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Training Module - DAY 3

Training Module - DAY 3

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Published by: Avishek Basu Mallick on Oct 15, 2011
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1. Sales Processes

3. 4.

Basic Steps Post Sales Support

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Law of Averages (LOA)
Ethics Tricks of Trade Schemes Pricing Pitch
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Sales Processes   Initial Contact Sales Presentation   Handling Objections Closing the sale  Follow-ups and Service after the sale Page 3 .1.

Prospects • Working Professionals • Graduates who wish to do their MBA. • Third year engineering students planning to do MBA. saving you valuable time and resources. Page 4 . o Determine which products and services best suit particular prospects. • Final year engineering students who plan to take CAT / other MBA entrance exams.2. • Remember – o Determine your sales approach and plan your sales calls. o Uncover reasons why you should not pursue some prospects.

Prospects Conducting a sales call  Introduction  Presentation of information (Keep it short)  Motive is an appointment not telesale  Time management  Follow-ups Page 5 .2.

3.people like to buy from people they like. Make statements that build rapport and confidence. Page 6 . Be friendly .Initial Sales Contact • Common initial contacts is a "cold call" conducted by phone or in person. Be sincere. 5. giving them choices of appointment times and meeting locations.people love to laugh. • Some ideas to help turn cold calls into warm prospects: 1. 2. Use humor . 4. 6. • Make an appointment. Try to do a little homework before the call. Determine your objective and the purpose of your call.

6.3. 2. 3. Basic Steps 1. 4. Introduction Product Info and purpose Benefits / USP Pricing Close References Page 7 . 5.

Basic Steps 1. With individuals. you can give reference of your telecon with him / her.  Proof the company you represent (mainly when you approach classes / partners).3.  Make sure it’s a conversation and not a speech. Page 8 .  The main approach towards any student/ partner must be confident but polite. INTRODUCTION  The first step generally must contain your introduction (who you are – Name and organization).

 Give the higher options first rather than the smaller components.3. Explain the product in detail (Formats / Prices etc. in an MBA.  Ask the student questions on what exactly the student is looking for.) Page 9 . Basic Steps 2. Product Info and purpose  Tell the student your purpose of being there.

Basic Steps 3. GCET Page 10 . USP  Integrated Ask-a-Doubt  Detailed Analysis and Customized Feedback  Personalized Practice Tests  Unattempted Questions Exam  Save Test for Later / Pause Test  12. TANCET.000+ Unique questions  Customized state products like iCET.3.

Various discounts and schemes Page 11 . Basic Steps 4. UPSC products d. You need to know the following: a.3. Pricing – National Exams b. Pricing – State exams c.

Variable Schemes: User celebration Online scholarship tests Seminars Miscellaneous (Festivals/End of Season/Early bird) Page 12 . CAT /XAT scholarship 2. Basic Steps Pricing .3. 3. 4. 2. Group Discounts  1.Schemes  Fixed schemes: 1.

Don't be afraid to ask for their professional / student life. Let prospects talk 90 percent of the time.Points to Remember during Presentation     Know your product well.     Be relaxed during sales calls. demonstration materials (collaterals) available. Be on time for sales appointments. Focus on the benefits of your products and services. follow up. Have your sales brochures. It often takes five to 10 exposures to Page 13 get a sale. . Limit the choices during a sales presentation. Follow up. follow up. You just need to listen. Anticipate on what the user mite purchase depending on back ground   Always follow through on promises.

Close  This is the most important part of the pitch.  One of the closes used can be “You can give me a cheque in the name of Enabilon Learning Pvt.  After the benefits are explained . you should directly explain the modes of payment.  A sale should always be assumed as complete else assumed otherwise. Page 14 .” or “You would make a payment with cash / cheque??”  Make sure that you do not get aggressive during your close. Ltd. Basic Steps 5.3.

Helps in building the trust factor. References  Once the pitch is made. Basic Steps 6. never leave the place without taking references.  Sheep factor – Always works wonders in sales!!  Works on the human mentality that if a friend has purchased it. Page 15 .  From each student. so can I. you should note atleast 5 references. It helps to build the database.3.

Page 16 . You need to assure him / her of the fact that he/she will never regret purchasing our courseware even if it’s the smallest product. the most important step is to provide support to the customer who has purchased our courseware. You need to tell the user to contact you directly in case of any problems / further upgrades that the user desires.Post Sales Support After a sale is made.

Page 17 . LOA helps to keep you motivated and build better relations that in turn helps to populate our database and increase trust factor. the higher is your rate of converting them to purchase the product.Law of averages LOA stands for Law of Averages. Monetary benefits are increased by three fold when you follow LOA. It basically works on the concept that the more people you meet.

3. 10. 11. 1. 5. 2. 4. 6. Attitude maintenance Customized pitch Product knowledge Relationship building Professional behavior Time & Territory Management Dedication High Standards Optimism (Positive attitude) Hardworking Consistency Page 18 . 7. 8. 9.Qualities of a Good Sales Person Every action performed as a sales person should posess the following.

Tricks of trade      G .Fear of Loss T .Tone of Voice S .Indifference F .Sheep Factor Page 19 .Getting along with People I .

Date of Call Response Appointment (Hot/Wa rm/Cold) Result / Sale Comments Page 20 .Sales Tracking No Name Username Email ID Phone No.

Page 21 .

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