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STANDS 0_23456789 MEREPEAT GR 12" AVE faredce cotaxme kk cc uu tt ss word word word word insult + injury no ways it ways

r y s gesg segg gegs gges u p s i d e you cont ol r LOV


No one understands Repeat after me One foot in the grave Red in the face Income tax Too stuck up four words


Parallel bars

I'M you
knee light light Beating Beating Bush Beating Beating long do 1234 US Y Y guy guy you the past chawhowhorge

I'm bigger than you Neon lights Beating about the bush Long overdue Count on us Wise guys Put the past behind you Who's in charge Once upon a time Foreign language Getting away from it all Go for it A person after my own heart Let bygones be bygones Search high and low

Adding insult to injury No two ways about it Syrup

Scrambled eggs


Upside down

getting it all go it it it it my own heart a person gone let gone gone be gone search and injury + insult

You are out of control Endless love Seven -Up cans

acriml AALLLL i4i poFISHnd 13579 AZ ch poorri uPLATm Pot O O O O O O O O bad bad

criminal All in all An eye for an eye Big fish in little pond Odds and ends Take from the rich and give to the poor platinum potatoes Too bad belt hitting big big ignore ignore Either weigh or whey running home

Adding insult to injury Hitting below the belt Too big to ignore One way or another Running away from home Excuse me Three musketeers

XQQME Must get here Must get here Must get here

O_er_t_o_ To rn Give Get Give Get Give Get Give Get I'm world minI'LL BE THEREute ATfrankfrankRA roforkad OdOoOmO hcidl BRIDGE w tr a e TTTTTTTTT9.9 B U R N B U R N

Painless operation Torn in half Forgive and forget

S L UA nooutwhere r o roads d s hahandnd noon good agebeauty

dance a c n n c a ecnad

Out in the middle of nowhere Cross roads

I'm on top of the world I'll be there in a minute Frank Sinatra Fork in the road dominoes Mixed up child Water under the bridge 99.9 Side burns

Hand in hand Good afternoon Age before beauty Square dance

W a t e r k c u t s
bb mm uu hh tt


Stuck up

NV GREEN thought an little LARGE little LARGE little little little LARGE

Green with envy An after thought a little on the large side

Two thumbs up

HARM good
mad mad U mad mad R.P.I. cHIMp a home wrongwrong dashotrk hea dac he AP E P home right

More harm than good Mad about you

le vel

tricycle Split level Life after death He's beside himself Missing link Day in day out You're under arrest Down in the dumps Banana split Calm before the storm Tennis shoes

death life A grave error Making a monkey out of him A home away from home Two wrongs don't make a right Shot in the dark Splitting headache Round of applause He He He Himself ABCDEFGHJMOPQRST UVWXYZ DAYdayOUT rest you're dumpdowndump ban ana calmstorm issue issue

issue issue issue issue issue issue issue issue nafish nafish thinkuact ware mholey siinformationde $0 all all all all japmadean
t s u i h t s

Head LOheelsVE STEP PETS PETS Tuna fish Think before you act Hole in my underwear Inside information Free for all Made in japan Sit down and shut up paid I am worked frontier frontier frontier frontier <-What word, when written in capital letters, is the same forwards, backwards and upsidedown? What two words, when combined, hold the most letters? What word starts with an "e", ends with an "e" and contains only one letter? o2ne One thing after another Two peas in a pod Ice cube Clean underwear A misunderstanding between friends Repeat after me Three blind mice weather feeling What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space; the beginning of every end and the end of every place? Symphon OHOLENE

Head over heels in love One step forwards two steps back I am under paid and over worked The final frontier


Post office

somewhere rainbow o r clock c k thingthing pPPod (ice)


Somewhere over the rainbow Rock around the clock


Two in one Feeling under the weather "e"

ware clean FRIENDS STANDING FRIENDS miss MEREPEAT m ce m ce m ce horobod Why is half of 5 equal to 4?

Unfinished symphony Hole in one What goes up must come down

RASINGINGIN Robin hood Take "FE" out of "FIVE" and you get "IV", four in roman numerals! Turned inside out Bend over backwards Space invaders Once in a blue moon R|E|A|D|I|N|G MAN BOARD YOU JUST ME

Singing in the rain Reading between the lines Man overboard Just between you and me

OturnedUT Bend Backwards VAD ERS blueoncemoon

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