DESCRIPTIVE TEST BOOKIET-CUM ..ANSWER SHEET Precis Writing, Comprehension and Essa.y Writing

Duration : One Hour [arne of the Candidate On Capital Letters) Roll No Name of the Venue and :, , , Maximum Marks: . 50



English Language chosen to write the Essay (please tick

0 whichever


Hindi or



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(1) All questions are compulsory. (2) Answers co Question Nos. I and 2 i.e. Precis Writing and Comprehension Language only while answer to Question No.3 are to be written in English

i.e. Essay writing can be in English or In Hindi Language. Sheet

(3) Space has been. provided to write the answer to each question in this Test-Bocklet-Curn-Answer itself. No extra. sheetrs) of paper will be provided for this purpose. (4) Answers should be brief and to the point. (5) Immediately after Ute examination is over, hand over your T-est-Booklet-Cum-Answer-Sheet (6) Anyone found in possession of unauthorised material, is liable to be proceeded again c.

to the Iuvigilator.


l1 fOT Rough Work Cf1f!f ~ m~ ""' .521 -2- Space "{l.

in terms of quantity of life. Life has some The Socialis regard on the other hand. are at least elements in the good life. but that its members may all be able to do those Lhings which are worth doing". however that the good life con i ts. to of life. by emancipating the individual purpose other than the mere perpetuation and it is the business of civilization. from its every nature. . from the exigencies of the put within hi power the attainment of the highest quality of life. Yet these things require leisure. believes it to be possible to transcend the struggle for life. then free competition and man in ~ hich only the fittest. together with a certain an elevation of taste and a refinement of manners. Assuming. a struggle. If existence -3- 521 Marks: anction from the evolutionary bell. bare struggle for existence. that i lO say.J[[I]1lllI DlDIUII 1. and a financial competence. The quest of troth for level of physical and mental CUlture. in so far as men are enabled to transcend the struggle for bare existence. As Mr. 10 received a quasi-scientific theories een man is. He thought. knowledge. The terms ill which we hal! envi age 'quality of life' will depend upon kind of things we think valuable: that is to say. upon our philosophy. Let us assume. ur ive is the only basis fur society. in the ability to cultivate spiritual values and good in themselves. and civilization as that by means of which the struggle may be transcended. the doing of right things because they are right. and the secret of the Collectivist Socialist's veneration for the State lies in his belief that it Is only by mean of the Slate that !:his struggle can be transcended. quality of life is more important than quantity. which means me survival of its members or some of them. the indi idualist considered the aim of civilization to be the organization of that struggle in such a way tbat the greatest possible amount of life might survive. They can only be achie ed. that human nature must be controlled by the struggle for life. that is to ay. TIle doctrine of individualism of Darwin. these. pursue piritual ends which are things because us own sake the making of beautiful they are beauriful. therefore. CLutton Brock 0 puts it: "The State exists not for its own power. La at any rate in part. Read the following pa age and write a precis.

521 -4- . - .-.

there is total dependence on Governmeat. This would be facilitated if the community is also authorised to k-eep an eye on me performance. then it becomes. imperative that measures should be taken to create a feeling in the community that their future would be at stake if they do not look after the elementary education of their children. If this proposition is accepted. A need of tremendou ignificance. its involvement will have [Q be multidimensional. and consequently. community where necessary. Of course. knowledge and skill will have to help in setting up and managing the schools. the underlying assumption in this relates to the creation of a demand for educadon. there Because of the present apathy. to a great extent.-5- 521 2. concern is that not with standing how poor people view education today. to be effective. for maintaining will also have to assume responsibility the school buildings. this is also because the school system is now a part of a gigantic bureaucratic set up which leaves no room for interveurion at thq local levels and is. which has been discus ed recurrently in educational literature. in effect. to set up or even to help the proper running of schools. as these would greatly facilitate the retention of children in the cnools. It is undeniable that. uniforms (especially for girls).. Person in the community with re ource . Read the following passage and answer the questions given after it. and learning experiences including in other establishment. school children of suitahle age will have to panicipare in community work. and books etc. is 1!ardly any effort on [he part of a village or the community leadership or at the level of block or district. equally frustrating to a teacher with some initiative. and for arranging mid-day meals. If [be community is to be involved. its widespread diffusion uptoa minimal level is essential for national well-being. of schools and specially of the teachers. ikill development wiIJ have to be provided The if the schools do not have the related facilities. (i) What is the most significant need in tbe area of education today ? 3 .

can community participate in the process of education ? 6 .S21 (ii) Why does [he: community -6not take active part in education ? II nUll {iii} Wbat do you think would be consequences performance of schools and teachers 7 if the community is authorised to keep an eye on the (iv) In what different ways.

tcih:r( ~ <fr 3ilq~q<t. more thanever in the world. Write an essay in about 300 words on anyone 1) Need for responsible 2) Economic 3) ToJerance is needed ~~·~f%.(H 2) ~~~muI 3) ~ -q ttlt~d1 ~~ ~U<:i~qif>dI ~ 11~ I .-dtl(Efi~trr 1) -7of the following topic 521 25 media [lOW crisis and India.lOB Hil 3. I 300~-q~~ P.

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