The Devil Octopus

Asst. Prof. Somchao Chatnarudom


Once upon a time a mother and her son found an octopus in a pool near the sea.


Some men killed the octopus and carried it up to the village.


The men told the boy and his friends to guard the octopus while they went to bring yams and vegetable for the party.


When the men had gone, the octopus spoke to the boy. It said, “When I am cooked, you and your parents must not eat me.”


The boy told his parents what the octopus said. They thought it was a joke and they laughed and laughed.


When the octopus was baked and the meal was ready, the people came together at the party.


The boy’s parents ate some octopus but the boy would not eat any. He could not stop thinking about what the octopus had said.


Then suddenly something strange happened. The people who had eaten the octopus all turned into octopuses. Some became and others became small octopuses.


And one after the other they all crept down to the sea and were gone.

Teaching Reading:
Using a Big Book in the classroom
Asst. Prof. Somchao Chatnarudom

Pre-reading - Elicit some words related to the topic using Graphic organizer/word web. - Help students guess the meaning of unknown words e.g. octopus. - Ask students to predict what the story is about.

While reading
- Students get involved in reading: listening to the teacher, answering some questions, expressing their ideas about the story. - Bridging to the listening task using cloze listening. - Using the pictures as cues to encourage students to speak. - Integrating writing activity by means of relayed dictation.

Post reading
- Vocabulary work ( choosing the target words to fill in the summary) - Critical reading (working in groups and trying to write a few words for what would happen at the end of the story.) - Grammatical work ( Underlining the past tense forms and giving the base forms) - etc.

Relayed Dictation
• • • • • • • Some people ate the octopus and they became octopuses. The octopus asked a boy not to eat it. Once upon a time a mother and her son found an octopus near the sea. Some men killed the octopus and took it to the village. The boy told his parents about what the octopus said but they laughed. The men wanted to cook the octopus as their meal. The octopus asked a boy not to eat it.

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