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Reference guide for Pharmaceutical calculations ‘Krisman Second Edition 7 7 REFERENCE GUIDE FOR PHARMACEUTICAL CALCULATIONS SECOND EDITION 2002 - 2003 MANAN SHROFE 1 Refetenice guide for Pharmaceutical calculations : Krisman - Second Edition . « This reference guide is not intended a a substitute for the advice Of a physician: Students or readers must consult their physician about nty existing problem. Do not use any information of, this reference guide for any kind of self treathient, Do not administer any dose of mentioned drugs in this reference guide without consulitig your physician. This is onby'a review guide for” preparation of pharmaceutical calculations. ‘The author of this reference guide is not responsible for any kind of misinterpreted, incorrect or misleading information or any typographical errors jn.this guide. Any doubsful or questionable answers should be checked in other available reference sources. 2 All rights reserved. No part of this guide may be reproduced of transmitted in any form or by any means, clectroni- cally photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher. RXEXAMG® is a registered trademark.of Pharmacy Exam of unauthorized use of this trade mark wil be considered a viola hnd Publication ine. Arty ‘of law: [NAPLEX® and FPOBED exam ae federally episod tademark owned by Nationl Asiocation Boar of Pharmacy (NABP).ETCB it ‘be teak oaedy Pay Tn Corin Do evio pldosin no way authried or sponsred by NABP orPTCB, \ Reference guide for Pharmaceutical calculations Sate Second Edition PREFACE Reference guide for Pharmaceutical calculations is a resourceful practice guide for preparation of the NAPLEX®, FPGEE® , California Pharmacy Board Exam and PTCB@ exams, It contains more than 400 calculation problems to prepare students to tackle an actual exam. NAPLEX®, FPGEE®, California Pharmacy Board Exam and PTCB® exams are currently putting more emphasis on calculation problems. 25 % to 30% of NAPLEX®, FPGEE®, California Pharmacy Board Exam and PTCB® exams consist of calculations. Calculations related to LV,, IV. infusion, TPN and dosages are very important in retail and institutional pharmacy settings. This guide will provide complete practice on related calculation problems and help to achieve an exceptional score on the examinations. Best of luck, Manan Shroff www> 3