Curriculum Vitae

Name: Cole, Jaylord N. Nickname: Jay Birthday: May 15, 1991 Birth Place: House Address: Sudlon, Catarman, Cordova, Cebu Father’s Name: Lord De Lito M. Cole Mother’s Name: Evangeline N. Cole Favorites Food: Any food that is delicious Pet: Dog Color: Yellow Green Sports: Badminton T.V. show: Wowowee T.V. station: ABS-CBN Radio station: I FM Likes: those who care to me Dislikes: the person selfish Actor: John Lloyd Cruz Actress: Angel Locsin Personal Things Who is your crush: Tricia Lopez What attracted you most? When she smile at me When did you met: February 23, 2008 Where did you met: in the CICC Happiest moment: when I and my family get together Embarrassing moment: when I fall down to a tree Motto: “It’s better to give than to receive”

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