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Presented by, Sagar D Shah Nirma University

April 27, 2012

Introduction Components and assembly of MIVAN formwork Construction with MIVAN Work cycle Quality enhancements Merits and demerits Remedies proposed
April 27, 2012

Formwork definition and discussions

Conclusion and Inference


Concept of ALUMINIUM FORMWORK Developed by MIVAN GROUPS, MALAYSIA Driving force speed of construction, quality of construction, seismic resistivity, economy Good quality construction should not deter the project speed nor should it be uneconomical
April 27, 2012

Cost is long forgotten, but the quality is remembered forever

Innovation in Construction Technology

April 27, 2012

Traditional mode of construction - inadequate for mass housing construction. Prone to poor quality control

Mass housing works technologies for fast construction to deliver quality, economic and durable structure.
Pre-cast and cast-in-situ techniques are used for quick construction. Use of Aluminum alloy for formwork

What is a Formwork?
Temporary supports and castings
April 27, 2012

Support for plastic concrete when placed, till it gains half of its design strength .

Forms or moulds or shutters are the receptacles in which concrete is placed, so that it will have desired shape or outline when hardened. Once concrete develops the adequate strength to support its own weight they can be taken out. - ACC

Formwork - Requirements
Sufficiently strong enough The joints should be rigid Construction lines in the formwork should be true Easily removable without damage to itself
April 27, 2012

Load Acting On Formwork

April 27, 2012

Self weight, Wet concrete weight, Live load, Impact of concrete pour, vibrations. Load in bending and shear for frame and joist-370kg/m2.

Should not deflect more than 0.25 cm.

MIVAN System
3S - SYSTEM OF CONSTRUCTION - Speed, Strength, Safety

Column and beam construction eliminated

Walls and slabs are cast in one operation

Specially designed, easy to handle light weight pre-engineered aluminium forms.

Rapid construction of multiple units of repetitive type using semi-skilled labours. Fitting and erecting the portion of shuttering

Carrying out concreting of the walls and slabs together.

April 27, 2012

MIVAN Formwork
Aluminum alloy panels Excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio Face or contact surface - 4mm thick plate Ribbons 6 mm thick. Pin and wedge arrangement system Requires no bracing High strength wall ties Small panels no heavy equipment
April 27, 2012

Heavy lifting eliminated

Semi skilled labors

Fast construction suitable for large magnitudes Good quality with accurate dimensions System components are durable repetitive Monolithic construction

Mivan 4day cycle

Conventional 14 to 20 day cycle Plastering eliminated completely

April 27, 2012

Comparison Mivan and Conventional

Increased durability Lesser number of joints reduced leakages Higher carpet area Smooth finishing of wall and slab Uniform quality of construction Negligible maintenance Faster completion, conventional stage-to-stage concreting , schedule for masonry , plastering and finishing.
April 27, 2012

More seismic resistance

Construction with MIVAN


Receipt of equipment on site

Level surveys Setting out of formwork Control / correction of deviation Erect formwork vertical Erect deck formwork Setting kickers


April 27, 2012

Checks before Concreting

Wall formwork erected to the setting out lines Openings are of correct dimensions Horizontal formwork are in level Deck and beam props are vertical Wall ties, pins and wedges are all in position
April 27, 2012

Formwork should be cleaned and coated

Surplus material are cleared


On Concrete Activities
Beam / deck props adjacent to drop areas slipping due to vibration Bracing at special areas slipping due to vibration Overspill of concrete at window opening
April 27, 2012

Checking pins, wedges and wall ties


Post Concrete Activities

Strike deck form Clean, transport and stack formwork Strike down kicker formwork Strike wall mounted working platform All formwork can be struck after 12 hours
April 27, 2012

Strike down wall form


Software Application For Formwork

April 27, 2012

Designed using most optimal panel size , by the use of stateof-art design software. Incorporates optimum assembly procedure ,economical panel selection ,hence minimizing capital and operational cost. Flexible in design and can take any architectural and structural form such as bay window, staircase etc.


Beam components
April 27, 2012

Beam Side Panel

Prop Head

Beam Soffit Bulkhead Beam Soffit Panel


Deck Components
Prop Length
April 27, 2012

Deck Panel Deck Mid Beam

Soffit Length
18 Deck Prop

Other Components
External Corner Internal Soffit Corner
April 27, 2012

Internal Corner


External Soffit Corner

Wall Components
April 27, 2012

Wall Panel


Kicker 20

Pin and Wedge System

April 27, 2012


Formwork Assembly
April 27, 2012


April 27, 2012


April 27, 2012


April 27, 2012


April 27, 2012


April 27, 2012

Work Cycle
System for scheduling & controlling the work of other connected
April 27, 2012

construction trades Deshuttering of the panels 12 to 15 hrs Positioning brackets & platforms on the level- 10 to 15 hrs

Deshuttered panels lifted & fixed on floor-7 to 10 hrs

Kicker & external shutters fixed in 7 hrs Shutters are erected in 6-8 hrs Reinforcement and 10 to 12 hrs Electrical fittings -10 hrs Pouring concrete

4 Day Cycle
vertical formwork Day 2: erection of the second side of the vertical formwork and formwork for the slab Day 3: fixing reinforcement bars for slabs and casting of walls and slabs
April 27, 2012

Day 1: erection of vertical reinforcement bars and one side of the

Day 4: removal of vertical form work panels after 24hours, props in

place for 7 days, floor slab formwork in place for 2.5 days

Design Aspect Of Mivan:

Conventional RC beam column-In case of lateral load more reinforcement required. Column 20 % strong than beam it support (requirement)
April 27, 2012

In RC load bearing wall and slab- structure become monolithic box type suitable for resisting horizontal load.(shear wall).


Quality Enhancements
High quality formwork panels - consistency of dimensions Level and verticality Plastering eliminated 3mm to 4mm skin coat enough for pleasant appearance
April 27, 2012

6mm coat for flooring.


Total system forms the complete concrete structure Custom designed to suit project requirements Unsurpassed construction speed High quality finish Cost effective Panels can be reused up to 250 times Erected using unskilled labour Quality and speed - given due consideration along with economy Low maintenance due to monolithic structure , hence very cost effective in long run
April 27, 2012


Because of small sizes - finishing lines are seen Concealed services become difficult Requires uniform planning and uniform elevations to be cost effective Modifications are not possible Large volume of work is necessary to be cost effective Spacers, wall ties - seepage, leakages during monsoon Shrinkage cracks High heat of hydration shear walls
April 27, 2012


Remedial Measures
Wall ties - create holes in wall after deshuttering Box-type construction - shrinkage cracks, near door and window openings in the walls
April 27, 2012

Minimize these cracks by providing control strips in the structure which could be concreted after a delay of about 3 to 7 days after major concreting The problem of cracking can be avoided by minimizing the heat of hydration by using Flyash

Conclusion and Inference

Civil engineers not only build but also enhance the quality of life Creativity and technical skill help to plan, design, construct and operate the facilities essential to life MIVAN - cost effective and efficient tool to solve problems of the mega housing project MIVAN construction is able to provide high quality construction at unbelievable speed and at reasonable cost Effective technology India
April 27, 2012

Cost is long forgotten, but the quality is remembered forever


April 27, 2012


Thank You
April 27, 2012