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South Figueroa Corridor 111011

South Figueroa Corridor 111011

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Published by: Ben Polk on Oct 16, 2011
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South Figueroa Corridor / Vermont-Manchester

S Hoover St
12th Ave


4th Ave

Crenshaw Blvd


Tri n

Olmsted Ave

Exposition Blvd

Ma ple


o Rd

ity St


W 36th Pl W 37th Pl

W 37th St

Do w University neySouthern California of W W 37th Pl ay
Hi ll S

Br oa dw

St a

W 36th St Expos ition B lvd

7th Ave

W 35th Pl

Av e

W 36th St

nf Gr ord A iffi ve th Av e


6th Ave

2nd Ave

Middleton Pl Browning Blvd
Brighton Ave

W 39th Pl

W 39th St
Browning Blvd
Raymond Ave La Salle Ave


Hooper Ave

Naomi Ave

E 32 nd S t

E 25th St

S Santa Fe Ave

Welland Ave

E3 6th St E3 8th St
Wall St

Roxton Ave

E2 1s tS E2 t 3rd EA St d

Ho op er


Tr in

W Jefferson Blvd

ity St

W 31st St

Sa nte e

Av e

W 30th St

Montclair St

W 28th St W 29th Pl

W 30th St

W 29th St

W 30th St

W 30th Pl

W3 0th S W3 2nd t St

E1 6th

E1 4th St

§ ¦ ¨


E 8th S t

Los Angeles

E 14 th St E 15 th St

Vernon Bell

am s

Blv d

E 24th

Huntington Park


E 26th Gate South St E 27th St


Dalton Ave

4th Ave

im Le


W 42nd Pl W 43rd Pl

W 41st Pl

Budlong Ave

Stocker St

lvd tB

E 42nd St

E 41st St

E 41st S t

E 38th St

E 37th St


S Flower St

S Normandie Ave

Long Beach Ave

S Vermont Ave

Denker Ave

Arlington Ave

Ascot Ave

Wall St

S Central Ave

S Wilton Pl

S Victoria Ave

West Blvd

W 52nd St

Alba St

2nd Ave

Wall St

5th Ave

Madden Ave

10th Ave

W 62nd St

W 61st St
W 65th St

W 60th Pl

W Gage Ave
Denver Ave
Menlo Ave

E 62nd St

E 60th St

E 61st St

E 61st St

E 59th Pl

E 60th St

S Grand Ave

West Blvd

8th Ave

7th Ave

W 67th St

W 67th St
W 70th St

W Florence Ave
Victoria Ave S Victoria Ave
10th Ave

W 70th St

W 68th St W 70th St
W 74th St

W 69th St W 71st St

E 69th St E 71st St
E 74th St
S San Pedro St

E Florence Ave

E 68th St E 70th St

E 69th St

S Western Ave

S Van Ness Ave

S St Andrews Pl

S Figueroa St

S Harvard Blvd

S Halldale Ave

S Broadway

S Main St

S Grand Ave

S Gramercy Pl

Bell Ave

W 83rd St

Holmes Ave

S 3rd Ave

S 7th Ave

S 5th Ave

Wall St

W 90th0 St



W 91st St

W 89th St

W 89th St

E 90th St

E 88th Pl
E 91st St

Juniper St



W 84th Pl

W 83rd St

E 84th Pl

E 83rd St

E 82nd St

Alix Ave

W 81st St

W 80th St

S Vermont Ave

W 78th Pl

S Denker Ave

Avalon Blvd

Cimarron St

W 78th St

W 79th St
W 81st St W 82nd St

E 79th St

E 81st St

Nadeau St

E 78th St

Hill St


E 85th St E 87th Pl E 87th Pl E 91st St

Sale Pl

Elm St

W 88th St

Miles 1

E 87th Pl

Firestone Blvd

Glenwood Pl

Map Created by Healthy City 11/09 Geographic data from NAVTEQ.

Seville Ave

W 77th St

W 76th St

E 76th Pl

Pacific Blvd

Stanford Ave

Maie Ave

W 75th St

W 75th St

E 75th St

E 76th St

Santa Fe Ave

W 74th St

Florence Ave

Saturn Ave

Rugby Ave

E 67th St

Mckinley Ave

W 65th Pl

Converse Ave

E 65th St

E Gage Ave

E 62nd St
E 66th St
Zoe Ave

Malabar St

W 59th St

W Slauson Ave

W 56th St

W 58th St W 59th Pl
W 59th St

W 56th St W 58th St


E 56th St

E 55th St

Ascot Ave

W 54th St

W 53rd St

W 51st Pl

E 50th St

§ ¦ ¨
S Flower St

E 54th St
E 58th St

E 52nd Pl

E 53rd St
E 57th St

Compton Ave

W 49th St

S Hoover St

E 49th St E 51st St

E 54th St

E 57th St

E 55th St

W 59th Pl

E 59th St

Slauson Ave
Randolph St

E 57th St

Hampton St

8th Ave

6th Ave

3rd Ave

W 48th St

W 47th St

E 48th St

S Santa Fe Ave

Halldale Ave

W 46th St

W Vernon Ave

E 43rd Pl

E Vernon Ave

E 43rd St

E Vernon Ave

E 46th St

S Gra nd Ave

S Alameda St

S Ala

me d a


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