“Will you play With Me?

Have you ever been in a situation so nightmarish that it couldn’t be real? I’m in one now. Pursued by a creature that can’t be seen by human eyes, only through the lens of a camera or in the glass of a mirror, through a dark labyrinth of school buildings I finally finished up here, Room 13. Something’s been drawing me here. I’ve been hiding in the room for about an hour, which I know sounds stupid if something wants me to be here, but I can’t leave. The door’s locked itself. I’ve been afraid for my life, regretting my choice to come here in the first place. Everyone knew the school was haunted. Over the years there had been numerous odd deaths and occurrences. One of the most gruesome killings, my favourite story, was when the teachers entered the staffroom on the 26th of May, 2008, and found the body of James Reach hanging from the ornate light bulb holder by his intestines, his brains spattered all over the walls. I throw up as I think of the story. Not the best time. Twenty-twenty hindsight and all. My friend Liam and I decided to enter the school at night and see what happened. Liam had a questionable background and was a fair hand with a hair clip. He picked the door to the main corridor and we stepped in. That was the last time I saw him. I brought a video camera with me so that we could film any supernatural phenomena. I’ve only been recording for about twenty five minutes, but I had already caught several glimpses of the being hell-bent on my destruction. I’m shaking badly now. Torchlight flickers across the walls. Something crashes against the wall. I turn the camera and torchlight around, but there’s nothing there. I catch another glimpse of the entity. Pale skin, haunting, yellow eyes, razor sharp talons. “Pale skin,” I laugh nervously to myself. “Whoever’s heard of a sun-tanned spirit?”As I finish my sentence, a chorus of voices break out, softly at first, swiftly growing in volume. All chanting the same thing; will you play with me? A marble rolls across the room’s wooden floor. Terrified, I scream and fall backwards, the camera tumbling from my slack fingers. “No!” I cry hysterically. “I won’t play with you!” At once the voices die down. I pick up the fallen camera and scan the area. Nothing. “Play with me!” The voice roars. The staffroom lights turn on and gale force winds whip through the room. My torch explodes, followed by the lights. The darkness returns, pure, unbroken. The sound of something heavy dragging itself across the floor makes me turn to my left. The heavy bookcase the teachers use to hold spare copies of all the textbooks lifts itself off the ground and hurls itself at me, narrowly missing my head. The room echoes with sick laughter, as if a group of sadistic nine year-olds were watching my desperate struggle for survival. Blood seeps from the walls. The voices pick up again. Faces from my past appear in the windows. Liam, my sister Bec (who died in a car accident three years ago), Will, James, so many others. Through the lens of the camera, the room is filled with people. All school aged. Various causes of death. Some have holes torn through their body. One, a seven year old girl, carries her head under her arm. Floating in the centre of the room is the creature. It hovers several feet above the floor, its burning yellow eyes gazing intently at me. Its long, blood-stained claws nearly reach the floor. “Will you play with me?” it asks in a high pitched voice. “Please play with me.” The army of ghosts cock their heads to the left.

I drop the camera. until it reaches the nearly undecipherable. With my broken bones. The demon floats closer. along with the table and several chairs. Play with us. play with us. And a voice. and my ability to see what’s happening is gone.” They chant. it looks and feels like I’m being held in the air with no support. Without the camera. In my head. Haunting music plays from within. I don’t have time to move. “playwithusplaywithusplaywithusplaywithplayplayplayplayPLAY!” A blast of mental energy sends me flying.” . The marble begins to float. Darkness. The oven tears away from the wall and hurtles towards me. all I can hear is playplayplay. The wall meets my face and I hear a few bones break. Infinite Darkness. The creature reaches towards me and lifts me up with its claws.”Faster and faster they chant. Play with us. “Play with us.“Play with us. I’m thrown across the room. “Now you’ll play with us. play with us. The winds get stronger and faster.