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AutoScan A SOFTWARE FOR Bill of Quantities from CAD Drawing Extracts entities from CAD / RCC drawing and schedule AutoScan Se Rae nc) Oni} Newton Software Pvt. Ltd isa track blazer, specializing in software for Consiruction industry in Indis. Established in 1992, Newton has come to symbolize innovation Weendeavor to develop world-class sofware products that improve work efficiency and clionts' business opportunities. Over time, the ‘quality of products and the service provided by Newton has made us a leading company in developing software not just in civil engineering but other varied fields tke medical and electronics. Weare a dedicated team of professionals who believe in continual up gradation of products. We take pride in creating innovative products mecting the clients'unicuc needs, This has made Newton Pvt Lid, one of the fastest growing Organization providing Civil Engineering Software and. allied ‘Accurate and sa estimation of ene fiors CAD/RCC caving, ‘andi schedule sone ofthe crucial tasks for any construction fm. “This of the Cv Industry was understood at Newton Software Mt Lid. and prompted the Neaton team to develop exusive sofware that would comvert CAD / RCC drawing into quantities “The name of thisuser-fiendlysoftsareis AutoScan. AutoScan A software for Bill of Quantities from CAD Drawing, ‘AuloScan extracts the enttes from the RCC / CAD draning and also generates reports in all the necessary formats ike measurement sheets, abstract and also the estimate formats, It's equipped with Ready Master Library for items, with editing facility This makes the working smoother ard simpler KEY FEATURES f¢ AuioScan works out the Bill of ouantities for major items, required for building construction. ‘© Data can be further edited even after extracting thedata from the drawing, if required, ‘© Provides customizable deduction methods for plaster of windows and skirting, ‘© Helps in copying, deta fiom floor to Boor; this ideally suitsbouildings having typical floors. © Has Excel connectivity ‘© Has automatic drafting facility for quick placing of rooms, doors and windows and RCC items such as Columns and bears. @ Detail measurement sheets enables us to cross check the plaster, brickwork and other amenities. AutoScan’ A Software for Bill of Quantities from CAD Drawing Aloscan reas he noriing drawing and extrac the detain the AtoScan read the RCC craving along th the column, eam, forms, which can futher be atiacest with specticatons, slabs and reed schedules 10 present the LBD sheets al ‘Changein the dawingon selection, elects change in cuanities _sinukaneous) genesaes abstracts automaticly. ‘AutoScan has routine to read the eles within te ang ae _gencrateallrlevant report. This is how AuloSean works: