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We have selected print media for our advertisement. We select “PROTHOM ALO” daily newspaper as our medium considering our budget. As it is the most selling newspaper at present .and why we choose this media we defined it logical below.

Our paper ad starts with a headline; our headline claims that we are pure “KHATI”. It reads “KANO RADHUNI KHATI”? The headline makes the readers to think, and it will make them to have a pause. Afterwards the text is going to prove what are the underlying factors that have made Radhuni to be “KHATI”? The text starts with proving by saying; Radhuni is manufactured from the best quality Chilly, turmeric, cumin and coriander powder. Radhuni has its own suppliers to supply the raw materials. So it is clear that we have tried to incorporate the news into the headline. We have tried to make the audience curious about the ad using “why?”

Headline Attributes
We have tried to make the message to be believable by providing the information regarding the benefits the consumers can get. Using of simple words was very much appealing to us. We did not want to make our audience to get confused anyway.

On the part of illustration, we have illustrated our products and the raw materials used in our production. We have shown our illustration in a major part of the ad because every audience is bombarded with several ads unless they know who we are, what we is advertising, receiving action from them will be quite


impossible. So the visual will work as a snapshot of the whole ad. They must know it is RADHUNI, it is from fresh raw materials. Since there is a tendency on the part of most of the people to skip through out the page. We must make sure our audience knows us. This is why we have allocated most of the space for visual and whenever possible we showed our brand name. At the top most position we have showed our product, below the product we have illustrated the fresh raw materials that is being used to produce our product. Thus we have made a link of them.

To stop the reader we have started with the headline which reads “Kano Radhuni KHATI”? Then we have shown the illustration in a big shape, sequentially we have given the text in the last. We have neither used extreme of texts nor said anything. We tried to put few relevant lines so that our audiences do not get bored. To make it more visible to the audiences we have tried to show the brand name of Radhuni as whenever possible. To draw attention we are also very much selective in media space.

We have not only showed the logo of Radhuni but also showed the packet of Radhuni to make the audiences clear about whom we are, what we are advertising for, at the bottom of the ad we have mentioned the company name of our brand.


The ad is organized in a way that it will make the audience curious to read and watch the entire ad using of its “KANO” in the headline. It will make the audience to be sloth.

We have tried to be casual and keep things simple. Everywhere, from headline to the body copy, we have used simple words. We have avoided giving unnecessary information rather we have given very specific information with regard to our products. We have tried to stick with one selling idea which is “PURITY”. Our headline says “Kano Radhini KHATI”? We have answered this question from the very first line of the body copy. We have finished with a summary statement “VALO KHAN, VALO THAKUN- RADHUNI VALO RADHUNI KINUN”. Singular nouns and verbs, present tense and familiar words and phrases are being used throughout the ad. We have put few lines in each para, yet varying the length of the paras.


1. Concept
1. The major premise of the ad is “Kano Radhuni KHATI”? 2. The ad concept works to communicate effectively the major selling idea which is “KHATI”


3. The concept emphasizes the product being advertised. Our product is shown with the headline.

2. Visual
(a) It relates to headline and copy. (b) It shows the products and raw materials being used. (c). Brand name is highly emphasized.

3. Headline (a) Arouses curiosity by using of “KANO?” (b) It works with the visual to draw readers into a copy. There is head-visual relationship in our ad. Our headline says KHATI and the visual shows freshness to make it to be KHATI. (c) Our headline contains the brand name. (d) It is clear from the along side visual of the headline that it is nothing but the spicy “RADHUNI” powder. 4. Body copy (a) Divided into small paras. (b) Simple words are being used. (c) It employs the term “You- Apni” as an involvement device. (d) End with an implied urge to action, a summary of the main idea –

This implies

(e)It tells the reader sufficient information how it is KHATI, without being bored.


(f) It contains the frequent use of the brand name in big font size.

We are going to give our ad in “PROTHOM ALO” because “Prothom Alo” is the most read daily newspaper in our country. We are also going to give our ad in “NAKSHA” of “Prothom Alo” on Tuesdays. Our ad should be placed in “Prothom Alo” on Fridays. First of all, since Friday is the weekday all the people including service women will generally stay at home. As we have mentioned in our first assignment that only women don’t buy the product rather men also buy the product. But women usually play an important role in decision making. However, the reason why we are going to place the ad in NAKSHA because it has several pages related to the lifestyle, especially its recipe section is a great place to place our ad of Radhuni.

Placement of Ad
We will give our ad in the recipe section, or in the khabar-Dhabar section depending on the condition. But the recipe section is the best place to draw attention. Our ad should be placed at the bottom of the recipe page, right-after the end of recipe. This is seems to be very much appealing because those who read the recipe will also read the Radhuni .we are very much optimistic about the impact from this particular page. Apart from this our ad should be placed in “Dainik Prothom Alo” on Fridays. Our ad should be place in the front page of “Prothom Alo”. We have decided to place it in the first page because of getting attention from the audience. Moreover, this page holds the highest reach capability. Every one usually goes through the first page to have the glimpse about what is happening. So, if we place the ad at the bottom of this page it will easily draw the attention of the readers. Further more, our 8 page column ad with high visibility will easily grab the attention of the readers. Our ad size is 8”/15”


(length/width). As we are giving 8 columns Ad and size is relatively big, we hope the clutter will be relatively low.

Bangla is being used as the language of the ad with a few highly known English words. Bangla is being used to make the ad simple and to reach the great number of general people. We hope every body will be able to understand the underlying concept of the ad because of being casual and simple. On the other hand, English has not been selected because this medium will not able to reach a vast majority of people.

“Dainik Prothom Alo” is the most read newspaper in Bangladesh. Near about 2, 60,000 papers are sold each day with little variations. The number of papers sold in each day is 2, 60,000 but the number of readers should be higher then this .So its reach capacity is amazing.

We are going to advertise our ad twice in a week. One is Friday in “PROTHOM ALO”. Another one is in “NOKSHA” of “PROTHOM ALO”. This ad will be continued for the next 6 months for the time being.

For “Prothom Alo” per day cost is calculated as follows8 column (width)*8” (height)*5000Tk = 320000Tk For “NOKSHA” 5 column (width)*5” (height)*1500Tk =37500Tk


6 months Budget
For “PROTHOM ALO” 320000*26 days (on Fridays only)= 8320000 For “NOKSHA” 37500*26 days (on Tuesday)=975000

Ad size
Our ad size for daily is 8”/15” (length / width). On the other hand, the size of ad for “NOKSHA” is 5”/9” (length/width). Our ad in “Dainik Prothom Alo” will grab 8 columns while the ad in “Noksha” will grab 5 columns.

Color, Font and Font Size
The yellow is being used as the background of the headline to draw attention. In the text body blue color is being used to bring variation. The overall differences in color and big size of ad are being adopted for eye catching. The black is being used in raw materials to separate them and focus individually. We have used magnifier to visualize the raw materials clearly and which shows the freshness of raw materials that are being used which implies “PARTHOKKO” the difference. We have used the big font size in the headline. We have used black color in the tag line in a curve shape to highlight the tagline.


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