes. mankind will never reach a state of complete satisfaction. the children of Mother Earth. something fundamental has been lost .the very definition of what it means to be a human being. reaching for the stars and beyond to answer the questions of this enigmatic existence. It is what drives us forward and it is the popular scientific definition of what it means to be human. to respect and admire her. climaxing in a near fatal car accident in Germany at age 25. merging with it in the 5 . bringing humans all over the world closer together . and as we celebrate the new advances of technology. affecting not only the global state of affairs and mankind as a whole. and perhaps more importantly. and always will be. This changed through the spiritual rebirth I experienced during the car crash. this increasing detachment with Mother Earth and our own nature. Let us reconcile and start cooperating with the natural world and the nature within to unlock the gates of true immortality and infinite possibilities. but never before been able to put them into meaningful context or extrapolating useful information from them. as the problem and cause comes from within man itself. and with new conquests and advancements the feelings of internal emptiness and abandonment will only increase. when the god Anubis captured my floating essence and pulled it back into my physical body. This process is not a new phenomenon. slowly gaining momentum over time. to realize and accept that we are all still.overcoming obstacles which in earlier times would be considered utopian dreams. something I have been struggling with throughout my entire adulthood. the time has come to grow up and embrace and learn from her. and thus by attempting to satisfy our needs by external means we are doing ourselves a disfavour. us individual inhabitants of the world. Instead of acting like spoiled rebellious teenagers shunning their mother calling her old fashioned and out of touch. its origin reaching back perhaps as far as the neolithic revolution. that which separates us from the animal kingdom. it is becoming clear that despite these new positive changes. Despite our desperate quest to subjugate nature for our own egoistical purposes. As the singularity approaches with increasing velocity. but also. after which I slowly began the spiritual and physical healing process of the wounds contracted during that extended time period.

and so I wish to thank them. This modification was possible because of the purity of my DNA. Further I wish to thank H. the spirits and gods possessing me. reuniting with RA. and so it is possible to be within the Am-Tuat while conscious. It is by the combined effort of the Animals of the fields.W Parke for his work. 6 . But it is also a state of mind. stretching back in unbroken succession to the days of Paleolithic shamans. In this book. ”Sibyls and sibylline prophecy in classical Antiquity” and Ray Kurzweil – apostle of the coming singularity.process. garments and accessories etc) as the nature of its content is as multifaceted as the dreams of individual people. Anubis has since modified the structure of my doublehelix to accommodate spirits of lost times wandering aimlessly upon the Earth. It is the realm in which deceased pharaohs arrive upon death. By carving the scripture inside the sarcophagus. What is the Am-Tuat? In ancient Egyptian culture it represents the twelve hours of night. His essence laid dormant (attempting for thousands of years to manifest within the material realm) within 3 statuettes brought back from Egypt. ancient priests made sure the pharaoh would make it through Am-Tuat. where I had been travelling for some weeks prior to the accident. Am-Tuat encompasses all the immaterial dimensions. and the natural gifts granted upon me by Mother Earth that this book came to be. I have chosen to limit myself by explaining mainly the structure and peripheral objects one should know about while traversing the fields of Am-Tuat (such as the notion of the animals of the field. lamenting modern mans ignorance of their glorious deeds of greatness.

If the internal nature. regardless of predisposed giftedness or lack thereof. irrational thought and emotion. is out of balance. A seeker of the fore mentioned must be aware of the dark sorcery shrouding our modern society. as it represents his very essence. humans can reach a state of what is popularly referred to as ”happiness”. Deflecting these wicked spells is necessary before departing on that fantastic inner journey. aorta and hypothalamus. the natural consequence will be that man himself will also become unbalanced. By being equally attentive to the three and their needs. dissatisfaction. resulting ultimately in a discrepancy between the three and a sense of emptiness. 7 . fear etc in the individual. most humans care only to satisfy specific needs as they arise. Insight is nurtured by the brain. words of false leaders and interpersonal material competition. Unfortunately in todays society. Look upon with doubt and distaste all forms of mass media. but with their internal nature aswell. irritation. Instinct by the autonomic nervous system. amplifying and distorting the rudimentary traits (Instinct). by learned behavior or by unconsciously ignoring other parts of the internal nature. 2) The heart is the seat of Intuition. Intuition by the heart. While it is true that certain men are endowed with giftedness to a greater extent than others in specific areas of the trinity and so automatically gravitate towards that area. the inescapable fact is that anyone can and should strive to achieve harmony and excellence based on the raw material at his disposal. driving us to act on impulse.The nature within (Insight/Intuition/Instinct) In my introduction I argued that humans need to reconcile not only with mother earth.

For instance. the locust and all flies flee fire. while it is in its body is weighted and constricted by these four. air and earth. and some of three. It is because one or another of the elements doth form their bodies' outer envelope. accordingly. Not that some of the animals as well do not love fire. and some with two or three of these. the snake avoids the open air. and some of two of them. And. Each soul. all swimming things--love-water. some with air. and some of water. air. while those that fly still higher--love--the fire and have the habitat near it. and some with water. Whereas snakes and all creeping things love earth. again some are made enemies of fire.Extract from the Virgin of the World "And Isis answer made: Of living things. fish. son. for they even have their homes in it. some are made friends with fire. and some of all. and some with earth. winged things. the eagle and the hawk and all high-flying birds flee water. my son." 8 . and some of air. on the contrary. some of earth. for instance salamanders. and some with all. of which they are the citizens.

9 . instantly transporting the seeker to the 12th field. They may also mask their true form by obtaining temporary possession of lesser animals in the fields. air.Conveyer of Intuition. Mediators of Dimensions. The creatures of the 12th field are unique to the extent that they require counseling throughout all 12 fields of Am-Tuat as the dreamer successively advances from one to the next. fire and water. Plants & Trees -Conveyer of Insight. *(Requires possession of a minimum of 7 spirit companions and sanction by the Animals of the 12th field to reach critical mass). If the carrier of the -1 ability can successfully contain this semi-ethereal state and maintain his ability to convey meaningful information to other travelers of lesser fields. The Animals of the 12th field of Am-Tuat. However there is a heavy penalty associated with this form of rapid movement as the recipient of such immense mental and physical strain* may result in a state not unsimilar to that experienced by the Mediators of Dimensions (Animals of the Fields of the 4th echelon). together with the trees & plants they comprise the 4 elements earth. These detrimental effects usually manifest in humans (as their minds carry a greater delicacy than the Animals of the Fields dedicated to possess this state by nature). This allows for the possibility of negative access (-1).The Crow . he will be known by his true name .The nonhierarchical superorder of the fields & the twelfth field of Am-Tuat The 12 fields of Am-Tuat move outside of the space-time continuum and are by nature not hierarchically structured. Mediator of Dimensions. thru mental fragmentation and disorientation. 3) The Crow . Pathfinder of the Labyrinth. Pathfinder of the Labyrinth.Unlocker of the Fields. Mediator of Dimensions. wherein the being occupies a multitude of worlds simultaneously.Conveyer of Intuition.

both in heaven and on earth. KHEPER-KEKUI-KHA-MESTI is the name of this City. . and whosoever shall know these secret images shall be in the condition of the spirit who is equipped [for journeying]. and it is the end of the thick darkness which Ra travelleth through in Amentet. and shall hold converse with the men and women who live [there] regularly and unfailingly. and HEH and HEH[UT] are in this Circle at the birth of this great god. and taketh up his place in the Matet Boat. and riseth from between the thighs of the goddess Nut. He who hath no knowledge of the whole (?) or part (?) of the secret representations of the Tuat. THENEN-NETERU is the name of the gate of this City. and taketh up his place in the body of NUT. The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle at the limits of the thick darkness. and of the secret mat ters which this great god performed therein. and this great god is born under the form of KHEPERA in this Circle. Whosoever shall make [a copy] of these [representations] according to this copy of what is in the Ament of the Tuat. [which] cannot be looked at or seen. The gods NU and AMMUI. when he maketh his appearance from the Tuat. [This is] the secret Circle of the Tuat. At this point the light beginneth [to come]. and shall come forth [from] and shall descend into the Tuat. wherein this great god is born. shall be condemned to destruction. when he maketh his appearance in NU. Whosoever shall make [a copy] of these [representations] according to the figures which are depicted on the east [wall] of the palace of Ament of the Tuat. millions of times.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (12thfield). they shall be magical protectors to him that knoweth them upon earth.

entering my soul via Paleolithic shamans practicing rituals. Chronology & origin. It is he or they who see to it that the dreamer is being appropriately directed towards that end goal. depicted here in his jackalform. in turn descendants of these very Cro-Magnon shamans.Guardian of the dead. along with a new Animal of the Field has not been met and identified. Within each field a person whom is striving to advance throughout the Am-Tuat must gather 1 additional spirit companion. Ancient Egypt (around 3000bc) Description. Excluding the 12 spirit companions of Am-Tuat.god of the afterlife. These shamans do not live within the realm of time and space and so are still alive like you and me. a traveler of the spirit realms must also be possessed by at least 1 overseer. Part of this gods essence was contained within 3 small statuettes buried in the sands of Luxor near the Valley of the Kings. He is a Pathfinder of the Labyrinth. The people of Atlantis are the creators of modern man by genetic modification. 11 . the other Anubis . One cannot advance further if this criterion. I am being directed by 2 overseers of which one is the people of Atlantis. 4) Anubis . Is using my doublehelix to accommodate spirits. Possessed my spirit at the moment of death.The third field of Am-Tuat (THENTENT-BAIU) At the gates of the third field we shall take a moment to sit down and explain the order of spirit companions. These both must find their way to the user themselves (Although the assortment of creatures capable of orienting through the fields are limited). I carry an uplink with them through my bloodline which stretches back to the Ligurian people of archaic lower France.

the purposes of the immortal gods by propheDescription. Sibyl of the Troad.Daughter of Zeus & Lamia. holding on to my fate of madness? why do I taste its painful sting. which. The oracle. "But why indeed all-lamentable for others suffering do I utter in prophecy divine oracles. 12 . filled in his baneful heart with emotion. and birds in their feathered robes. The caterpillars true name is Mediator of Dimensions. I would like to underscore that it is not a prerequisite to be physically present in the country from which certain spirits originate. owing to its ability to manifest and consult the material and spiritual world simultaneously. My body in unseemly manner shall lie unburied on mother earth. and in turn delegate this information to a receptive dreamer. raving among mortals and speaking unbelievable things. it down." achievement. when the herds have grazed Chronology & origin.As for the third field of Am-Tuat the Animal pertaining to it is the caterpillar. shall sink into their livers and show The troad. The words of the sibyl. She was absorbed by my aura during a visit to Greece in the year -1 of the old age (before the enlightenment). having flown into the air. if they come. Down the broad paths of the ground my black 5) blood shall trickle. The sibyl is eternal and taste my flesh. spring up. Sibyl of the Troad. when he has shot through my frame with his flesh-smiting dart. From thence shoots of much grass shall Lamia. as the passage of time shall Herophile. shall convey true prophecy to represents the aphex of human men. Daughter of Zeus & dry it. first millenium bc. but the chance of absorbing them increases based on the proximity to their graves. foreteller of things to cies. mingled with the breath shall send to the ears of men audible omens involved in complex riddles. For no mortal man shall sprinle soil on it or hide it in a tomb. There indeed my spirit. and having foreseen in a vision all the unendurable griefs of mankind? Then also seized with jealousy of my gift of prophecy the son of famous Leto. retaining my grievous old age in the tenth century. My companion in the third field of Am-Tuat is Herophile . chained within its miserable body. shall loose my spirit.

place). and this great god paddleth his way over the STREAM OF OSIRIS (NET-ASAR) in sailing up this Field.. Whosoever shall know these hidden similitudes of the Hidden Souls in the correct forms wherein they are depicted in Ament of the Tuat--now the beginning of such representations should be from Amentet--[these figures I say] shall act as magical protectors to that man upon earth. Whosoever knoweth this. shall have the mastery over his legs. but he shall come forth with his attributes (or. and whosoever knoweth this. his bread-cake shall be with Ra. forms). being soul [and] spirit. when he is making his journey past them shall escape from their roarings. .Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field3): This great god afterwards taketh up his position in the Fields of the PERU-gods (i. Hidden Souls) is the name of the gods who are in this Field.e. THENTENT-BAIU is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Field. and he shall not fall down into their furnaces (or. BAIU-SHETAIU (i. pits). which is three hundred and nine ATRU long. and one hundred and twenty ATRU wide. and shall snuff the air for his hour.. and he allotteth unto them estates which are situated in this Field. NET-NEB-UA-KHEPER-AUATU is the name of this Field. and whosoever knoweth their names upon earth shall be able to approach to the place where Osiris is. when 'he is keeping ward over [his] seat (or. and shall never enter into the place of destruction. and there shall be given unto him water for his Field. regularly and unfailingly. [and] in Neter khert.e. the Fighters). This great god uttereth words to those who are in the following of Osiris to this City. Whosoever knoweth these.

certain prerequisites must be fulfilled: The traveler must be able to name atleast 1 Animal of the Field of the next level he wish to pursue. I shall also add that it is still possible to intermingle with many if not all of the Animals of the Field whenever they are encountered in this realm or any other. It is not as rigidly ordered as one might first presume (such as the notion of the echelons). He must also be in possession of a number of spirits. to determine if it can be considered a legitimate manifestation.The fourth field of Am-Tuat (URT-EM-SEKHEMU-SET) There are several exemptions in the seemingly hierarchical structure of the fields of Am-Tuat. It is also possible to be possessed with a spirit for other reasons than to traverse the fields of Am-Tuat. 14 While the above text stands true. together with a detailed description of the encounter. . with a minimum ratio of 1:1. While it is true that to advance from one field to another wholly. corresponding to the number of fields he wish to pursue.

such as the bee and other spatially dexterous creatures. Hawk and 3 other creatures whom are irrelevant to name by name for they are not primarily Pathfinders. which is also the case with the Mantis. King of the Merovingians. The 4th Animal of the Field is The Beetle.The creatures of the higher echelons are endowed with the capability of masking their true form while inspecting a dreamer. Around 400ad. one shall be especially attentive of the sacred insects vulnerable to temporary enslavement of the mind. 15 . My companion of the fourth field of Am-Tuat is Merovech. Chronology & origin. King of the Merovingians. Intermingled with the Roman aristocracy to carry on the seed of Cro-Magnon. and his true name is Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (1). 9) Merovech. absorbed by 2 separate visits to France in the years 0 and 1. He guides the traveler by means of symbolism. Europe. Description.

. AMENT-SETHAU is the name of this Circle. and he shall see the representations of the AMMEHET. and the secret doors which are in the Land Of SEKER. afterwards taketh up his position in the secret Circle of AMENTET. shall be in the condition of him that eateth the bread-cakes which are [made] for the mouth of the LIVING gods in the Temple of Tem. and he shall journey over the roads of RE-SETHAU. but he seeth them not. Whosoever knoweth this representation of the hidden roads of RESTATET. having been towed along. and the holy paths of the AMMEHET. URT-EM-SEKHEMU-SET is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god. Whosoever knoweth this shall be in the condition of him that is maat on the ways. the god who is upon his sand. ANKH-KHEPERU is the name of the gate of this Circle. and he performeth the affairs of the gods of the Tuat who are therein by means of his voice.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field4): The majesty of this great god.

abundant insight born again. stinging words of rhythmic songs. within it holds the key. Green and brown as seasons pass look again to see. dark objects in high flight. three brothers on a field. a pact of blood was sealed A hidden code of twelve exists within the animal field. entered to the underworld. a canvas coloured white Ancient marks of burning hands. to gilded auras trees and plants. 17 . flesh and blood must kneel.The first field of Am-Tuat (USHEMET-HATU-KHEFTI-RA) Venture deeper into dreams.

Fathers of the Nephilim. Trees and plants are part of echelon 3 and 4 (of 1 to 5) within the hierarchy of the Animals of the Fields and must be consulted at every gate of AmTuat (1-12) before the traveler is given sanction to proceed. Guiding stars of all of mankind. Chronology & origin.The true name of this Kingdom is Mediator of Dimensions and Conveyer of Insight. hundreds of lightyears away) Description. The trinity. Alnitak. Alnilam & Mintaka. a Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (echelon 1). According to egyptian canon they represent the god Osiris. Outer space (millions of years old. The first animal is the mantis. . My spirit companions in this field were the Lords of Orion. Hebrew. Lords of Orion.

[which are] the copies of this great god himself. USHEMET-HATU-KHEFTI-RA is the name of the [first] hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Hall.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (Field 1). Whosoever shall have these made according to the similitude which is in Ament of the Tuat. they shall act as magical protectors for him upon earth regularly and unfailingly. The name of the first Field of the Tuat is NET-RA. There are one hundred and twenty ATRU to journey over in this Hall before a man arriveth at the gods of the Tuat. THIS god entereth into the earth through the Hall of the horizon of Amentet. He (RA) allotteth fields to the gods who are in [his] following. [and] whosoever shall have knowledge of these similitudes. . and they shall act as magical protectors for him in the Great Tuat. and he beginneth to send forth words to and to work out the plans of the divine beings of the Tuat in respect of this Field.

Men today live a split life. The definition of harm includes the notion of neglect and postponement. as they are not conveyers of instinct /intuition/insight and the proper way to handle fellow men is through noninvolvement and a generally neutral stance. This rule becomes void should a creature disturb your paths thru physical or mental harassment (such as the mosquito parasiting your blood and spreading decay). you shall be granted sanction and shall receive the gift of divine conserve energy whenever possible).which is in opposition to our natural instincts . physically and mentally detached from the spirit dimensions during the conscious hours. If a dreamer wishes to traverse the fields of Am-Tuat he must willingly let down his defenses and allow nature to merge his subconscious spiritual part with his consciousness. During sleep those defenses are neutralized by the subconscious as it is busy repairing tissue and consulting the spirit world (and these useless defenses also require alot of energy to sustain. required to traverse these fields. but the exemption to the rule still holds true for men aswell. If you embrace nature and the creatures that exist within her. as they are more than fully capable of contaminating the soul with wicked actions. 20 . The first rule to achieve this merger of the self is to do no harm against creatures. he may never come to any harm. This rule also does not hold true for men. The only entity of the human species considered belonging to the natural kingdom is the Unlocker of the fields and though he does not need to be embraced. in order to decypher the wealth of knowledge hidden within it.The fifth field of Am-Tuat (SEM-HER-AB-UAA-S) Entering the fields of Am-Tuat requires a complete surrender of the defensive mechanisms that we have evolved alongside this modern cocoon which we call civilization.

descendants of Cro-Magnon. Merovech the seer knew the truth. They carry a message. 21 . But our bloodline still the same. It is also one of the ancient creatures of the world. Ancient as he is. our ancient ancestry did not go unnoticed by the patricians of Rome. Though stripped of fields and titles. Our spirits were there then too. symbol air. The spirits whom chose to accompany me within this field. ages before Consuls and Emperors. and if you are invited into this field you will be granted wisdom and a journey through the ages. A great movement of men stampeding the lands. New banners. new forts. unchanged by time. and we have chosen our brother Cro-Magnon to carry this message within his material form to ensure that this seed of purity keeps fertilizing mankind. The Dragonfly moves within the higher realms of consciousness for his time in the material world is brief. and so he is able to orient with eloquence both spatially and spiritually.The Animal of the fifth field is the Dragonfly and he holds this most eminent position as his true name is Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (1). The Merovingians chose the finest of what was left of the Roman aristocracy as their victorious spoils of war. We have walked this land for many eons. And so the true crown of Kings continues to pass to this day. were the Ligurian tribesmen. whom intermingled with our finest gentry to catch and carry on the seed of Cro-Magnon. as the books burned. the laurel descended upon Octavians head. Conveyer of Insight (2). and the walls of Hadrian came crumbling down. and we sanction his deeds on this earth to be forever blessed by our benevolence and authority. he also carries alot of knowledge of the world. new kingdoms raised. transmitted by warping the time bubble in a three dimensional field around him.

and his soul shall unite itself to the offerings of SEKER. and in NETER-KHERT. Whosoever shall make offerings to these gods upon earth--[these offerings. nor look upon. Whosoever shall make these representations according to the image which is in writing in the hidden places of the Tuat. and [his] members. and he shall go on his way towards her in peace. and whosoever shall know them shall be at peace. BAIU-AMU-TUAT is the name of the gods who are in [this] Circle. who crieth unto them from where this god is. . regularly and unfailingly]. and the holy place of the LAND OF SEKER [with his] flesh. shall act as magical protectors to that man upon earth. who is upon his sand. [and in it are] the secret path of Amentet. the hawk) himself. and their secret shapes (kheperu) neither know. [and his] body. and the goddess KHEMIT shall not hack his body in pieces. and he neither looketh upon nor gazeth at the secret figure of the earth which containeth the flesh of this god. Their forms (aru) who are in their hour. SEM-HER-AB-UAA-S is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Field. nor see this image (or. at the south of the Hidden Palace.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field5): This great god is towed along over the ways of Maat of the Tuat through the upper half of this secret Circle of the god SEKER. AHA-NETERU is the name of the door [of this City]. AMENT is the name of the Circle of this god. and the doors of the hidden palace. I say. in the divine form which they had at first. similitude) of SEKER (or. The gods who are in [the train of] this god hear the words of Ra.

Earth.The Ritual of the four elements Opposite to the spiritual companions and Animals of the Fields. which are difficult to influence by power of the self and through material action. always in motion. WATER 23 . The rituals may be conducted using the following steps. and thus reach concordance with this element. Fire and Water must be gained by proper ritualistic means. Air. "And he may show gratitude to the water and the vastness of the seas quenching his thirst by enveloping himself within it. sanction by the four elements. and thus obtain sanction by this element. So too shall man by exercise of his sapiens and eagerness to learn always keep in motion. for a moment becoming one with it" The element of water represents completion and the cycle.

AIR 24 .“And he may show gratitude to the air enabling him to draw breath and live by jumping into it. and by mastering the arts of divine linguistics. through the waves of rhythmic influences carried by it. for a moment becoming one with it" Sanction by the element of air shall arrive through the continous attention paid to natural sounds.

"And he may show gratitude to the fire from which creation sprang by touching its flame. once he appears. shall make appeal. FIRE 25 . to whom you. seeking the sanction of fire obtainable through the Lame one. for a moment becoming one with it " Obtain flammable liquids (or by natural means) to conjure the eternal flame. Await the manifestation of Prometheus.

avoiding reckless neglect."And he may show gratitude to the earth that feeds and warms him by crawling upon its soil. for a moment becoming one with it" By being attentive of the soil upon which man strideth. EARTH 26 . he shall eventually gain sanction by the element of earth.

Pathfinder of the Labyrinth and Mediator of Dimensions is his true name. possessor of the twelve. 27 . Like our man of many worlds so they have in common. It was within SHESAT-MAKET-NEB-S the Unlocker first appeared. The mediator takes care to see. in Earthly realms a slave. the Earth and Field in tune. 17) The Bee is host to a multitude of affixes within the fields of Am-Tuat. I entered the second field of Am-Tuat after spending one hundred dawns in the first field. whispering in the middle to. echelons 1 and 4. father of living dreams. a syracusan by birth. Its symbol is the element of air.The second field of Am-Tuat (SHESAT-MAKET-NEB-S) Let him come like I did mine. most men know him by the name Schizophrenia. mortals passing by. the other part in shade. half them standing in the sun. Not unsimilar did he unearth. beyond all rank. from a Roman grave of ancient time. except now. The noble Catalyst of highest birth within SHESAT-MAKETNEB-S is the Bee. Travelers of the fields of Am-Tuat are wise to consult this entity whenever possible. mind and heart split in two a weakened form on Earth.

Whosoever knoweth their names shall have his existence with them. BAIUTUATI. he shall cleave a passage through the tresses of the gods with flowing hair (HENKSU). . The name of the gods who are in this Field is. [these things I say] shall act as magical protectors to that person upon earth. he shall enter into the earth. the Souls of the Tuat) in the forms in which they are in Ament of the Tuat-now the beginning of such representations should be from Amentet. and there shall be given unto him the fore-part of TATUBA..e.--and whosoever shall make offerings unto them upon earth in their names. regularly and unfailingly.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field2): This great god afterwards taketh up his position in UR-NEST. he shall force a way through the Tuat. And whosoever shall know the words which the gods of the Tuat speak to this god. regularly and unfailingly. he shall eat bread-cakes in the Boat of the Earth. in drawing) similitudes of the BAIU-TUATI (i. He shall stand up with the Gods who Stand Up (AHAU). he shall travel on by the EATER OF THE ASS (AM-AA) after the emptying of the lands. and one hundred and twenty ATRU in width. SHESAT-MAKET-NEB-S is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Field. [these words I say] shall act as magi cal protectors to him that knoweth them upon earth. he shall travel on in the following of this great god. which is three hundred and nine ATRU in length. and unto him shall this great god allot fields in the place wherein they are in the FIELD OF URNES. and the words which are said by him to them when he is approaching the gods of the Tuat. Whosoever shall have made in writing (or.

saturated fats. * Seek out the rhythmic form optimal for the purpose of inducing an altered state of consciousness. honoring all universal creatures and observing the principle of eternal material atrophy by calling upon the Lame one. only that it would facilitate the process to a greater extent). All forms of processed foods are discouraged. Prometheus the bringer of fire must also be called upon to stand between mortal and god -mediating during this evocation. natural textiles and the carrying of scriptures upon his physical manifestation (or as scrolls to be held in the hand or within a container to be carried). which in itself can drain alot of spiritual power and ability to further accommodate a greater influx of extra dimensional knowledge. It is therefore essential to become aware of circumstances and material tools which can help rejuvenate and sharpen the spirit powers needed to advance beyond this field: * Adorn himself in proper garments in order to reflect external events which might otherwise act disruptively upon him. It is recommended to treat products containing yeast and histamine with moderate care. ancient jewellery (iconic figurines). * Capture earthly essences and worldy knowledge by striding upon the soil unshod. at the gates of the sixth field. 18) A dreamer should abstain foods containing excessive sugar. it is quite appropriate to do it here. 29 . high glycemic load. with an equal length traversed as an equal length remaining. When a dreamer reaches the sixth field he will have arrived at a temporary spiritual plateau (depending on the length it has taken for him to reach that state). son of Zeus and Hera. forger of Agamemnons staff. * Decypher and unseal the knowledge carried within light. Examples of such garments would be items imbued with magical powers such as the dream catcher.The sixth field of Am-Tuat (MESPERIT-AR-MAAT) While it is entirely possible to conduct the steps I am about to reveal at any time during your journey throughout the Am-Tuat (as in previous scriptures where it was stated that one needs not be physically present in the country of origin to capture a certain spirit.

Upon natural soil. or produced by means of suffering. one shall. for it signifies the surrendering and enslavement to manmade time. Strive to wear fabric easing spiritual transition. One should avoid fabric which does not rest softly and gently upon the skin. It is also of utmost importance to avoid (to the extent possible) any garments contaminated by manmade chemicals. whenever possible. To carry a watch in any form goes against the single cardinal rule of what accessories one may never wear when attempting to consult the spiritworlds. deemed belonging to the realm of tyranny. and usurpation. Synthetic materials like plastic are discouraged. 30 . stride unshod. inducing surreal emotion.A traveler may carry scriptures and icons to capture the flow of otherworldy information. 19) Certain garments are better suited than others when consulting the fields.oppression.

soaring the skies. By these great gifts given to mortal men by our most benevolent antecedents I now. paintings on the walls of caves and sacrifices of animals. paintings on the walls of caves and sacrifices of animals.that they are the ones responsible for shaping the past. and his true name is Pathfinder of the Labyrinth. to act as a spiritual vessel of extradimensional communication and earthly observation to these ancient priests. Cro-Magnon. the eyes and ears of the gods of man. 31 . declare this day (Monday) and this date in time (25th of the 9th month) propitious to all spiritual deeds and all international . The original tribe of my people. He who traverse the fields of Am-Tuat shall take note of the Hawk whenever it appears. And I shall surrender my mind and body. by their authority. Its element is fire. present and future through the beating of their drums. Description. present and future through the beating of their drums.20) The animal of the sixth field is the Hawk. 21) Shamans of the old age of the stone. Chronology & origin. And I shall spread this message to other men . Shaping the past. or resting on the branches of trees. And thru this act I shall be granted Immunity to black magic performed by others of my kind. extrasolar and intergalactic diplomatic efforts undertaken by mortals. for it is a magical creature. Upper Paleolithic ~50000bc. Breaking through the sixth field the Shamans of the old age of the stone called upon my mortal soul to heed their words and bow to their omnipotent authority.

and he giveth divine offerings to [the gods of] the Tuat. and they effect their transformations by reason of the words which this great god hath spoken unto them. SEPT-METU is the name of the door of this City. and he sendeth forth words to the gods who are therein. the Lord of the waters of the gods of the Tuat). and they have dominion over their Fields and over the gifts made to them. according to the representation of the same which is in the hidden things of the Tuat. and he setteth apart by his words the estates which are [to produce] their offerings in this City.e. the manifestations of their shapes (or. and whosoever shall know them shall be in the condition of one who awardeth offerings in abundance in the Tuat. The secret roads of Amentet. and he com mandeth that they have the mastery over their divine offerings in this City. the gathering together [of them] by their names. and he shall be united to the offerings of the gods who are in the follow ing of Osiris. and his Parents (or. and he standeth up by them. which is the road of the Boat of Ra. at the south of the Hidden Palace. and he giveth to them water for their lakes. METCHET-NEBT-TUATIU is the name of this Field.. and [their] secret hours. The majesty of this great god sendeth forth words. MESPERIT-AR-MAAT is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this country. such are the things of which the secret representation of the Tuat is not known to men and women. kinsfolk) shall make the offerings which are obligatory on the earth. and the manner wherein this great god is being rowed along over the water therein in his boat to perform the plans (or. . and he travelleth through the Tuat every day.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field6): The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in the stream of NEBT-MU-TUATIU (i. being provided with his Boat. affairs) of the gods of the Tuat. forms). Whosoever shall make [a copy of] this image in writing. He maketh his way through this Field. and they see him.

The seventh field of Am-Tuat (KHESEF-HAI-HESEQ-NEHA-HR) From this point on. pertaining to the Animals of the Field. whose true name is Conveyer of Intuition. a dreamer can expect to be visited and sanctioned by these animals in a somewhat linearly order. I have thus far introduced 7 Animals.based upon the specific characteristics of each animal. element fire. Earth.The Rook. These elements are strictly bound to the Earthly dimension (the material world) but nonetheless require sanction inorder to gain future access to the fifth element. Aether (which is in essence ethereal and so a friend of all dimensions of the universe). Outside of this hierarchy each animal can also be considered representing 1 out of the four basic elements. together with an affix revealing their true name which in turn can be classified as pertaining to a certain echelon. Fire & Water . Air.Conveyer of Intuition. as I have not been sanctioned to advance by the animal of the seventh field . 33 . It is time to introduce yet another structural concept (based upon the words of Isis in the virgin of the world). Beginning at the sixth field. with minor exceptions. Throughout his journey. I am writing of the fields only in theoretical form. to further his advancement within the Am-Tuat. each representing 1 field of Am-Tuat. 22) The Rook . a dreamer must gain sanction by each one of these elements excluding water (which can be postponed until having reached the seventh field).

1) Earth 2) Air 3) Earth 4) Earth 5) Air 6) Fire 7) Fire 8) Water 9) Earth* 10) Water* Fields 1-12) Earth/Water/Air/Fire * (Animals of these fields represent Aether aswell). however such arcane knowledge (and being able to accommodate information to the extent required without averse effects) ventures not far from the capabilities of The unlocker of the fields. 34 . Earth. * (Presuming the dreamer is granted sanction by the element of water). and so should be considered a natural gift (ambiguously). Air. The seventh field of Am-Tuat differs from the others in such a way that it already has a predetermined spirit companion.It is possible to advance further without completing the fore mentioned. This is how the 4 elements are divided (each number corresponding in order. to a field of Am-Tuat). Fire & Water* .

And whosoever knoweth them shall be a soul of souls with Ra. This god maketh to himself other forms for this hidden place in order to drive out of his path the serpent fiend APEP by means of the words of power of Isis. And whosoever shall make (i. the serpent NEHA-HRA shall not drink his water. Now the ridge of earth of NEHA-HRA in the Tuat is four hundred and fifty cubits in length. and the great god doth not make his way over him when he maketh him to turn aside out of the way for him. and the majesty of this great god sendeth forth words into this to the gods who dwell therein.e. Whosoever knoweth this shall be in the Boat of Ra. and whosoever shall do [this] upon earth. KHESEF-HAI-HESEQ-NEHA-HRA is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through this Circle. [the result is] the same. Whosoever shall do [this] in the Hidden Palace of the Tuat. and the words of power of SEMSU (?). and perform the slaughters of Apep in the Tuat. He maketh his way by means of the words of power of Isis. This great god maketh his way over the road of Ament in the holy boat. kept) for him. The regions which belong to him are made (i. and the soul of him that knoweth it shall not be evilly entreated by the gods who are in this Circle. in this Circle.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field7). . Stinking-Face). and by means of the words of power of SEMSU (?). when this god maketh his way through this city in the form of the serpent MEHEN. from the secret place of Osiris. TEPHET-SHETA is the name of this City. they shall act as magical protectors for him that maketh them in heaven and in earth. but he that hath no knowledge of this represen tation shall not know how to drive back NEHA-HRA (i. The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in the secret place of Osiris. shall make to be driven back the Apep of Ra in Amentet. both in heaven and upon earth. and the utterances of this great god himself [act as] magical protectors. in his windings in the sky.e. and whosoever knoweth it the crocodile AB-SHAU shall not devour his soul.. RUTI-ASAR is the name of the gate of this City through which this god passeth. Whosoever shall know this upon earth.. without being towed along. recite) the words of power of Isis and the words of power of SEMSU.. and he passeth in it over this road which is without water.e. and he filleth it with the undulations of his body. Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these [pictures] according to the simili tudes which are in writing at the northern side of the Hidden Palace in the Tuat.

which has been of tremendous help whilst navigating through the fields of Am-Tuat. I have been using the shape of the doublehelix along with the information stored within it to access different paths within dreams which I have then extrapolated in the conscious state to create uniformity with the material and spiritual dimensions. with only minor interruptions. it may very well increase.element water. The doublehelix I carry is perfectly sculptured to receive spiritual information and carry spiritual entities because of its ancestry with the shamans of the Paleolithic. This allows me to fluidly access and tap into historical data with spectacular clarity. it is possible to deduce that one acts to balance the other to create a state of equilibrium. The subjective speed with which one traverse the different fields of Am-Tuat needs not necessarily slow down as a dreamer orient the increasingly complex structures of the deep fields.The eight field of Am-Tuat (NEBT-USHA) Comparing the structure of the Animals of the fields.Conveyer of Intuition. for many generations. 23) Manatee/Sirenia . For example. with its rather rigid hierarchy and predetermined selection. on the contrary. I have been fortunate in my endeavor as the structure of my doublehelix is intact and pure. to the disorienting and timeless experience occurring whilst venturing deeper into the fields. together with the spiritual momentum garnered from accessing special routes depending on the geometrical shape or shapes applied. Animal of the eight field 36 . Mediator of Dimensions. This is due to the nature of complex geometric shapes deployable throughout the fields.

As for the secret Circle of AMENTET. and he shall never be repulsed at the secret gates. and whosoever shall know them by their names. Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these things according to the similitude which is in writing on the north [wall] of the Hidden Palace in the Tuat. AHA-AN-URT-F is the name of the gate of this City. he sendeth forth words to them from out of his Boat. . shall be in the condition of one who is fully provided with swathings on the earth. this great god maketh his way over it in his Boat. and the gods tow along him that is in the holy embrace (?) of the serpent MEHEN. When the majesty of this great god hath taken up his position in the secret Circles of those who are in their sand. NEBT-USHA is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god. TEBAT-NETERU-SET is the name of this City. and he shall have abun dant offerings in the great funeral hall regularly and unfailingly for mil lions of years.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field8). by means of the towing of the gods who are in the Tuat.

Animals of this echelon are part of the heavenly order of material and spiritual affairs (written of in detail in the 9th and 10th field).The Echelons of the Animals of the fields The lowest rank does not necessarily correspond to that which is of least usefulness. revealing its true nature. 38 . with only minor deviations. Certain animals distinguish themselves by carrying multiple affixes.Its task is to act as a guide to the dreamer through the material and spiritual dimensions. as the definition of usefulness is quite dependant on the circumstances in which a particular echelon is encountered. and envelops him in a magical shroud of protection. One might for instance be in greater need of the guidance of a Pathfinder of the Labyrinth(1) in any given situation. 2) Conveyer of Insight . Intuition is conscious unconsciousness as it transcends the five senses and overrides the space-time continuum. Intuition as an ability amongst mortals is usually associated with the gods. It is nevertheless still the most hierarchical concept within the fields. They are responsible for keeping the equilibrium of the 2 realms. by design of their constitution and origin.Allows for the simultaneous consultation of the material and spiritual dimensions. It can be viewed upon as a bringer of propitious omens and by revealing itself signaling to the traveler that he is moving in the right direction and is sanctioned by that animal of the field.The creatures carrying this ability are often enchanted by gods. and the rarity of appearance correlates rather linearly with the respective ranks of the creatures. 3) Conveyer of Intuition . 5) Creatures of the higher realms . 4) Mediator of Dimensions . rather than the medial capabilities of a Conveyer of Intuition(3). 1) Pathfinder of the Labyrinth . b) Generates an aura around itself.Creates a) a timebubble around the dreamer and animal to convey knowledge of spiritual and/or earthly matters. Powerful in the way that it lets the recipient become unafraid of the unknown. Mediators of Dimensions pertain to both realms equally.

1) The external circumstances of the appearance (i. according to the law of causality.dead or alive. it is recommended to be especially attentive to any deviations pertaining to the 5 senses. that of personal experience. One must be attentive of any deviations (which is true for all factors). 2) The physical location of the encounter. during. unless it presents signs of heavy displacement (stumbling upon an animal far away from its natural habitat). and by events occurring after regaining consciousness. 6) The material and spiritual consequences linked to the encounter. The physical location is only relevant when taking into account the circumstances of the other factors. if any. but could be of some use nonetheless. 4) The state of the animal . A dead animal of the lesser fields (insectoid) & lower echelons (Pathfinder of the Labyrinth) can generally be considered propitious (if displaced). 39 . If alive and passive/active. A spiritual encounter is best deduced by means of consulting extant literature on the subject. As for the 1st criterion.should the animal carry greater weight within the fields. The relevance of other factors is less than when dealing with a physical manifestation. if any. other factors carry great significance when determining legitimacy.e what was occurring in the environment around the dreamer in the hours before. active/passive.Legitimate encounters (LE) Whether or not an encounter with the Animals of the fields can be considered Legitimate depends on a few different factors such as. 3) The spiritual location of the encounter. whereas the opposite would be true . An encounter can generally be considered legitimate without further investigation if the 6th criterion is met. and after the encounter). 5) The duration of the encounter (presuming the animal is alive).

Considered automatic LE's.Mediator of Dimensions.Pathfinder of the Labyrinth.Conveyer of Intuition (Fire) 8) Manatee/Sirenia . Conveyer of Insight (Air) Upper fields 6) The Hawk .Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (Earth) 2) Bee . Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (Air) 3) Caterpillar .Conveyer of Intuition.Mediator of Dimensions (Earth) 4) The Beetle . Mediators of Dimensions The Crow . Mediator of Dimensions (Earth/Air/Fire/Water) 40 . Mediator of Dimensions (Water) 9) Elephant . * Dead insect exposed in a heavily populated area with low statistical chance of catching a dreamers attention (preferably on a street). * Recurring dreams of certain Animals of the fields or dreams where the animal is very significant .Creature of the higher realm (Earth/Aether) 10) Dolphin/Whale . only to manifest moments/hours later. Pathfinder of the Labyrinth.Creatures of the higher realms.Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (Earth) 5) Dragonfly .Oracle of the cathedral (Aether) 1-12) Plants & Trees . * Caterpillar in bathroom (alive) * Unseasonal encounters of insects (in natural habitats). Mediators of Dimensions (Water/Aether) 11) The Octopus .Examples of Legitimate encounters. * Situations whereof a (rare) creature is spoken of.Conveyer of Intuition. Complete spreadsheet of the Animals of the Fields: Lesser fields 1) Mantis .Pathfinder of the Labyrinth (Fire) 7) The Rook .Conveyer of Insight.

41 . element water. whose wisdom shines brighter than that of all the other earthly organisms combined. and it should be considered a lesser miracle to be visited and sanctioned by either of these semi-ethereal beings. Through their extraordinary senses 9 & 10 are part of the heavenly order of material and spiritual affairs.Creatures of the higher realms. element aether. the godly element.Creature of the higher realm and the Whales & Dolphins (10) . 24) Dolphin/whale. in the spheres of bubbly existence they call home. and represent the (lower) structural layers in which mortals and gods spend their lives. they are the hardest ones reachable by mortal men. It is also the home of the Elephant (9) .Creatures of the higher realms/Mediators of Dimensions. 9 & 10 care not much of the earthly concerns of mortal men.The ninth & tenth field of Am-Tuat (MAK-NEB-S & TENTENIT-HESQ-KHAKABU) Even though these fields are not the highest within the Am-Tuat. for within these fields rests the element of Aether. Mediators of Dimensions. as they are diplomats of the heavens.

within all things & beyond all things he rule . in the horizon layeth the Great Wall of Coma. . traversing the Serpent of Darkness The Serpent is the Architect of our Universe After him there is only the Devourer of Time and Space. his Prince is Jupiter.for he is Atrophy. custodians of light Reigning in turn over the bride and groom is the Plenipotentiary -Virgo Virgo the consolidator conducts his affairs from afar. his Queen is the Earth The 3 sages and guardians of our Quadrant are Alnitak. Alnilam and Mintaka .overlords of Orion All celebrate the coming amalgamation of Andromeda and Via Lactea.The King of the land is the Elephant The Ambassadors of the Ocean are the Whales and Dolphins The King of the sky is the Eagle The Emperor of the heavens is Sol.

Men cannot provide perfect experience to other men unless it is tied to natural things. Obtaining noninvolvement of all unnatural things will bring one closer to perfection. yet engages all senses of the human and thus provides experience without giving or taking. All material things constructed by man are unperfect. An action can only be perfect if it is met with an equal reaction. They can only be true within mankinds own creation. Equilibrium is a perfect state. The only perfect experience is the one provided by nature. and next to intuition it is the most optimal state a conscious human can achieve. Mankind is in a state of unperfection. for they strive to control the natural order of things. Virtue without vice is unperfect. Dreaming is the second highest state of perfection reachable by man. Time equals experience. Irrational emotion is a state of unperfection. . Insight is sanctioned by nature for it requires only the natural senses to be obtained.Experience is perfection Intuition is the most perfect state of man for it relies only on nature as its guide. All material things that will ever be constructed by man will be unperfect. which is intrinsically false for it is not sanctioned by nature. All states of inequality are unperfect states. Vice without virtue is unperfect. neither to take or to receive. and it can only be perfect if it is executed in a force that reflects the force of its cause. for it is neutral to all worldly things. All laws created by man are unperfect and false.

element aether. 44 .Creature of the higher realm.25) Elephant . element earth.

and he sendeth forth words to the gods who are in it. BES-ARU is the name of this City. Whosoever maketh [a copy of] these things in their names according to the similitudes which are in writing on the east [wall] of the Hidden Palace of the Tuat. TENTENIT-HESQ-KHAKABU is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god through the secret ways of this City. The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle. THE TENTH HOUR. wherein take up their positions in the Tuat this great god and his sailors. and the sailors join the. and the dead cry out from it over the secret representa tions (or. and knoweth their habitations in Amentet. . Boat of this great god in this City.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (fields 9 &10): THE NINTH HOUR. METCH-QA-UTEBU is the name of this City. and he shall not be driven back. MAK-NEB-S is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god in this Circle. [This is] the secret Circle of Amentet whereto KHEPERA joineth himself before Ra. which is the secret Circle of AMENTET. he sendeth forth words from his Boat to the gods who dwell therein. shall rest in his habitation in the Tuat. and he shall stand up among the lords of the provisions of the gods. And these things shall act as magical protectors to him that knoweth them upon earth. When the majesty of this great god hath taken up his position in this Circle. and he shall flourish with Ra. Whosoever shall make [a copy of] these [representations] according to the figures which are depicted on the east [wall] of Ament. and his voice shall be maat before the tchatcha beings on the day of the reckoning of Pharaoh (literally. AA-KHEPERU-MES-ARU is the name of the gate of this City through which this great god passeth. and shall travel through it. images) Of AKERT. and the spirits. and the gods. the thrice great house). and whoso ever knoweth them by their names shall journey round about in the Tuat. and whosoever knoweth their names upon earth. SAA-KEB is the name of the gate of this City through which this great god passeth to take up his position on the stream which is in this City.


slowly seeping from the eleventh realm into the thoughts of sleeping men.the oracle of eternal affairs conducted within the Am-Tuat. Fire and Water. With her second. She is the creature of infinite shapes. Beyond time and space her magical oculus gazes through flesh and bone to tap knowledge from the doublehelix of organisms. fifth and seventh tentacle she commands the elements of Earth. where they may rest from chores of the material and spiritual realms. Air. With her many tentacles constantly adjusting the dimensions and fields to safeguard their integrity. washing upon endless dunes made from the purest gold captured from exploding stars.Oracle of the Cathedral. It is the secret abode and refuge of the Animals of the fields. A diplomat because of her constitution and foresight. It is the seer . advisor to the gods who seek her eternal wisdom.The eleventh field of Am-Tuat The eleventh field of the Am-Tuat consists in part of a great shining hall filled with the ethereal essence . third. hanging from its ceiling magnificent stalactites of solid jade.Aether. On its brittle marble cliffs knowledge and wisdom of all the ages past and future. monitoring activities of the Animals of the fields. at times breaking loose to fall with a splash into a tranquil stream. Within this sacrosanct field resides the Octopus . 47 .

and whosoever knoweth them shall be in the position of him that divideth his offering. SEKHEN-TUATIU is the name of the gate of this City through which this great god passeth. and [he] cometh forth at the eastern mountain of the sky. RE-EN-QERERT-APT-KHAT is the name of this City. Whosoever shall make [a copy] of these [representations] according to the figures which are depicted on the east [wall] of the palace of Ament in the hidden [places] of the Tuat.Extract from the book of Am-Tuat (field11).. The majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle.e. and of him who is a spirit who is suitably equipped [to travel] both in heaven and upon earth. The form thereof is in the presence of the serpent PETRA. regularly and unceasingly. the gods) place themselves in the train of [Ra] when the birth of KHEPER upon earth is about to take place. . and they (i. SEBIT-NEB-UAA-KHESEF-SEBIU-EM-PERT-F is the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god in this Circle. and he sendeth forth words unto the gods who are therein. which dwelleth in this City. the eater of eternity. [This is] the secret Circle of the Tuat into which this great god passeth on his way.

disentangled from that heavy bubbling soup. and so next to these you may at times witness gods of all of mankind and all the other creatures of the material realms standing about conversing with each other. Some of these portals belong to the material realm. producing an ear deafening thunderous noise. and the tree of life is their home. Beyond the field of portals. in the distant horizon. a pool of primordial soup bubbling with all the building blocks of the universe. the crows occasionally divert their path to fly towards the portals of the spirit dimensions. towers the eternal tree of life. These are the crows. 49 . which in turn through its myriads of pulsating roots connects to all the portals of the material realms. half obscured by an immense black mass swirling around it like a vortex. At this final destination. and so you will occasionally witness creatures of different parts of the universes entering from their portal of origin. float the lighter elements. Above it like a great cloud. The floating cloud of lighter elements. To explore the portals of the material and spiritual dimensions for all eternity. unknown realm. exhaling the breath of creation within them. and to intermingle with the creatures and gods within these worlds. feeding them with new creation. Other portals pertain to the spirit dimensions.The twelfth field of Am-Tuat (Part 2) Upon entering the gate of the twelfth field of Am-Tuat. Beneath the tree of life is the marsh of creation. thus concluding the cycle of creation and destruction. and in an instant leaping into another. having traversed the many fields of Am-Tuat. or to sacrifice his immortal essence reaching the aphex of achievement. stretching far beyond the limitations of human vision. merging with the pool of bubbly creation providing the building blocks of the future. This pool of primordial soup is what nourishes the giant tree. soft and dreamlike. and drifting about in the vastness of the space above the field. the dreamer may choose between two options. are the building blocks of the spirit worlds -Inhaled while circling the tree of life. the dreamer will find himself standing on a great green field with portals of many colours and shapes.

The force of time has no impact on his greed. How our kind will pull us into lasting darkness. all seeing is his wrath. furious contempt of all holy Gaia. Without help. into your own offspring. Casting fire and wood pointed like the beak of a diving gull upon the ones. all that matters is the conquest of a beating heart. for in concordance to his. Seeking among us weakness. faulting in their artificial truth. all governing father. oblivious to it even as it strikes him on the forehead of his golden tiara. Can he not see what pain he casts? Blindfolding the eyes of the beast. vultures of our fathers lands. Pray. demise the glorious pray. how eagerly would you strike with such force the blade of destiny. Victory you say. torn from the throne of the soul. And so we turn to our own to seek comfort. fiend battling fiend. tell us. and for all that gleams. Innocence cast aside. Saddening is truth. the ones that are of his blood. put into what they thought was theirs. at what point has he reached maturity. she must let them perish. The wicked never satisfied is. but whom he calls foe. furiously struck into our subjective foe. struck upon our realm as lightning unto dried vegetation. ulterior motives. and forever will be cast. To embrace in one. and you shall conquer foes of imagination until all are by your side. she cannot feed the crying mouths of her children. the soul of a primate. is the blood of our children and our mothers. without the greater burden of true destruction. . deemed to everlasting doom they are. the price was too high not for one. Deemed to repetition. at what stage is his presence not known to the ones suffering his wrath. engulfing all that is her land and her realm. withering away. our own avarice grows. called for by mortal men. neverending.Optima homus. exposed in a light of avaricious eyes. what was thought during the flight of Gaia to be truth. that the words of wisdom. though in former days. defiance of virtue is his true name. Condemning his brothers of blood. Her last breath will tell us of mortality as she lies down on the nest. Seek justice in the force of many. echoing throughout the history of books. always repeating. Corruption fueled by the power of one. never answered. but for all. Her wings are tired with guilt of past sins. they will not devour what they call home in this rage. So it has been for all mortal times. striking foes near and past. easily corruptible by manipulation of the feeble primates mind. Fueled by primordial ever seeking primitive instincts waiting to erupt in orgasmic violation of all holiness. Know that the blood that has been cast. The mother calls. Reality will strike the warmongers to late for redemption.

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