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Song Love is a many splendored thing Stupid cupid I wanna hold your hand Wo yao ni di ai

Key E Piano intro then BBBBBB C# D# E acappella G Chorus, Verse C C D (x3) C Drums 4 bars, Trumpets: trumpets+bass+drums DDDD BBbAB ABDFFED intro, Verse twice EEEDF GEED F# F# F# F#E C Drum snare roll, CBBb GF#F DDDDDDG EGuit+bass intro, Verse C Brass intro, Chorus, C G/B , Am C/G , F (changed Intro twice C/E , F G from Bb) E Eguit intro, verse, EE G# A BB A G# F# (Interlude: French horn BAG#AF# BC#D#E BC#B solo verse1, verse 2), “I G#F#E love you” x3… E F Doo-wap (keys: scat voices) intro, Verse Strings intro, Chorus, repeat last line x2 B E G#F#F#E C , G/B , Am , F E

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Crazy little thing call love Love in the first degree Something stupid

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How deep is your love Where is the love

10 Can you feel the love tonight 11 Only you 12 Thank you for loving me 13 14 15 16 I will always love you You're the one that I want Love fool Can't take my eyes off you 17 Theme song of Titanic 18 qing ren de yen lei 19 love changes everything

F Bb Verse x2 (changed from A) C Bridge, eguit solo, upkey Chorus G C You better shape up… A Last line only G I love you baby… A A E Marching beat





love is a many splendored thing E Stupid cupid E something stupid E wo yao C i wanna hold your hand G only you Bb crazy little thing call love C love in the first degree Bb you're the one that i want C love fool A can't take my eyes off you G qing ren de yen lei A where is the love F can you feel the love tonight F thank you for loving me C i will always love you G love changes everything E NEW- theme song of titanic as an intro NEW- how deep is your love verse

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