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The Kundalini Book

The Kundalini Book


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Published by mysticman
This book describes what The Kundalini is and how to work with its energy
This book describes what The Kundalini is and how to work with its energy

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Published by: mysticman on Oct 16, 2008
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The Holy Spirit and Kundalini

Until recent years, little has been known about Kundalini in the Western cultures. Many Wed have thought
that this concept was only a part of Eastern religion, but this energy is universal and has always operated
within human beings whether or not they had active knowledge of the process. Christian mystics describe
experiences in their writings which closely resemble the effects of Kundalini They attributed these
manifestations to the work of the Holy Spirit, and in a sense this is true, as the Holy Spirit can indeed
release the Kundalini energy.
There are vast differences between the Kundalini energy and the energy of the Holy Spirit. Kundalini is an
evolutionary energy and is of the Earth. All people have some Kundalini flowing, leading to the development
of mind-knowledge and power. The energy of the Holy Spirit, on the other hand, is a divine energy of God
leading to the development of love and wisdom. The ultimate goal of Kundalini is enlightenment and the
ultimate goal of the Christian is to be one with or filled with God and/or Christ; whichever we call it, it is the
same goal.
Some people choose a path primarily of faith and devotion, others one of knowledge and practice. We might
make the distinction that Kundalini relates to the mind of God and the Holy Spirit relates to the heart of God.
The most interesting result of the advanced stages of any path is that, regardless of path, in the higher
stages of growth each person begins to develop in a similar way. A person concentrating on the mental path
will develop more of the love/wisdom through expansion into oneness and the practice of compassion, while
the person devoted to love/wisdom will develop more of the knowledge power through understanding and
controlling the process. All of us are ultimately called to develop both areas.
Many in Eastern religions have searched for enlightenment of God primarily through understanding the
power of Kundalini, how it works, how to raise it, and what it does in human evolution. There is a lot of
knowledge about it, although it is hidden in symbolic language. Yogis who have reached advanced stages of
raising and developing their Kundalini attain the great paranormal powers called "siddhis." They have
learned how to change energies and use them to accomplish certain purposes. Christian mystics, on the
other hand, probably had very little knowledge of the process, yet through the workings of the Holy Spirit
attained enlightenment. These mystics have been able to perform paranormal feats called "miracles." Faith
in God replaced the understanding of how the miracles happened. Both yogis and mystics suffered and
endured many things on account of their goals. Dedication and a willingness to do whatever was necessary
seem to be characteristics of both.
Modern-day searchers are looking at various paths, including Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, American
Indian, Rosicrucian, Sufi, and ancient Egyptian. You do not have to give up your basic beliefs. In fact,
studying other religions sometimes helps you understand your own religious beliefs better.
If traditional religions are to keep pace with the deepening spiritual interest of humanity, however, the time
seems ripe for a renewal within the systems. There is a growing hunger for the mystical path and the
knowledge of the mysteries of God which has not been totally satisfied by the current programs within our
churches. Often, for the individual who longs to feel God's love and God's presence in his or her life, the
rules, regulations and old attitudes are stifling. The desire to be both spiritual and human-to open
awareness of our spirit and of our human potential-is the motivating drive behind this blending of paths.
It is time for modern-day searchers to take their own needs for development into account in both the
spiritual and human realms. They need to find a common ground leading to an understanding of the process
and to ultimate enlightenment. We must develop a new vocabulary. The mystical language of any path
contains such deep symbolism that it is usually totally comprehensible only to those who have had similar
experiences. New vocabulary brings new understanding, which helps us discern the relevance of old truths.
An example of a vocabulary problem is in the use of the word "sin." Many people do not comprehend what
"sin" really means in their lives; what seems sinful to one generation does not to another, or the degree of
sinfulness seems to change. Sometimes sin refers only to overt acts, and sometimes to each unholy
thought. Another source of confusion is when religious groups alter their doctrines and call something
acceptable which they previously considered a sin; then the question arises: is the sin committed against
the church or against God? Did the church change its mind or did God? Such questions have caused
people to seriously question the doctrines of their religions. They wonder whether their spiritual growth is

between themselves and God or between themselves and a particular faith and its doctrines. These
questions are deeply troubling. Many sincere people have left the organized, traditional religions in search
of greater personal understanding of their connections with the Divine source.
One way of resolving the confusion is to examine the concept of sin through the use of the word "karma," a
Sanskrit term meaning "reaction follows action." People are beginning to discover that all of life needs to be
accounted for, not just particular actions called "sins," and that Christ and high spiritual masters are able to
transmute all "negative" or inappropriate behavior into good or positive energy. We need both areas of
growth: spiritual and mental, Holy Spirit and Kundalini. We may accelerate our growth and shorten the time
we need to attain enlightenment and that total Christ-like love by integrating these two avenues. For the first
time in history, the knowledge of many paths is available for the dedicated seeker.

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