Being indifferent is easy but to support the right cause is a hard task.

If a person’s aspiration in life is to have material success, then that person can never walk the path of truth. It is imperative to have the courage to sacrifice. A strong personality can hold on when the opposite forces are powerful. Attributes of knowledge and commitment are essential to achieve the rightful cause.

a Muslim nation goes into chaos and aimlessness. The connection with God becomes corrupt when heart lacks the sincerity. unity and strength can only be attained by a strong faith in God. .When the relationship with God becomes effete. No prayer or ambition is efficacious without a complete sincerity in heart. Brotherhood.

In contrast to a prisoner. a self reliant person knows how to struggle and have commitment towards his goals. An independent mind can enjoy the exhilaration of success and accomplishment. becomes a prey to frustration and inner turmoil. .A slave can have no aspirations or goals to achieve. Captive mind has no hope of success in life.

cannot be durable unless you put all your heart and soul into it. . having true passion with dedication and commitment.Any creation whether it is the mosque of ‘Qartaba’ or the poem written on it. No great ambition can be accomplished unless you put all your endeavours.

never goes to waste even after life. Material world is mortal and material success stays for a very short time. The treasure that you have in your heart is durable but that of physical nature is like a shadow that comes and goes. It takes a person on a journey of real success that never ends.Spirituality acquired. .

If you possess high self esteem. you will find the whole world waiting for you and would accept your guidance and leadership. and keep moving forward. break the spell of time and magnitude. mount the hardest peak.Face all the hurdles. . great character and a dynamic personality. true spirit.

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