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Reference Guide for the Foreign Pharmacy Licensing Exam er Perr health care delivery aok- Dik kako) spensing pharmacy administration health care economics Ue taste naan reign pharmacy by Manan H. Shroff, R.Ph Revised Edition Ssemerr seeeseeseeeseeseeeseesteeseeseeeseeseeeseeseeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeREEEEEEEEEEEE EE EEE Reference Guide for Foreign Pharmacy Licensing Exam Krisman Questions and Answers- 2nd Revised Edition TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION-I QUESTIONS 7 SECTION-IT ANSWERS 121 SECTION-II TABLES 243 \ 6 Reference Guide for Foreign Pharmacy Licensing Exam Krisman Questions and Answers- 2nd Revised Edition 1 Benzyl alcohol is classified as: . Drug degradation d. Drug oxidation a. Emulsifying agent b. Preservative 7. Polymorphism is generally defined as ¢. Diluent a: d. Suspending agent a, Substance that may exist in more than 2. Cold cream is an example of: one crystalline form, a Suspension b. Substance that may exist only in meta- b. O/W emulsion stable form. c. W/O emulsion 4 OW/O emulsion ¢. Substance that has different viscosity time to time. 3. Egg yolk or egg white is used as: 4. Substance that reduces interfacial ten- a. Emulsifying agent sion. b. Suspending agent ©, Binder 8. The minimum concentration of a drug d. Preservative at the receptor site to initiate pharmacologi- cal action is defined as: 4. The transfer of a drug from high con- centrated areas to low concentrated areas is a. max generally defined as: b. MEC c. MTC a Infusion d ce b. Levigation ©, Diffusion 9. The area under curve gives useful in- 4. Dissolution formation about : 5. Which of the following is the most a. ‘The amount of drug systematically ab- suitable route for administration of insulin ? sorbed. a. IM b. The time to reach peak concentration. b Sc . ¢. The time to reach minimum toxic a IV bolus concentration. 6. Noyes Whitney equation is helpful to a. The concentration at which pharma- predict the rate of: cological actions of drug would be initiated. a. Drug diffusion b. _ Drugdissolution 10. Which of the following is the major plasma protein involved in drug binding? a