FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment


INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES AND LEARNER’S INTERACTION (Focusing on differences in gender, racial, religious background)

At the end of this activity, you will be competent in determining a school environment that provides social, psychological, and physical environment supportive of learning.

CATIMBANG, SARAH MAY C B.S.Education-34 Victorino Mapa (VMAPA) High School


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment



FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment
MY ANALYSIS: 1.) Identify the person who play key roles in the relationships and interactions in the classrooms/ what roles do they play? Is there somebody who appears to be the leader, a mascot/joker, and attention seeker, a little teacher, a doubter/ pessimist? There is some student that seems attention seeker; jonathan from section (8) of Mrs. Lamchengco is always keep rounding the rows in the classroom. He keeps on walking inside the classroom and keep chatting on his seat mate even thou he confront by her teacher. But if there is attention seeker there is an excellent girl in this class. Her name is Princess Pagadian, she is actively participating in class discussion. She also plays a little teacher during generalizing in the concept ma. She is the one who always raising her hand when the teachers ask a questions.

2.) Are students coming from he minority group accepted or rejected by others? All student come from the minority group which they accepted each other. They treated each other as siblings. They treated each other as siblings. The teacher build there team work in activities that been conducted during their class. In some instances some do not participate but as time goes by, they get interested to learn and discover by themselves and by their co students. They can manage their time in other activities that will enrich their mind and observation skills most.

3.) How does the teacher influence the class interaction considering the individual differences of the students? The teacher respect the opinions and insights each student. Even if there are differences between them, the teacher can still influence his/her student in some instances, the teacher do not show favoritism, the other student fell discriminated and isolated to these student that is favored by the teacher.

4.) What factor influence the grouping of learners outside the classroom? The factors that influence the grouping of the learners outside the classroom is stereotype according to their favorites, gender, hobbies. Because you can observe the company of boys, girls and some student according to their social status in he community.


FIELD STUDY1: The learner’s Development and Environment

1.) How did you feel being in that classroom? Did you feel a sense of oneness unity among the learners and between the teacher and the learners? When I visit the classroom of second year section eight during their biology session, I feel a sense of unity among the learners and between the teacher and the learners. Because I observe that the teacher can motivate her student well. Even thou some of them are not interested it seems that as time goes by, the teacher influence them on what she was taught and then afterwards, the students was interested in activities that conducted for them to gain more cognitive skills.

2.) In the future, how would you want the learners in your classroom to interact? How will you make this happen? In the future, I would interact with my student by setting the good atmosphere in the classroom first. Then I will be the one caught there name one by one to participate in class. No one in the class will be passive on time of recitation or participation. So that no children will be isolated or feel discriminated. All of them will have the rights to express their thoughts whether it is wrong or right.

3.) How will you encourage all learners, regardless of religious, ethnic or racial background, to interact and participate? I will encourage my future student by conducting an open forum type of discussion where the different groups of students according to their religious, ethnic or racial background to share it on the class and I will be the one who will explain in that despite of differences between the, they are all still siblings inside and outside the school premises. Because all of them is fair on the eye of our Almighty God. No one is oneness but all must be unified.


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