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Luis Jorge Estrellado



Early Years (1900-1916)

• pure research only
• W.L. Bryan advocated studying skills rather than problems

Frank & Lillian Gilbreth

• Pioneered time & motion studies in 1908
• First noted humans as most important element in industry

Fathers of I/O Psychology

Walter Dill Scott

• highly respected as scientist and practitioner
• books on ad/sales psychology

Frederick W. Taylor
• Realized value of redesigning work situation to increase productivity
• Created work breaks

Hugo Munsterberg
• German psychologist, applied experimental methods to perception, attention
• Book focused on worker selection, designing work situations, psychology in ad

World War I
• companies formed to promote psychology to industry
• 1921 Psy Corp Cattell still open
• Yerkes developed Army Alpha and Army Beta tests
Hawthorne Studies - 1924
• greatest single episode in formation of industrial psychology
• some think flawed but still important
• lighting and efficiency
• productivity increased no matter how varied independently
• initiated 4 other major studies

WORLD WAR II (1941-45)

• army approached first
• Army Gen. Classification Test
• benchmark in group testing
• also worked to increase production of workers left at home
• springboard for refining industrial psychology techniques

Toward Specialization (1946-1963)

• evolved into legit field of scientific inquiry increasing academic courses
• explosive growth working w/defense industry 50-60

Government Intervention (1964-present)

• 1964 Civil Rights Act and Title VII
• CRA broad based to reduce unfair discrimination of minorities
• VII addressed employment discrimination
o by 1978 guidelines for all employers—tests, interviews,apps
o 1990 ADA signed into law
o author supports govt. intervention, as it has broadened the field of I/O and
forced to be accountable