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D: Welcome to our presentation on Archimedes. We hope you learn a lot.

Brill Background
N: Archimedes was born 287BC in Syracuse, on the eastern coast of Sicily, and
educated in Alexandria, Egypt. He then returned to Syracuse where he spent most of
the rest of his life, devoting his time to research and experimentation in many fields.
D: While he was getting educated in Egypt, he came up with a device known as the
Archimedes screw.

Trillions of Theories
D: Among his discoveries was the principle of the buoyancy-an object placed in a
liquid experience an upthrust equal to the weight of liquid displaced. Archimedes
discovered this when he stepped into a full bath and saw water spilling over the sides.
He rushed out into the street naked crying out "Eureka!" ( I found it ).
N: He also worked the law of levers and pulleys. These showed that the heavy loads
could be moved with a small force. Archimedes regard his calculations of the area of
circles and other curves as his most important work, much of it still basic mathematics

Disastrous Death
N: During the long roman siege of the city, the enemies was held back by catapults
and heat rays both made by Archimedes. When the Romans then finally entered there
city the rule was not to kill Archimedes.
D: He was killed by a Roman soldier who failed to recognise him.

How He Helped
N: The Archimedes Screw is very important to us today. Without, it would be much
more difficult for us to gather water.
D: Although heat rays are not used today, it is still a very effective and dangerous
N: The catapult is still a weapon we use very often today, which is hardcore.
D: However, the most important thing he discovered was the rise of water when
weight went into it.

Popping Pop Quiz

D: 1. Where was Archimedes born?
A. Syracuse, Sicily

N: 2. Name 3 inventions that Archimedes made?

A. work it out from what they said.

D: 3. What caused Archimedes to shout out ‘Eureka’?

A. Realising that a solid object displacing the water level will cause higher level
in water.

N: 4. What was the rule set by the head of the Roman army when they invaded
A. To spare Archimedes.
N: We hope that you enjoyed it!