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are worn at the Olympic Games
for the first time

Arthur Jonath --- the first athlete to win
a medal in shoes by Adi Dassler

Jesse Owens --- most successful athlete in Berlin
> boast specially positioned spikes and a low-cut upper

1956 “adidas” is registered as a brand The first running shoe is developed High jump is revolutionized With a shoe featuring 1948 exchangeable spikes .

1960 75 percent athletes 1964 rely on adidas shoes To mark Present the lightest trackthe Olympic Games. shoe the “Rom” training shoe is launched .

1976 1980 124 out of 140 nations compete in adidas 1968 The "TRX" The first jogging shoe. introduced over 80% of the participants wear adidas 1984 . jogging shoe is is launched. “Achill”.

cycling Olympic Committee . track & field. 2000 1996 2004 Celebrate past successes DevelopsTriumphs Outfitted 18 national revolutionary product still to come > swimming.