No. DE.41/Sports/2011/ 678-777 To The Heads of All Schools, Directorate of Education Delhi / New Delhi.


Sub:-List of sports summer coaching camps and regular coaching centres for the year 2011-2012. Sir/Madam, you that your school has been identified as sports coaching centre of this Directorate.

camps shall be operational for the entire year whereas summer coaching camps shall be operational only during the summer vacations w.e.f. 11th May, 2011 to 30th June, 2011. It is further stated that after the summer coaching camps are over, the players receiving training his residence, as per his / her convenience. the coaching centre.

and coaching in the summer camps can continue their further training in any of our regular sports coaching centre in the nearby locality of centre has been designated shall submit the attendance certificate of the teacher deployed at their centre along with the complete detail of The teachers deployed for summer coaching camps shall join back their respective schools immediately after the school reopen on

Accordingly, please find enclosed herewith a list of regular coaching centers as well as summer coaching camps. Regular coaching

I am pleased to inform you that this office will organize coaching camps in different sports discipline. I am also pleased to inform

1st July, 2011. No separate relieving order is required for these teachers. The concerned Heads of the school where the sports coaching

complete knowledge of that particular game in summer vacations itself. They will be required to make presentation of their module of the forthcoming sports events.

coaching to the undersigned. It is compulsory for all the coaches to prepare at least one team of their centre so that they can compete in necessary support, sports equipments, sports material, co-operation and other paraphernalia required by them for running these coaching centers including security and sanitation staff. centers. Summers:Morning:Winters:Morning:Morning:Morning:Evening: Evening: Evening: Evening: The timing of regular sports coaching centers are as follows :6.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. 630 a.m. to 9.30 a.m 4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

All the sports coaches are directed that they will make such a module of coaching so that each and every trainee is imparted the You are requested to allow these coaches to run respective coaching centre in your school, You are also requested to provide them

You are further requested to inform the students of your school to avail this opportunity and nurture their talents in these coaching

Swimming Pools:-

7.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m

The timings of summer sports coaching are as follows:6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m

3. 5. to Director of Education O.S. Copy to :1.S. Any other clarification / information may be obtained from the undersigned on telephone number 9891638089 (Mrs. Asha Aggarwal. 10. 6. DEs All RDEs All Eos jurisdiction. . 7. (Edn. All ADEs All SPEs All District DDE’s with the request to issue necessary directions to the concerned Heads of the Schools under their All concerned Coaches / PETs / SAI Coaches P.) P. 2. 4. (IT) with the request to place the circular on website.S. to Pr. 8. 9. Sd/(SATPAL) Additional Director of Education (Sports) Yours faithfully.ADE (Sports). All Addl. Secy.

School.D. Timing 9968712028 9911153027 9811180311 9999860238 9990210021 9013218234 9968515134 9968702051 9818212044 9013002600 Phone no. Even. Delhi D. Bhorgarh. Even. Morn. Bawana Sports centre where deputed Name of Discipline/ Game Volley Ball Volley Ball Volley Ball Netball Athletics Hockey Throw Ball Morn. 5.1 Palam Village. Yadav Basant Rana Mahendri Shashi Malik Name of PET/ Yoga Teacher LIST OF SUMMER COACHING CAMP FOR THE YEAR – 2011-2012 G Co-ed. Sr. School. Sec. Bawana Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Bawana Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Delhi B. School. Bawana GBSSS No. Arya GSSS. Sita Ram Bazar. School.S. Lodhi Colony. Sec. Kamla Market. Delhi-42 Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. New Delhi-68 GBSSS. 10 9. School. 7. Neb Sarai. Co-ed. New Delhi GBSSS. Sec. Delhi-42 GBSSS Zeenat Mehal. Bawana SKV Vijay Nagar GBSSS No. Delhi D. 3. Santresh Rana Kamlesh Rana Avnish Sahu Amit Mann Dharamveer Mann Pradeep Kumar G. Delhi Throw ball Throw Ball Handball . Morn. Arya Sr. Even. New Delhi Govt. Sunil Kr. C. Sec. Morn. Sar. Bhorgarh. SS. Arya Sr. C. New Delhi-45 Govt. 4. Neb Sarai. Badli. Pahlad Pur. Delhi G. Delhi SKV. Lodhi Colony. Sr. SS. 8. Badli.No 1. Pahlad Pur. Co-ed. 6. 2. Even Even.1 Palam Village. Even. School. Sar. Delhi Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Delhi Name of school G Co-ed.

School. Sr. Sarv. Sec. Wazirpur Village GBSSS Pkt. Sr. Co-ed. Delhi-54 Govt.K. Sarv. School. Sec. Morn. Co-ed. Co-ed. Wazirpur Village. Prahladpur Banger Govt.Delhi-91 Govt. Sr. Mayur Vihar Phase-I. Delhi Govt. Magazine Road. Nangloi. Middle School. Delhi-91 Cricket Kho-Kho 09311114558 09868874210 9210904146 09813087881 Govt. Delhi-4 KGSBV Chirag Enclave. Kho-Kho 011-25484483 011-25484484 (School) 9818111085 . Sarvodaya Co-ed. School. Even. Pitam Pura. Co-ed. Delhi-54 Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. Bal Vidyalaya. Delhi41 Sarvodaya Co-ed.2 Model Town. Extn. Sec. Even. Sec. Delhi Govt. Even. School. Delhi Govt.P. Delhi Govt. School. Middle School. Patpat Ganj. Hockey Prahladpur Banger. Sr. Throw Ball Kavita Colony. Even. Singhu. Hockey Kotla. School. New Delhi-48 Govt. Singhu Khera Kalan Sports Complex Sepaktakraw / Shooting Ball / multi Gym Hockey Hockey Morn.11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Satbir Singh Rakesh Kumar Bharat Vikram Deswal Vivek Dahiya H. FU Block. I. Bal Vidyalaya. Sec. Even. Co-ed. Sec. Sr. Co-ed. Gautam Pawan Kumar Ramesh Chander Pradeep Singh Dabas Govt. School. School. Firoz Shah.. Magazine Road. Sec. Co-ed. Morn. Nangloi. Co-ed. Co-ed. 9013333900 8860829838 9013296209 9711047400 9871655208 9810737972 Govt. Sarv. Firoz Shah. School. Delhi-42 Govt. Delhi GBSSS No. Kotla.-IV. Even. Sec. Kavita Colony.

Puram. Puram. Delhi Padama Sharma SBV No. Delhi G. N. Puram. Co-ed. Puram. Delhi GBSSS Pooth Khurd GBSSS No. New Delhi GBSS. B-3 Paschim Vihar GBSSS. Dhawan Ish Kumar Ram Avtar V.SSS Sec-V. New Delhi Sushma Sharma GGSSS No-1 Tilak Nagar Neeru Malhotra GGSSS.K.ed. R. Batra Neelam A. Shakur pur. R. Co-ed.-3 Roop Nagar. Mangol Pur. Co-ed. No-3 Roop Nagar. New Delhi SBV No. Delhi GGSSS No. Co-ed.2 Shakurpur G.20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 S. Sr.SSS Sec-V. Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn Morn. New Delhi Govt. .D. N. Model Town.Co. Delhi GBSS.1.K. Ashram. Model Town. Inder Puri. Jangpura Base Ball Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Yoga Judo Even. Shakur pur. Delhi SKV Hari Nagar.Co-ed.Co-ed. Bawana SKV Hari Nagar.1.SSS. Sr. Ashram. Jangpura Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex.Co. B-3 Paschim Vihar. 9868222874 9891682469 9811450604 9811591275 9810523508 9212017403 9711863738 9811397727 9868113365 9818287747 9873838215 9810132163 9868809499 9999312112 9810523508 G. Delhi G.1 Model Town. Delhi Chhatrasal Stadium. R.Co. Karala.SSS Sec-V. Delhi SKV No. Sharma G. New Delhi Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Delhi Sarita Sharma GGSSS Sec-4. Delhi Bijender Singh Dabas GBSSS Karala Dinesh Deswal Govt. Delhi GGSSS No.3 Roop Nagar. R.SSS. SSS.K. Delhi Govt. Singhu Chhatrasal Stadium. Delhi GBSSS. School.ed. Singh Rajesh Sharma Rashmi Munjal V. Shaheed Captain Amit Verma Govt.K.K.ed. SSS. B-3 Paschim Vihar.K. Sec.P.

School No. Even.35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 Sanjay Kumar Bhardwaj Suresh Kumar Gaur Rajesh Gahlot Dhram Pal Minakshi Tarif Singh Dagar Virender Singh Balwan Singh Chhillar Narender Sec. Mor. Stadium. Even. New Delhi-43 Najafgarh Delhi-43 Najafgarh Delhi-43 Najafgarh Delhi-43 Najafgarh Delhi-43 Najafgarh Delhi-43 Stadium. Even. Nilothi. Sar. Delhi-85 Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. New Delhi-43 Govt. Sec. Sec. Sector-XI. Even. Sr. Najafgarh. School. Vidyalaya. New New New New New Shooting Ball Volley Ball Kabaddi Athletic Foot ball Even. Sr. Dharampura. Co-ed. Sr. Najafgarh. School. Delhi. Co-ed. Even. Sar. Co-ed. Delhi SBV. Sec. New Delhi-43 Govt. Stadium. Stadium. Rohini. Co-ed. Tughlakabad Extn.. Sec. Dharampura. . SectorXI. Co-ed. Jhatikara. 9891739191 9212717263 9313717263 9818578797 9868570597 9868531773 9212336187 9212336187 9868667561 9250070135 Handball / Basket Ball Morn. Co-ed. New Delhi-43 Sar. Stadium. Weightlifting Basket Ball Judo Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. School. New Delhi-43 Najafgarh Stadium. Delhi-41 Govt. Delhi Najafgarh Stadium. Najafgarh.Delhi-19 Govt. Singhu. School. Najafgarh. Boys Sr. DUCS Raj Niwas Marg. Rohini. Morn. New Delhi-43 Govt. Sr.N.1.Delhi-43 Govt. Sar. Sec. Sr.

Morn. Even. DelhiVikas Puri. Delhi Govt. Boys Sr. No. Delhi Block. Bawana Bhorgarh. School. Nagar. Boys Sr. Sec. Najafgarh. SKV Khera Khurd. Morn. Boys Sr. Sec. Govt. School. 26 New Delhi-18 Govt. Holambi Kalan. Sar. Sec. Delhi Sec. Punjabi Bagh. Even. Govt. 9650738383 9212735383 9868489393 9899452106 9899573397 Table-Tennis Volley Ball Foot Ball Morn. New School. Co-ed. Sr. Najafgarh. Delhi-43 New Delhi-43 Govt. Sports Complex East Vinod Sec. Sports Complex East Vinod Throw Ball Kho-Kho Hockey Kabaddi Kabaddi Morn. Najafgarh. Boys Sr. School. Delhi 87 Govt. Sec. School. Gazi Pur. Govt. Sec. Delhi Govt. Morn. E.-1. Delhi Delhi Govt. Amalvas Amalvas (Jwalapuri) Delhi(Jwalapuri). Sr. School. Boys Sr. School. School. School. Co-ed.44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 Ram Kumar Gulia Ramesh Chander Surender Singh Neelam Mann Jorawar Singh Rathee Jitender Singh Rajat Chaudhary Rajesh Bhatia Mohan Singh Yadav Sec. F-Block. 011-25272624 (School) 9999386099 9718425295 9818369190 Table-Tennis 9555421281 . Morn. Sec. School.Nagar. Boys Sr. Co-ed. Sr. Sec. Najafgarh Stadium. Morn. West Vinod Nagar. New Delhi-43 New Delhi-43 Govt. Co-ed. Co-ed. Sports complex East Vinod School. Delh GBSS Chawala Najafgarh Stadium New Delhi-43 Govt.

Sr. N. Meena RSBV. Delhi Sports complex East Vinod Nagar. Possangi pur. Morn. Sec-10. Morn. D-Block. Nagar. School. New Delhi-58 Anil Toor Salwan Boys School. Janak Puri. N.53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 Sec. Sec10. Kanya Vidyalaya. Dwarka. Delhi Sports complex East Vinod Nagar. Janak Puri. Kalyan Puri. Trilok Puri. 9212124093 9868106707 9868401123 9871498799 9868369745 8860380182 9818560404 9810264131 9212191876 Soft ball & Base Morn ball /Even Soft ball & Base Morn ball /Even Base ball & Soft Morn ball /Even Athletics Judo Salwan Boys School. Delhi GSBV. Morn. . Delhi East Vinod Nagar Sports Complex. Possangi pur. B-1. Co-ed.R. Delhi K.Delhi-58 Amar Shaheed Major Ashok Sehrawat Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya. Delhi Sports Complex East Vinod Nagar. Sec./ Even. Boys. Mahipalpur. Janak Puri. Sec. Khichri Pur. Sr. D-Block. Old Rajinder Nagar Jitender Singh Yadav Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas. New Delhi-37 Joginder Kumar Govt. Mahipalpur. Sr. N. Sar. Delhi Shashi Kumari RSKV Trilok Puri. Delhi-27 Anuradha Chaudhary RSKV Mandawali. New Delhi60 Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas. Co-ed. Old Rajinder Nagar. School. Delhi-91 Samay Singh Gahlot GSBV. Delhi-27 Sushil Rajput Govt. New Delhi-58 Rekha Yadav Amar Shaheed Major Ashok Sehrawat Sar. Delhi-37 Govt. Sec. Morn. B-1. Sar. Morn.. Janak Puri. New Delhi58 Athletics Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi Even. School.

Libas Pur.. Sannoth Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya. Co-ed. Vidyalaya.62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 Sunil Kumar Virender Solanki R. Shahdra. Jafrabad. Sec. Morn. Sr. Sultan Puri. Jafrabad.M. Co-ed. Co-ed. Bawana. Co-ed. School. Sec. Delhi-110086 Govt. Kothari Saroj Bala Parveen Kumar Rajesh Kumar Vinesh Chaudhary Dashrath Kumar 70 Yashbir Singh Tomar Dwarka. 9810520876 . Sr. Bawana Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya. School. Govt. Morn /Even Even. Sr. Delhi-110086 Govt. Even. School. 9013545750 9911443496 9911100796 9868490627 9971911446 9868457495 9891928069 9212118084 9811498588 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling RPVV Surajmal RPVV Surajmal Vihar. Morn. Stadium Kho-Kho Kabaddi Netball Soft Ball Boxing Even. Delhi-39 Rajiv Gandhi Bawana. Delhi-91 Delhi-91 Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Stadium. Sec. Co-ed. School. Sr. School. Sr. Morn. Sec. Co-ed.. New Delhi-19 New Delhi-75 Govt. Delhi Rajiv Gandhi Bawana. Delhi-39 Stadium. Morn. New Delhi-43 Govt. School. GBSSS. Sec. Delhi-110053 Rajiv Gandhi Bawana. Delhi-39 Govt. Baprola. New Delhi Govt. Sr. Delhi-53 GGSSS. Teli wada. Sec. Delhi. Co-ed. Tughlakabad Extn. Volley Ball Morn. Tughlakabad Extn. Delhi-32 Sar. School. Sr. Sultan Puri. New Delhi-19 Vihar. Baprola. Sec.

Vidh. school. No5.. School.. Najafgarh. Morn Morn. New Police Lines (Kingsway Camp).A. 9868920851 9871419383 9910241639 9811194731 9711842535 9654814577 9213914414 9868878049 9868204986 9212128012 Wrestling Judo Judo Judo Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Nizamuddin. Boys Sr. Delhi Govt. Karol Bagh. G. Boys Sr. Stadium. Moti Nagar. Sec.. Model Town Rajiv Gandhi Bawana.71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 V. Moti Nagar Govt. Bal Vidh.. School. New Delhi Govt. New Delhi Ramjas Sr. Co-ed Sr.Queeta DAV. Stadium. P-2. Co-ed Sr. Morn. Even. Mangol Puri.00 pm Morn. Morn. Dharmpura.. Delhi. Govt. Morn. Bawana. East East Nizamuddin. Sehrawat Dhramraj Rana Rajesh Kumar Naresh kaila Ashok Sharma Poonam Govt. Co-ed Sr. DDA Flats. Ramjas Sr.Queeta DAV. Delhi-9 Bhagwan Singh Dabas Jaipal Balyan Anju Kumar Chander pal Saini GBSSS. Bawana Rajkiya Sarv. New Delhi Govt. Morn. School. School. Kalkaji. Ph-II. school. New Delhi Govt. Delhi33 Govt. School. Co-ed Sr.00 pm to 7. Delhi-59 Table Tennis Throw Ball . No-5. 3. Kamdhenu.A. Table-Tennis Badminton Cricket Gymnastic Morn. New Delhi Chhatrasal Stadium. New Police Lines (Kingsway Camp). Sec. Bal Vidh. Sarv. Delhi-59 Extn. Sec. Sec. G. Vidh. Sec. Shahabad Dairy GBSSS. Sec. School.S. Sec. Delhi-9 Rajkiya Sarv. Ranhola. Rajiv Gandhi Bawana. Sec.. Karol Bagh. Bindapur Bindapur Extn. Sarv.

Sarv. A-Block. no.81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 Akash Gahlot B.1 Yoga Sarojini Nagar. GBSSS No. Lancer’s Road.1. Volley Ball. Delhi . Near University Metro Station. Govt. New Delhi-43 Shaheed Captain Anuj Nair SBV no. Janak Puri. Possangi Pur. Sarv. Co-ed Sr.4 Sarojini Nagar. Lancer’s Road. Phalswal B. Narain Anita Pandit Nirmal Mann Devinder Singh Rajesh Roshan Vijay Gaur Ramesh Kumar H. Sar. Janakpuri Najafgarh Stadium.1 Yoga Sarojini Nagar. Sec. Delhi ed. SS School. Delhi G. Ashok Nagar. Janakpuri GBSSS. school. Kanya Vidyalaya. Morn. 8527555880 9250692827 9717455440 9868862623 9910566793 9968093805 9212179996 9868489393 9868412885 9868128809 Morn. Near Subhash Nagar More. Vidyalaya. no. Delhi Tagore SBV. SS School. Kanya Vidyalaya. Even. Base Ball & Soft Bindapur Extn. G. Vidyalaya.S. Co. Co-ed. Khera. Kanya Vidyalaya. Sar. Sr.S.-ed. Morn . Najafgarh Stadium. Vidyalaya. Morn. Dagar SBV. Morn. Near University Metro Station. Delhi-59 Ball Sar.. Morn. New Delhi-18 GBSSS no. Surhera. Delhi Rao Tula Govt. Govt. Vikas puri.Najafgarh Stadium. Possangi Pur.-ed. no. Morn. Delhi GBSSS. Sarv. Morn. Delhi Najafgarh Stadium. Delhi Najafgarh. Delhi Garden. School. Delhi Govt. Jhatikara. Morn.Co.2 B-Block. Delhi G. Co. Table Tennis And Base Ball Badminton Baseball / Soft ball Football Yoga Yoga Foot Ball Morn.1 Sarojini Nagar. Sec.

Co. Delhi ed. Surhera. Vidyalaya.91 Ved Pal Rao Tula Govt.Najafgarh Stadium. 9868534076 . Sarv. Delhi Football Even.

Pooth Kalan Sports Complex Even. & Delhi Even. Kulbir Singh Name of the Coach LIST OF SPORTS CENTRE RUNNING REGULARLY FOR THE YEAR 2011-2012 Pooth Kalan Sports Complex Venue Sh.No. Rajinder Singh Sh. Kartar Singh Sh. Model Town Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Even. 1. SKV. & Even. Morn. Balraj Singh Ms. GGSSS. Mukesh Vats Morn. Athletics Discipline Sh. Chhatrasal Stadium. Even. Morn.S. Subhash Khatri Sh. Chhatrasal Stadium. Sh. & Even. Bawana Najafgarh Stadium. Delhi Chhatrasal Stadium. & Even. Delhi Even. Model Town. Pooth Kalan. Devinder Dhaka Sh. Arvind Kapur Sh. Surender Singh . Sports Complex. Morn. B-1 Yamuna Vihar Morn. East Vinod Nagar Morn. & Singhu Even. & Even. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. Timing 011-27524652 9971912705 9818119816 9891438386 9213227757 9810989896 9873390056 9968362137 09416437246 9911862603 9210193793 9868107932 Phone No. Shiv Lochan Prasad Sh. Model Town. Delhi RSBV. East Vinod Nagar Sports Complex Morn. Sunita Rai Sh. Even.

Ruchi Yadav Najafgarh Stadium. Even. Suresh Kataria Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. F. Even. Sh. Morn. & Even. & Even. Rakesh Sehgal Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium. Delhi / Even. Vinod Kumar Matta Govt. Ms. Bawana S. Rajinder Dabas S. & Even.N. Sanjay Bhardwaj Bharat Nagar Sports Complex Morn.2 Sh. Archery Basket Ball Sh. & Singhu Even Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Sh. Ram Kumar Najafgarh Stadium. Foot Ball Even. Vikas Puri Sh. Vikas Kumar Sharma Thyagraj Stadium.-Block. Pitam Pura. Sehrawat Sh. Even Singhu Sh. Morn. Brijesh Kumar Singh Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex.2. & Even.U. Ludlow Castle No. Sh. Sh.1 Shakurpur Even. Badminton Cricket 6. Sharma SV.V. Pitam Pura.V. Thyagraj Nagar. Co-ed SSS Site – II. Cricket Complex. Even. Delhi Morn. Delhi Morning 9213120218 9711572317 9868738263 9868504938 9868505201 9868002564 9868309710 9717717033 9716902106 9873550555 9990901166 9891270507 9990440004 9717545401 09728289348 9212492227 . Tughlakabad Village. Morn. A. Delhi Morn. Sec-6. Delhi Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Delhi Sh. B. Sh. New Delhi Sh. G-Block. FU-Block. Even. Delhi Morn. 5. & Bawana Even. Dwarka. Ravinder Sharma Sh. Hooda 4. Deepak Sh. Bawana GBSSS. Ram Km. Ashwani Kumar RPVV Shankracharya Marg. & Even Sh. 3.S. Bablu SBV No.

Parminder Kumar Ms. & Even GBSSS. Shree Prakash Sh. & Delhi-12 Even Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Sushila Choudhary Smt. Delhi S. Delhi SBV Moti Nagar. Delhi Even. Even. R.1. & Even Najafgarh Stadium . Raj Dauria Ms. Bawana Morn. Even. Singhu GSKV Nagloi. Gymnastic Hall of SBV No. Puram. Satish Kumar Ms. New Morn. Gogi 8. Hockey 9. Sushma Joshi Sh. Neelam Sharma Sh. Sanjay Singh Sh. Dilshad Garden. 09716212316 09466665666 9278776738 9711373764 9818169800 9873718659 9911327417 9312013502 9717104155 9968005245 9868204986 9810454806 9810454806 9818785843 9818247868 8826713398 95130-2285006 09255120283 . G. & Even GGSSS No. SKV Khera Kalan Morn. Delhi-41 Morn.V. New Delhi Morn.K. & Even GGSSS Hauz Rani Morn. Seema Sh. Ashram Even GGSSS Hauz Rani Morn. Delhi Even SBV Subhash Nagar Morn. & Even SBV Ashok Nagar Subhash Nagar Morn. Jawala Singh Sh. Judo Smt. Model Town. Sukhwinder Saini Ms.S. Sec-12.1 Gandhi Nagar Even. Virender Singh Sh. Suman Gogi Chhatrasal Stadium. Rajpal Khatri Ms.1. & Even GBSSS. & More Even Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex.Sh. Gymnastic Smt. Even. Tilak Nagar Morn. No. Jarnail Singh 7. Yojna Sh. & Even SKV Hari Nagar. Subhash Nagar.

& 09254104500 Even Morn.1. & Even SKV L-Block Hari Nagar. & Bawana Even. Vivek Vihar. 7. Kabaddi Sh. FU-Block Pitampura.00a. Morn. Delhi Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium.m. Delhi (ii) SKV Pehlad Pur. Anand Vihar Morn. Moti Bagh Morn. Sarwan Arora Sh.K. to 10. 9540549688 Morn. Ajay Sahu Sh.00p. Mann Sh. Hand Ball Sh. Sarv.Sh.1.m. Jai Prakash Sh. 4. Mukesh Mann Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. SKV Burari Morn. & Even. Bawana SKV No. Delhi Morn. Rameshwar Dutt 10. Dalbir Singh SV. & Delhi Even. Dheeraj Pal Sh. & Even 9911313198 (i) SBV Pehladpur. Delhi SV.00p..00a.2 Madipur Morn. Delhi Morn. Balbir Rana Sh. Bawana 11. FU-Block Pitampura. Sports Complex. Narela. Delhi G. & Even SBV No. Model Town. & Even.m. N.m. Morn. Sheed Mangal Pandey Sarvodaya Even. Shiv Km. GBSSS No. 9891885933 9871559184 9999421474 9313509273 9868567718 9868300457 9953058855 Morn. Chhatrasal Stadium.Co-ed. & Even. Sheelak Ram Sh. to 9868031407 Delhi-42 7. GBSSS No.. Shivaji Sindhu Sh.1 Raj Nagar Palam Morn. Bal Vidh. & Even 9868874319 9213130820 . Gautam Smt. & 9350987540 Even Even. Falak Naz Khan Sh. Pritpal Singh Sh. Vidh.

Tennis Ms. Surender Singh Negi S. Evening Janakpuri (Sat. Delhi Even. RPVV. Neelam Sahu 13. (6.-ed. Smt. Rajniwas Marg. & (9. Delhi Morn.Co. Vijay Gaur Sh. 15.only) G. to 9.30 a. Possangi Pur. Parmod Dangwal Ms. & Even. SS School. Morn. G.m. & Even. Delhi Morn. 14. Evening Janakpuri (Sat. RSBV. Possangi Pur.30 a. GBSSS. & Sun. Sumit Bhatia Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. Magzine Road.m.30a.m. Madhu Diwan Sh. Delhi Morn.Co. Singhu Sarvodaya Vidyalaya.Co.3 Badarpur.ed. & Sun.only) Morn. Morn.12. Ashwani Kumar Sh. & Even. Delhi GGSSS No. FU-Block. & Even. SS School. L-Block.) for boys GGSSS No.1. Anoop Kumar Sh. Chander Bhushan Sh. SKV Kakrola.) for girls 9810810359 9250559137 9310905151 9868567718 9013390317 07827955192 9311244330 9212179996 20524686 9810810359 9312125853 9953003659 . Vid. Sports Complex. East Vinod Morn. Kho-Kho Kaptan Singh Khokhar Sh. & Nagar Even. Sunita TableTennis Soft Ball & Base Ball Sh. Raj Nagar Palam Morn.30 a.-ed. to 11. Pitam Pura. SKV Jangpura Delhi-14 Morn. Dinesh Rana Sh.m. Hari Nagar.

S. & Even Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. & Bawana Even. 9810454162 . & Delhi Even. Delhi Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. GBSSS SU-Block Pitam Pura.S. 27152533 9911152533 9873001856 9873003303 8010372284 9711027776 9810889523 9868242199 9868249816 9212172708 9211418021 9868531773 9891553893 17. R.16. & Even. Vikram Kumar Sarvodaya Co-ed. & Singhu Even Govt. Chhatrasal Stadium. Wrestling Mrs. Rakesh Beniwal Sh. Morn. Model Town. Najafgarh Stadium Morn. & Delhi Even. & Even. Morn. Morn. Sehrawat Sh. Bawana Morn. Model Town. Masjid Moth. Ramphal Sh. & Even. Morn. Sec. Chander Kanta Sh. Morn. & Delhi Even Chhatrasal Stadium. GBSSS SU-Block Pitam Pura. & Delhi Even. Volley Ball Sh. Bawana Morn.3 Even. Virender Delhi GBSSS Dhaka Sports Complex Even. New Delhi Morn. Khapra Ms. No. Morn. Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. School. Morn. Morn. GBSSS. Rajesh Kumar Sh. Co-ed. Ajwant Singh Drall Sh. & Delhi Even Chhatrasal Stadium. Model Town. Ramesh Nagar.SSS. R. Sr. Sushma Mann Sh. Even. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Stadium. Morn. Vikram Mehla Sh. & Shakti Nagar. Yashvir Sh. Karamveer Sh.

Virender Kumar Sh. Bawana 18. Model Town.Sh. & Even. 21. 65875954 (R) 8010643486 9968360854 9818116868 9560053588 9968270993 9350885530 9899661314 9871044045 9968286807 9911188449 9868481199 9213920964 9958540330 99990059427 . Sarvodaya Co-ed. Bawana Morn. Morn. 23. Bawana Morn. SKV. Delhi. Boys.Pt. Morn. Anil Mann Sh. Khushi Ram. Ajit Singh Sh. & Even. & Singhu Even. 20. Pawan Rana Sh. P. Anand Prakash Sh. & Delhi Even Pehlad Pur Sports Complex Morn. 19. Weightlifting Boxing Sh. Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. & Even. 22. Lalit Kumar Sh. Sec. & Even. Bawana Morn. Yashbir Singh Sh. Raj Singh Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Savitri Joshi Net Ball Chess Roller Hockey Swimming Sh. School. & Even RPVV Yamuna Vihar Morn. Bawana Even. Chhatrasal Stadium. & Even. Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Bakhtawarpur. RSBV. Morn. Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. & Even. Morn. Najafgarh Stadium Morn. Hari Om Gupta Morn. Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. Sr. GBSSS. Nangal Thakran. Delhi Morn.K. Burari. Rajiv Gandhi Stadium. Ramesh Kumar Ms. & Even. & Anand Vihar Even. Tuli Sh. Vidyalaya. Mukesh Sharma Sh. Delhi Morn.

& Puri. C-Block Mangol Morn. Morn. Morn.1 Rajouri Garden Extn.. & Even. Chanda Barua Sh. Reena Nishad Morn. SBV No. SKV A-Block. K. Morn.L. & Even. & Delhi Even. Co-ed. GBSSS Jhandewalan Morn. GBSSS Sec-6 R.P. 6. & Even. Jai Singh Sh. O. 3. S.2. Amit Kumar Sh.K. & New Delhi Even. Defence Colony. Dalal Sh. GBSSS Safdarjung Enclave Morn. Yadav SBV Jheel Khurenja Ms. S. N. M.R. Sanjay Bisht Sh. 5. 9313337538 9868581352 9968099000 9013462592 9868228276 9899067586 9818136473 9968288688 9911330462 9310607100 9416383185 9868946573 9953794669 & 9990512991 9899601493 9899649049 . Dagar Sh. Morn. & Even. SKV L-Block Hari Nagar Morn.SSS. 4. Vashisht Sh. & Even. Sharma Sh. GBSSS No. GBSS No. SBV Babu Ram Shahdara Morn.1 Shakurpur Govt.1 C-Block Janak Puri. & Even. GBSSS Bharat Nagar Morn. Dhall Ms. & New Delhi Even. Tapan De Sh. 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 Sh. Rajbir Singh Dalal Sh. Balwant Singh Sh. Sanjay Kumar Sh.M.P. Anand Swaroop Sh.S. Delhi Even. Puram Morn. & Even. & Even.

Shamnath Marg. Morn. Raj Singh MS. Delhi Morn. & Even. Charu Mishra Sh.(*) indicated centers will run during summer vacation in the morning only. & Even. & Even. Delhi RPVV. Vipendra Kumar SBV West Patel Nagar. Morn.13 14 Ms. Sh. Delhi GSBV West Patel Nagar. Edna Sharma Note:. 9871668409 9312253201 9911109488 .