IS : '554 ( Part' ) - U88

Indian Standard

( Reaffirmed 1999 )


( Third Revision)
Third Reprint SEPTEMBER 1993


621'315"211: 621'315'616'96 [ 678'743'22 ]

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ZAFAR MARG June 1989



shall be rounded off in accordance with IS: 2-1960"'. twin-core.2 The cables covered in this standard are suitable for use on ac single phase or three phase 1 (earthed or unearthed) systems for rated voltages up to and including 1 100 V..1988 Indian Standard SPECIFICATION FOR PVC INSULATED (HEAVY DUTY) ELECTRIC CABLES PART 1 FOR WORKING VOLTAGES UP TO AND INCLUDING 1100 V ( Third Revision) o. The number of significant places retained in the rounded off value should be the same as that of the specified value in this standard. b) BS 6346 : ]969 PVC insulated cables for electricity supply.S Work is being taken up separately to identify requirements and tests for fire retardant low smoke (FRLS) cables.6 In the preparation of this standard.4 The short circuit ratings of cables covered by this standard are under preparation.1 This Indian Standard (Third Revision) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on 25 August 1988. SECTION 1 GENERAL 1. assistance has been derived from the foIJowing: a) IEC Pub 502 (1983) Extruded solid dielectric insulated power cables for' rated voltage from 1 kV up to 30 kV. expressing the result of a test. NOTE . tRules for rounding off numerical values ( revised). It is intended to bring out these requirements either as a separate ·Recommended current ratings for cables: Part 2 PVC.3 The cables covered in this standard are suitable for use where the combination of ambient temperature and temperature rise due to load . These cables may be used on d. the tinal value. 0.c. 0. 1. FOR B W 0 R D standard or through an standard at a later date. The current ratings of HR PVC cables are under preparation. 0. 0. systems for rated voltages up to and including 1 500 V to earth.insulated and PVC-sheathed heavy duty cables.3961 (Part 2 )-1967*. International Electrotechnical Commission. observed or calculated. SCOPE 1. amendment to this 0. O. 1.The cables conforming to this standard may be operated continuously at a power frequency voltage up to 10 percent higher than the rated voltage. British Standards Institution.1 This standard (Part 1) covers requirements and tests for armoured and unarmoured singlecore. after the draft finalized by Power Cables Sectional Committee had been approved by the Electrotechnical Division Council.2 rse current ratings of cables with general purpose insulation covered in this standard are given in IS :.3 The current ratings of the cables covered by this standard are covered in IS : 3961 ( Part 2 )1967*.IS : 1554 ( Part 1 ). three-core and multi-core PVC insulated and sheathed cables for electric supply and control purposes.7 For the purpose of deciding whether a particular requirement of. 0. this standard is complied With.

in accordance ·Electrotechnlcal vocabulary: Part 32 Cables. The materials shall be chosen to be compatible with temperature ratings of the cable and shall have no deleterious effect on any other component of the cable.CONDUCTOR 3.1. as applicable. 7.1 Routine Tests .1.Ilex.. 1.Tests carried out 00 samples taken from a lot for the purpose of acceptance of the lot.1.1 The conductor shall be composed of plain copper or alumimum wires complying with IS : 8130-1984t. strips and tapes for armouring of cables <first revldon ).LI Mining cables to be used in gassy mines shall be of copper conductor only.2]. 2.The insulation shall be of Type A PVC compound conformjog to the requirements of IS: 5831-1984. r r results in conductor the following: Type of Insulation General purpose Heat resisting 4. INSULATION 4. -Specification for PVC insulation electric cables (first revision ).2. by agreement between the purchaser and the supplier.1 The filler and inner sheath shall be of the following: a) Unvulcanized rubber. they need not be repeated unless changes are made in the cable materials or design whiclr might change the performance characteristics.4 Optional Tests . b) Galvanized steel strip.1.4 Armoured cables specified in this standard are suitable for use in mines also. tSpecificalion for cinduclors for insulated electric. However.'.IS : 1554 (P6rt 1 ) .Tests required to !>e made before supply on a general commercial baSIS a type of cable in order to demonstrate satisfactory performance characteristics to meet the intended app lica tion. ARMOURING The selection of type of insulation rests with the purchaser.3 Acceptance Tests . the following definitions in addition to those given in IS : 1885 ( Part 32 }·1911*. 6.2 The galvanized steel wires/strips shall comply with the requirements of IS : 3975-1979t. 13.1 Armouring shall be of the following: a) Galvanized round steel wire.Tests made by the manufacturer on aU finished cable lengths to demonstrate the integriiy of the cable. 2 . conductors and accessories for electricity supply.1.The insulation shall be of Type C PVC compound conforming to the requirements of IS: 5831·1984 •• 5.1. 3. FILLER AND INNER SHEATH 5.5.1 For Cables wuh General Purpose Insulation .The outer sheath shall be of Type ST 1 PVC compound conforming to the requirements of IS : 5831-1984·.1. or c) Any metallic non-magnetic wire/strip.1 or 4.1. SECTION 2 MATERIALS 3. or tSpecification for mild steel wires.The outer sheath shall be of Type ST 2 PVC compound conforming to the requirements of IS: 5831-1984*. 7.1. OUTER SHEATH 7.Special tests to be carried out when required.1 The insulation shall be With 4. as applicable.on 160°C 160°C 4. 2. or b) Thermoplastic materials.2. TERMINOLOGY 2.3(c) and 17. 6.ible cords (firsr revlsfon).1 or 7.2 Heal Resisling Insulallo1l . 1.2 Type Tests . cables and .1. in accordance 2.1). shall apply. 5.1 Unvulcanized rubber or thermoplastic material used shall not be harder than PVC used for insulation ( 4. NOTE - 6.1. 15.1988 temperature Nortnlll Continuous Operation 70°C 85°C not exceeding Short Circuit C01ld.2 For Cables with Heat ReSisting Insulation . or c) Proofed tape ( for inner sheath only).1· General Purpose InsuWItJ" . and sheath 4. The requirements of non-magnetic material shall be as agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier.1 The outer sheath shall be with 7. additional requirements have been included wherever necessary [see 3.0 For the purpose of this standard. :I. for such cables. 7. These: tests arc or such a nature that after they have been made.1 ) and for outer sheath (7.

CORE IDENTIF1CATION 10. ing of PVC insulation by adopting the following scheme: a) J Core: red. 10.1(c)] Single Core Unarmoured and Multi.1 The conductor shall be provided with PVC insulation applied by extrusion.1988 SECTION 3 CONSTR UCTION 8. CONDUctOR 8. TABLE 1 CROSS SECTIONAL AREA OF REDUCED .2 Thickness of Insulation . 3 .3 Tolerance on Thickness of IosuJation . c) 3 Cores: red..IS : 15S4 ( Part 1 ) .1 The construction of conductor shall be as follows: Nominal Copper Crossmm~ Sectional Aluminium mm! sottdt Stranded Flexibility Class Ref 10 TABLE 2 NOMINAL Au" OFC~NDticroR. black. 18S 240 300 9. 9.4 Application of Insulation . electrlc 9. yellow and blue. 1984* (2) mm mm 0-8 0'9 1'0 1'0 1'0 ('0 I'S to 6 Solid Class 1 2'S to 10 SolidI Oass 1 stranded for solid Class 2 for stranded 16 and above Stranded Class 2 l'S 2'5 4 6 10 1'1 1"2 I'] J '3 1'3 10 and above 16 25 i-s 1"5 1'2 1'2 1'4 1'4 1'6 8. " NEUTRAL CONDUCTORS NOMINAL CRoss SECTIONAL AREA. INSULATION 9.2. THICKNESS OF INSULATION [ Clauses 9. 01' MAIN CONDUCTOR CROSS SECTIONAL AREA 01' REDUCED NEtrmAL CoNDUCTOR 35 50 70 9S 120 ISO US rs 1'7 1'7 J '9 1'9 :/:'1 Hi J '8 2'0 (I) (2) mm' 16 16 mm' 25 240 300 400 2') 2'S 2'7 )'0 2'2 2'4 2'15 3·0 )'4 so 70 95 3S SOO 630 3'4 )'9 25 35 50 70 BOO 1 000 3'9 3'9 )'4 3'4 120 150 185 240 300 400 SOO 630 70 95 120 ISO 9. ·SpecificatioD for conductor for insulated cables and flexible cords (/irs' revtsion ).The smallest of the measured values of thickness of insulation shall not fall below the nominal value (I.3 "'!' IS. in mm ) specified in Table 2 by more than 0'1 mm +0"1/.UTION ( /1 ) Single Co~ Armour~d Cables (I) mm! 1'5 IS: 8130.2 Cables with reduced neutral conductor shall have sizes as given in Table I.The insulation shall be so applied that it fits closely on the conductor and it shall be possible to remove it without damage to the conductor. blue or natural ( non-pigmented ).The average thickness of insulation shall be not Jess than the nominal value ( 11 ) specified in Table 2.9. core Cables (3) NOMI~AL THICKNESS 01' IN*. b) 2 Cores: red and black.1 Cores shan be identified by different colour. yellow.

this requirement shall apply to the inner layer of wires/strips.3 For cables having more than 5 cores. It shall be ensured that the shape is as circular as possible.of cores up to 100 is given in Table 3. such as. Where the calculated diameter below armouring is greater than 13 mm.c. 11. a dash shall he placed underneath it. yellow. 12. wrapping. starting with number I for the inner layer.1 When one or more layers of binder tapes are applied over the laid up cores. 12. 13.1 A rrangement of Marking . tion colour shall be black.2 The recommended plan for lay-up .Where the calculated diameter below armouring does not exceed 13 mm. blue and black.2 For reduced neutral conductors. consecutive numbers being inverted in relation to each other. the thickness of such tapes shall not be construed as part of the inner sheath.1. For double wire/strip armoured cables. etc. The outer layer shall.4 A binder tape may be provided armour. c 13.2 The armour wires/strips shall be applied as closely as practicable. 1 CORE IDENTIFICATION BY NUMBERS 4 . the armouring shall be of non-magnetic material. The arrangemcnt of the marks 1s shown in Fig.1.3. these shall be disposed one below the other and a dash placed below the lower numeral. Armouring shall be applied over the insulation in case of single core cables and over the inner sheath in case of twin-. The numbers shall be printed in Hindu-Arabic numerals on the outer surface of the cores.2 Type of Armour . as an alternate to the provisions of 10. II. remaining cores grey. bitumenized hessian tape. 13. the core identification may be done by numbers. three-and multicore cables. 12. 13. 1.1 Application 13.2. rubber tape. or in accordance with the scheme given in 10.1. Single core cables shall have no inner sheath.hickness of Inner Sheath . on the d) 4 Cores: red.1 The laid up cores shall be provided with tuner sheath applied either by extrusion or by -. yellow. 12.1 In twin.3 T.1 In the case of single core cables intended for use on a. INNER SHEATH ~2. the interstices shall be tilled with non-hygroscopic material. black and grey. 10.The thickness of the inner sheath shall be as given in Table 4. The numerals shall be legible. 10.1. three-and multi-core cables. the insula- 10. be applied in the reverse tbe direction to the inner layer and there shall be a separator of suitable non-hygroscopic material. systems. plastic tape. except in special cases. blue and yellow. FIG. If the number consists of two numerals. The spacing d between consecutive numbers shall not exceed 50 mm. blue. the cores shall be laid up together with a suitable lay. the insulation of cores shall be ot the same colour and numbered sequentially. where necessary. e) 5 Cores: and .IS : 1554 (Part t ) • 1988 red. f) 6 Cores and above: Two adjacent cores (counting and direction core) in each layer. bitumenized cotton tape.2 The inner sbeath shan be so applied that it fits closely on the laid up cores and it shan be possible to remove it without damage to the insulation. between the layers of armour wires/strips. When the number is a single numeral. AlI the numbers shall be of the same colour which shall contrast with the colour of the insulation. the armour shall consist of galvanized round steel wires. the outermost layer shall have right-hand lay and the successive layers shall be laid with opposite lay. d p. the armour shall consist or either galvanized round steel wires or galvanized steel strips. LAYING UP OF CORES 11. ARMOURING 13. proof tape.3 The direction of lay of the armour shall be left hand.The numbers shall be repeated at regular intervals along the core. In that case. 13. 13.

5-Jl. Non 2 .t3-29 5.26 J·9-I5-21-2fi 3-9-15-2.24 1-6-12-18-24 • 7S 76 77 78 79 80 10 11 I-I 2-8 3-8 3-9 3-10 4-10 5-10 5-11 5-12 0-6-12 1-6-12 1-7-12 1-1-13 2-7-13 2-8-13 !-8-14 1-8-1:5 3-9-14 3-9-15 3-9-16 4-10-15 4-10-16 4-10-17 S-II-16 5-11-11 5-11-18 S-12~18 .22-28 4-10-16-22-29 4-10-16-23-29 4-10-17"23-29 5-11-17-23-28 5-11-17-.This table is ror guidance only. 5 .18 means.25 1-7-13-19·26 2-8-13-19-25 2-8-14-19-25 2-8-14.19.IS : 1554 ( Part TABLE 3 LAY-UP OF' CORES (ClfllUe 1)• 1988 11.25-31 1-6-13-19.o.o.6-12-18. 5 cores in the first. ror example.1-27 3-9-15-21-28 3-9-15-22-28 4-10-15-21-28 4-10-16-22-27 4-10-16.9.25-31 J -7-13-19-2S-31 1-7-13-19-26-31 2-8-13-19-25-31 2-8-14-19-15-31 2-1-14-20-25-31 .6-12-18-24-30 1-6-12-18-24-30 1-6-12-18-24·3-1 1-6-12-18·25·31 1-6-12.2) LAy-up No. Coaa (I) LAY-ur (2) COItES No. 12 13 14 15 16 11 BI 8Z 83 84 85 8& 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 9S "6 SO 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 :u 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 61 62 63 64 (is J -6·12-18-25 1-7-12-18-25 1-7-13-11-25 1-1-13-19. Of No. etc. 6-23 4-10·17-23 4-11-17-23 5-11-17-23 5-11-17-24 5-11-18·24 5-12-18.The figures indicate the number of cores in each successive layer.20~2S 97 91 99 100 66 67 68 69 NOT'llI . II cores in the second and 18 cores in the third layer.24 0.] 1-17-23-30 5-11-17-24-30 5-11-18-24-30 0-6-11-18-24-30 0.14-20 3-9-15-20 3-9-15-21 3-9-15-22 3-9-16-22 4-10-16-21 4-10-16-22 4-10-.. LAY-up (2) 2-8-14-20-26 2-8-14-20-27 2·8-14·21·27 3-9-15-20.. 5 3 n 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 41 48 49 45 7 9 45 I-IS 1-7 1·7·13·19 1-7-\3--10 2-8-13-19 2-8-14-19 2-8-14-20 2-8-14-21 3. (I) 70 71 72 73 74 (1) 36 37 38 2 2 3 4 5 (2) 0-6-12-18 1-6-12-18 1-6-12-19 1-6-13-19 CoR.

3 The colour of the outer sheath shall be black. electrlc . outer sheath shall It shall be applied: D. case of unarmoured 13. -Fictitious calculation met bod for determination of dimensions of protective coverings of cables: Part 1 Elastomeric and thermoplastic insulated cables. The result.'10462 ( PART I rlg83· ] Over (1) . be applied by a) over the insulation in single-core cables. 14.2 In case of cables for use in mines. 4'00 Non . shan comply with the appropriate values given in Table 6.S.3 DIU! lS. LAID lIP CORES (RI!l' IS .5 Resistance 13. the resistance of armour shall not exceed that of the conductor as specified in IS: 8130-1984* by more than 33 percent.3 DImensions ~ The dimensions of galvanized steel wires and strips shall be as specified in Table S.1 Unarmoured Cables. and c) over the armouring cables. the d. substitution of galvanized steel wires/strips in armburing by the required number of tinned copper wires! strips is permissible. INNER SHEArn ( MlNlMUM) An CiU.The joints in armour wires/strips shall be maoe by brazing or welding and the surface irregularities shall be removed.coverings of eahles.The average thickness of PVC outer 'sheath of unannoured cables shall be not less than the nominal value specified under col 3 of Table 1 and the smallest of the measured values shall not be less than the minimum value specified in col 4 of Table 7. unless any other colour is agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier. 13. Up to and Including (2) 4' 55 25 35 25 35 45 55 (3) 0'3 0'4 O'S 0'6 0'1 -Fictitious calculation method for determination of dimensions of protective .The minimum thickness of PVC outer sheath of armoured cables shall not fall below the nominal value (18) specified in Table 1by more than 0'2 mm ± 0'2/6• ·Specification for conductor for insulated cables and flexible cords (first revision ). three-and multi-core cables. 13. It shall be possible: to remove it without damage to the insulation/inner sheath. To satisfy this.·IS: 1554 (Part 1 ) • 1988 TABLE" rnlCKNE'SS OF' INNER SHEArn ( Claus!!s 12.5.4 Thickness of Outer Sheath Including (2) a) For all diameters in excess of 13 or 13 b) 25 13 25 40 :55 40 10 5:5 70 (I) Over (3) (4) 0'8 )'40 1'60 2'00 0'8 0'8 1'4 1'4 1'4 2'SO 3'1:5 14.2 Armoured Cables . NOT!! . 14.4 Joints .l( c ) ] dimcnsions in millimetres. it is permissible to supply the inner and outer sheaths in a single extrusion out of the material intended for outer sheath. 13. 14. resistance of the galvanized steel wire/strip 6 14.CtlLA11!D armour shall be measured.4. A joint in any wire/strip shall be at least 300 mm from the nearest joint in any other wire/strip in the completed cable.2 The outer sheath shall be so applied that if fits closely over insulation inner sheath/armouring. The thickness of such extruded sheath shall be not less than the sum of the inner sheath thickness specified in Table 4 and tho nominal outer sheath thickness specified in col3 of Table 1 and tho smallest of the measured values shall not be less than tbe sum of the inner sheath thickness specified in Table 4 and the minimum value of Oilier sheath thickness specified in col 4 or Table 7. TABLE 5 DIMENSIONS OF ARMOUR WIRES AND STRIPS ROUND b) over the inner sheath in case of un armoured twin. TWCENESS O.c.AMnER Ovu. CALCULATED J)rAMETER UNDER A'RMoua ( PAllT [RI!!' IS :"10462 1 )·1983· ] Up to and NOMINAL THICKN!!S. when corrected to 20°C. OUTER SHEATH 14.!I 01' S11U!L STRU OF ROUND WIRE D'AMETER NOMINAL 14.1 The extrusion.In case of multi-core unarmoured cables. in case of armoured All dimcllsioDS In milUmetres.(a) and (b) indicate the methods of practice in the application of armourtng.1 If specified by the purchaser.4. Part_ 1 Elastomeric 8ndthermoplastic insulated cables.

4'0 mm x A 0'8 6'1 x 1'\ mm (1) mm' 1'5 2'S (5) (12) obm/km ohm/km ohmjkm ohm/km 6'02 S'22 ohm/km ohm/km ohmjkm (13) ohm. RESISTANCE OF CABLES 200C Four Core with Reduced Ncutral Strip A (Clause 13.563 0'389 0'361 0'233 0'203 4'68 3'99 3'53 3'28 2'92 2'47 2'18 2'01 1'86 1'64 1'48 1'30 1'20 0'992 0'86] 1'02 0'902 0'816 0'719 0'666 0'552 0'480 2'21 2'05 1'84 1'23 1'10 1'05 0'959 0'684 0'596 0'429 0'367 0'264 0'227 3'64 3'38 3'04 2'57 2'39 2'20 2'00 1'80 1'56 1'44 1'22 ·1'13 0'967 0'990 0'863 0'793 0'679 0'627 0'538 4 6 JO 16 4'83 4'40..1 ).. ~ 1-0 UII ut Ao CIl: . . NOTE of armour for single has Dot been covered since such cables are BCllerally armoured and corrected to 20~C by means test of armour of correction with DOIl-maBlletic facton ah'en In 2 .. I: go . "Methods of tests for cables: Part 42 Resistivity test of armour wires and strips and conductance wires/strips. 3'86 4'54 4'14 3'62 4'69 4'58 4'41 3'73 3'36 2'95 2'71 2'49 2'26 1'98 1'80 1'.-. Four Core 4'0 x (6) 0'8 6'1 mID mm (7) x l'l R.The resistance or the armour may be measurea at room temperature IS : J 0810 ( Part 42 )-1984".~ 0.'84 4'40 4'11 3'88 3'35 2'96 2'54 2'32 2'09 ]'93 1'69 1'54 1'36 1'20 1'06 cables 1'06 0'930 O'S50 0'755 0'663 0'589 2'42 2'14 1'99 J '39 1'18 1'05 0'962 0'703 0'623 0'.5 2'77 2'67 2'26 2'04 ] '4J 1'30 I'J 9 1'08 0'149 0'684 0'464 0'397 0'274 2S 35 SO 70 95 120 ISO US 240 300 400 500 630 1'00 0'733 0'642 0'586 0'408 0'359 0'248 core NOTE] .56 1'33 1'17 ] '08 0'990 0'860 0'734 0'651 2'67 2'49 '2'35 2'03 1'41 1'22 I'll 2'8.1 ) lUsrSTANCI! OF ARMOUR OF CABLl! AT Two Core Round wire (2) ohmjkm Strip 4'0 x 0'8 mm (3) 6'1 mm (4) x N Round wire ..TABLE NOr. CONDUCTOR../km 6'37 $'54 ssz 4'77 4'14 3'76 2.UNAL ARE.- Three Core Strip ( A.The resistance materials ( lee 13. r: MAXIMUM (j ARMOUR doc.ound wire (8) ohm/km lo x 0'8 mm (9) 6'1 x 1'4 ' mm (10) ohmjkm Roued wire (ll) ohmjkm StrIp .5.

D CABLES r-- ( REF IS: 10462 ( PART 1 ) .4. tSpccification for conductors for insulated electric cables and flexible cords ( fir. 10810I 2 3 S 36 to 42 6 IS : 8J30-1984t IS : 8130-1984t IS: 813()"1984t IS : 8J30-1984t Table 5 aod IS : 3975-1979t 9.rl u~blon ). 12. UNARMOURF.J983· J MnmnJll THtC%NF3S OF OunR. !Spccification for PVC insulation and sheath of electric cables (fir~t uvision). strips and tapes for armouring of cables (fir. CLASSIFICATION OF TESTS 15. The following shaU consthute Tests a) Tests on conductor: 1) Annealing test (for copper) 2) Tensile test ( for aluminium ) 3) Wrapping test ( for aluminium ) 4) Conductor resistance test b) Test for armouring wires/strips c) Test for thickness of insulation and sheath d) Physical tests for insulation and outer sheath: 1) Tensile strength and elongation For Requirements.1 Type Tests type tests.2 1'56 1'72 1'88 2'04 2':!O 2-36 2'S2 1'56 1'72 )'88 2'04 2'20 SO SS 60 6S 70 7S 5S 60 N 3'6 3'8 Z·J6 2-522'68 2. 14.84 3'00 cables: Part I 6S 70 2-68 2'84 7S ·Fictitious Elastomeric 4'0 calculation method for determination and thermoplastic insulated cables. THICICNI!SS OF OutER SHEATH FOIl.r CALCUl. of IS. Ref to For Test Method.4.rl revlston ). tSpecilication for mild steel wires.2 and 15"l(c)] All dimensions in miUimetrel. ]4.1. Table 2. SHEATH FOil ADlOOJlED CAIILU Over (1) Up to and Including (2) Nominal (3) 1'8 2'0 2'2 Minimum (4) 1'24 1"40 (5) 1'24 1'40 IS J5 25 2S 35 40 45 :JS 40 45 SO 2'4 2"6 2'8 3'0 3. Table 4 and Table 7 at break IS: 5831-1984§ IS : 5831-19841 IS: 5831-19841 IS: 5831-]984§ 7 11 ]2 ]S Z) Ageing in air oven 3) Shrinkage test 4) Hot deformation ·Methods of test for cables. 8 .A'tFD DIAMElEK UNDER TNI': OUTEII. Ref to Part No. SHeA'I1l OF OUTER SHEArn 14.IS : 1554 ( Part 1 ) -1988 TABLE 7 THICKNESS [Clauu. of dimensions 3'00 of protective coverings or SECTION 4 TESTS IS.

2 d. test (for other than ·Melhods of test for cables. 15_2 ~cceptance Tests . The temperature of the water bath shall be 6O. 15. They shall be so immersed in water bath that their ends protrude at least 200 mm above the water level.2. of IS: 10810· 10 14 See Note 43 4S 45 53 16'4 NOl1I. and h) High voltage test at room temperature. Test .The constitute acceptance tests: following shall 16.1 shall be subsequently tested with a d..ll and sbeath of electric cables (first revision ). for 15.The constitute optional tests: a) Cold bend lest.c. f) Tensile strength 16.c. c) Wrapping test ( for aluminium ).4 Optional Tests . a voltage of 3 kV ( rms ) shall be applied between the conductors and water. Test .1 High Voltage Test at Room TemperatureThe cable shall witbstand an a. taking account additionai information given in standard.c.1 A recommended sampling plan acceptance tests is given in Appendix A.The cores which have passed the preliminary test in 16.. voltage of 3 tV ( nns) or a dc voltage of 7'2 kV.3 Routine Tests tute routine tests: The following shall consti- a) Conductor resistance test.The selected cores shall represent all resistance mining cables ). 16. at break g) Insulation resistance test. test method in IS : S831-1984t shall be followed.3 Higb Voltage Test ( Water Immersion Test ) 16. If the sample fails in this test. The core shall withstand this voltage for 240 hours without breakdown. and c) Armour NOTE. ·Methods or test for cables.Unless otherwlse stated. There shall be no failure in the repeat test. b) Tensile test ( for aluminium ).3.The core or cores (not exceeding five cores in the case of multicore cables) shall be carefully removed from a sample approximately 3 m long taken from the finished cable. This voltage shall be raised to 6 kV ( nns ) within lO seconds and held constant at this value for 5 minutes. one more sample shall be subjected to this test.IS : 1554 ( Part 1 ) . tests shall be carried out in accordance with appropriate part of IS: 10810*. colours included. voltage of 1'2 kV in the same water bath at the same temperature. e) Test for thickness of iosulation and sheath.3. In the ineantime. resistance room test temperature. b) High voltage test at and c) Armour cables ). ' the the into this a) Annealing test ( for copper ). : 5831-1984t IS : 5831-19841 IS : 5831-1984t 16"3 16"2 e) f) g) h) For Test Method. Re/to IS: 5831-1984t IS. d) Conductor resistance test. DETAILS OF TESTS 16.3. After 24 hours. (for following mining shall 15.Under preparation. 16.1988 Te~ts 5)' Loss of mass in air oven 6) Heat shock test 7) Thermal stability Insulation resistance test High voltage test ( water immersion test) High voltage test at room temperature Flammability test For Requi.ements.1 Q. The duration of test shall be 5 minutes for each connection.C. tspecification for PVC illSulatio. and elongation of insulation and sheath.1 General . Ref to Part No. b) Cold impact test. 9 .:!:3°C for cores with general purpose PVC insulation and 70±3°C for cores with heat 'resisting PVC insulation.

m) Approximate gross mass.2.J 912 *) of suitable 5 ize and packed.2 Cable Identification .The use of the Standard Mark is governed by the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986 and the Rules and Regulations made thereunder. Details of conditions under which a licence for the usc of the Standard Mark may be granted to manufacturers or producers may be obtained from the Bureau of Indian Standards.1 The cable shall be wound on a drum (see ·Specificatioll for drums for electric cables. The Standard Mark on products covered by an Indian Standard conveys the assurance that they have been produced to comply with the requirements of that standard under a well defined system of inspection. 18.No code letter for conductor when the conductor material is copper. printing or embossing shall be done only on the outer sheath.The manufacturer shall be identified throughout the length of the cable by means of a tape bearing the manufacturer's name or trade-mark. e) Nominal conductor.The following used for designating the cable: Constituent Aluminium conductor PVC insulation Steel found wire armour Steel strip armour Steel double round wire armour Steel double strip armour PVC outer sheath Non . brand name or c) Type of cable and voltage grade. n) Running end of cable. 17. Standard marked products are atso continuously checked by BIS for conformity to that standard as a further safeguard.4 Flammability Test .3 CabJe Code . The indentation.1 Cables with heat resisting insulation suitable for 85"C conductor temperature shall be identified by the letters 'HR 85' marked on it in any of the manner specified in 17.2.1988 16. k) Direction of rotation of drum ( by means of an arrow).IS : 1554 ( Part 1 ) . In case none of these methods can be employed. 17. printed or embossed throughout the length of the cable. j) Number of lengths on drum ( if more tban one ). p) Country of manufacture. In case of cables intended for use in mines. a) Reference to this Indian Standard. . name. may also be marked and code shall be Code Letter A y F WW W FF Y is required NOTE. . prin tlng or embossing sball be done only on the outer sheath. PACKING AND MARKING 18.Period of burning after removal of the flame shall not exceed 60 seconds and the unaff'ected ( uncharred ) portion from the lower edge of the top clamp shall be at least 50mm. PACKING AND MARKING 17. 18. f) Cable code. printed or embossed throughout the length of the cable. b) Manufacturer's trade-mark. The ends of the cable shall be sealed by means of non-hygroscopic sealing material 18.2 The cable shall carry tbe following tion stencilled on the drum: informafor SECTION 5 IDENTIFICATION. Ref IS : 1554 ( Part 1 )._. q) Year of manufacture. cross-sectional area of the g) Colour of cores (in cables ). For 10 ----~~_. IS : 10418. example.2. testing and quality control which is devised and supervised by BIS and operated by the producer. the word 'ELECTRIC' shall be indented. case of single core h) Length vf the cable on the drum. colour identification threads in accordance with a scheme to be approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards shall be employed. or if the purchaser so desires.In order to distinguish these electric cables from telephone cables. IDENTIFICATION 17. 17. printed or embossed on the cable. the word 'MINING' also shall be indented. The indentation.1 Manufacturer's IdentUicatJon .1 The cable ( drum) with the Standard Mark. or by manufacturer's name or trade-mark being indented. d) Number of cores.

SCALE OF SAMPLING A-2. random number tables shall be used ( see IS : 4905-1968* ).I Samples shall be taken and tested from each lot for ascertaining the conformity of the Jot to the requirements of the specification.2.2).1 In order to ensure the randomness of selection. If the number of defectives is Jess than or equal to the corresponding permissible number given in A-l.1 ) SAMPLING A-I. A-2. These samples shall be taken at random: Number of-Drums .l the lot shall be declared as conforming to the requirements of acceptance tests. A-2. LOT A-I. 20 32 B 2 5 -Methods for random sampling. A-3.1 Suitable length of test sample shall be taken from each of the drums selected.2 The number of samples to be seJected shall depend on the number of drums in the Jot as indicated below. the cables of same size manufactured under essentially similar conditions of production shall be grouped together to constitute a lot. A test sample is called defective if it fails in any of the acceptance tests. NUMBER OF TESTS FOR CONFORMITY AND CRITERION Permissible Number 0/ Defectives a 0 0 0 2 I A-3.11 the Lot N Up to SO 51 to 100 101 to 300 :301to 500 501 and above Number 0/ Drums to be Taken as Sample 11 A OF CABLES A-2. These test samples shall be subjected to each of the acceptance tests (see 15.I In any consignment.2. 11 .IS : 1554 ( Part I ) - uss APPENDIX ( Clause 15. otherwise not.

BHUBANESHWAR. HYDERABAD. if any. Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they ar. E9 MIDe. ar. Sector 3S-C. GHAZIABAD. COIMBATORE. RevisIon of Indian Standards Indian Standards are reviewed periodically and revised. ltatutory institution established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. JAIPUR. . V. TRIVANDRUM. in the course of implementing the standard. GUWAHATI. New Delhi 110002 Telephones: 331 01 31. . IV Cross Road. P. Road. This does not preclude the free use. PATNA. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is.. such as symbols and sizes. CHANDIGARH C. Scheme VII M. Andheri (East Western : Manakalaya. BIS. FARIDABAD. 331 13 76 Regional Offices: Central : Manak Bhavan. Manlktola CALCUTTA 700054 SeQ 445-446.I. when necessary and amendments. I. 160036 Telegrams: Manaksanstha ( Common to all Offices) Teleohone 331 01 31 [ 331 1375 37 8662 633843 2350216 6329295 Campus. BANGALORE. Date of Issue Text Affected BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS Headquarters I Manak Bhavan. T. BHOPAL. Copyright BIS has the copyright of all its publications. 1986 to promote harmonious development of the activities of standardization. in posseseion of the latest amendments or edition. Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director (Publications).T. Comments on this Indian Standard may be sent to BIS giving the following reference: Am~Ddments luuell Slaee PabUcation Amend No. issued from time to time. type or grade designations. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg NEW DELHI 110002 Eastern: Northern: Southern: 1/14 C. MADRAS 600113 Marel. BOMBAY 400093 Branches: l AHMADABAD. KANPUR. marking and quality certification of goods and attending to connected matters in the country. No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS.I. of necessary details.

1. clause 7.3 For cables with improved fire performance.2) - Insert the following new clause 7.3. the outer sheath shall.1 ). clause 0.1.3 after 7. Qr1 1 .1 and J.1.3.ed as lDCeling tbe reqelrements of cateCOI)' 01: IPage 2.%after 1. 15.1.%. 1 JUNE 1994 IS tSS4 (Purt 1) : 1988 SPECIFICATION FOR PVC INSULATED (8M VY nUfY) ELECTRIC CABLES PART 1 FOR WORKING VOLTAGES UP TO AND • INCLUDING 1100 V (Third Revision clauses.1 This standard also COVCts cables witb improved fire performance.%.5 ) .I.1.3.Normal "cables 10 Ihis stalldard can be classir. TO J ( Page 1.4 A special category of cables with improved fire pertormance has been included in tbis standard.Substitute 'formed wire' for 'strip'. except tfult the provisions of 3.Replace first sentence by tbe following: 'The galvanized steel wires/formed wires/lapes shall comply with tbe requirements of IS 3975.2 ) . categories Cl and C2.1.Insert tbe folloWing new clause 1. clause 0. Classification of such cables is given in Appendix A.1 and 17. meet the requirement of tests applicable for the required category (see IS.1 (b) ] . 15.1 ) . 15.Z). clause 1. in addition. clause 6.AMENDMENT NO. (Pelge 2.' (Page I. NOlE .l of IS 3975 sball Dot apply: (Page 2.%.2: '7.1.Substitute the following for the existing clause: '0. clause 6.3 ) - Delete this clause and renumber tbe subsequent (Page I.1 and renumber tbe subsequent clauses: '1. as given in APpendix A For sucb cables additional requirements have been includcd wberever necessary in 7.

1. Fig. Ref. para 2) the last sentence.5 16. captions for coil the following for the existing: 'Nominal Cross Sectionid Area Cop~r and 2 ) - Substitute mm2 Aluminium 2 mm (Page 4. clause 15.4. Part No. clause 14.5 16.7 62 2 .6 58 (Under preparation) 61 test c) Flame retardance lest on bunched cables d) C2 16.' (Page ( Page 4.1 ) - Insert tbe following new clause 15.2 Armoured Cables .1 after 15.1 The following shall constitute additional type tests for cables with improved fire performance as per the categories given in Appendix A: Category TeslS For requi relIIen!.1: 'IS.6 Under cousideraticn 58 (UDder preparalion) 61 a) b) e) Rallle retardabCe test 011 bunched cables 16. also delete (Page 6.( Page 3.2 ) - Substitute the following for the existing: shan be not less tban '14. of IS (MI0 (1) 01 Cl (2) No AddilioDal tests (3) (4) a) Oxygen index test b) Flame retardanee on singh: cable 16.1. Informal table.The thickness of outersheatb the minimum value specified in col 5 of Table 7.1. clause 10.7 62 Temperature index Oxygen index lesl Rame relardaoce test on single cable 16. 1 ) Delete. Ref For Test Methods. clause 8.10 16. Delete letter 'd' in line five.

10 UDder consideration L For category CI.2. .d) Test for specific optical density of smoke e) Smoke densiry I) Test for halogen acid gas evolution g) Temperature index NOlES : 16. as applicable. clause 15.2.r..8 UDder Consideration 16. (e). and prepared ill Ihe manner givea in the relevant lest method. (I) and (g) are 10 be performed on samples taken from outer sheath.2.. and prepared in the manner given in tbe relevant test method. tests (a).~.2.11 16. ( Page 9. tests (a) and (d) ale 10 be performed on samples laken from cuter sheath.9 63 59. 16.1 The following shall constitute additional acceptance tests for cables with improved fire performance as per the categories given in Appendix A: Category Test No additional Test a) b) C2 a) b) c) d) e) Oxygen index test Flame retardance test on single cable Oxygen index test Flame retardance test on single cable Test for specific optical density of smoke Test for balogen acid gas evolution Test for smoke density 01 Cl 3 . as applicable. For categpry C2.2 ) clause 8S Add clause 15. '15. 2.1: and renumber the existing 15.

.2.. Acid G. embossing 0' priating the IppropriaCe legead on 1be outer sheath throughout the able length.. allis stuclItd. cldu. U:: '"t::Jl un NlDlplC:S or InDer/outer .dditioa 10 the existing odd. ".1 ) .pplicable) sball be done at 27 ± ~c. NOn: .2.1' Testor TClllpehture r Smoke IJeMIty exceed 20 pereent by weight.'. Marks from fixing devices.J. or . Ihcs Ibreacc III uy speciII nquiremealS For IIIdbod ' . E"oktdon not The level of Hel evolved sblU .L (p . Tat ror Spedfk OptIcal Deaslty OrSIIIOM UDder Consideration • •.se 17.inmeatt For Ibis leSt are. for die . It· I temperature Jadex of 2S00C.. I.11 Under oonsidell1ion. in .. medtodC sbaII ~ IISCd Cor Ilolildle Clqoftes Cl lild C2.a SIIlgie Cables After the test..' atqory B lad C lest medtods shlU be 1ISed..eq. split ill .1 Tbc followilllS special cables sball be ldellliOed by indenting. A.. soot or cbanging of the colour Ire not co~idered damages.s .r oflbe cable Issembly.e.R. measured It the front lad Jel..1993..' (PQge 10.S m above the bottom edge oflbe burner. 81114 C 15 described ia IS 101110 ( Part 62 ) : .Add new clause: '17.loge. The measured value of Temperacure bldex sbaD be 21 1'.E AWru~p ~~OUlS 10J l!W. there should be DO visible damages on lbe test specimen within 300 mm from its upper end.7 F1MHItdanlaace Test oe "ached Cables After burning bas ceased~ tbe cables sbo\lld be wiped clean and the c~rred 01 affected portion should DOt bave racbcd I heigbt exceeding 2."' I'1Mae RetanIACe Tefl. requirements.. aleeories i.. The oxygen iadex shall DOt be less Ibaa 29."' Tal tor n.tb (.L (~ uO!lnloA~ sl!5 ppe u~Soll?q JOJ 18.' 4 .

Appendix A ) . Does nol propagate fire even when installed in groups in venical ducts C2 Cables in constrained areas with limited human ac. Single cable self-exlinguishil!.ivily alld/or presence of sopbislica. India . does no. 1.1.Type of Cable i) Improved fire performance or Category C'l Legend FR ii) Improved fire performance for Category C2 FR-LSH A' and ( Page 11. BIS.2 and 15. the following new 'Appendix renumber the existing' Appendix A' as 'Appendix B': APPENDJXA (Clauses 0.Insert.4.g. propagate flame CI Cables in constrained areas rn Flame retardent. New Delhi.ed systems FR-LSH Harne retardent cables with reduced halogen evolutioe and smob (ET009) Reprography Unit.1 ) ClASSIFICATION OF CABLES FOR IMPROVED PERFORMANCE Type FIRE Category 01 Environment Description Cables in open areas Cable Definition Flame retarders.

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