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A SoFTwarRE FoR BAR CUTTING LENGTH CALCULATION A Boon to Builders, Contractors, Steel and RCC Consultants Newton Software Pvt. Ltd. We began fifteen years back.... with the vision to revolutionize the Civil and Architectural Industry. Over the years we have successfully developed and installed various software applications for the Construction industry. Our mission, has been and remains, to develop quality products aimed to enhance ents business opportunities. We are a team of professionals who continuously strive to build better software for our clientele. Being in tune with the clients! needs enables us o develop software that meets their requirements in the best possible manner. Products developed at, Newton Software PM. Lid., are marked by innovation and quality. Thus, ithas become a name to reckon with in the field of software development having a AutoSteel Software for Bar Cutting Length Calculation Steel forms a major portion of the cost incurred by any builder or Contractor. tis crucial to have exact estimate ofthe same to maximize the profits. The entre process of calculating the steel cutting engths for ‘any construction site manually is very tedious, cumbersome and time consuming. Besides, there is alvays a chance of human error in ‘aleulations. Newton Software Pvt Ltd. has developed AutoSteel Software for Bar Cutting Length Calculation “Thisisa software that converts CAD/RCC drawings into steel quantities swiftly and accurately, This estimate works asa perfect planner forthe builderby providing detalstee bar cutting length. Thus, AutoSteel makes a positve difference to the Bulléers' or ‘contractors eliciency and in turn business planing tattoo stage-wise. “The input for this software isthe RCC/CADD Drawing as drafted by the RCC Consultant ‘As steel comprises ofthe major element of cost, accurate estimating of steel quantities is @ must, This software enables you to plan the ‘expenses ina methodical manner. KEY FEATURES © Optimum stee! cutting lengths are made available which helps to reduce wastages. © Presents accurate and effective reports for stec! bar cutting lengths. © This helps provide an in depth know how of the steel quantities required for each item. © The floor wise estimate provided by this software gives an accurate quantity. © The input data used is the CAD/RCC drawing that Is pre-drafted by the consultant. @ It has Excel connectivity that allows transfer of important reports to and fo from Excel AutoSteel” Software for Bar Cutting Length Calculatio The input for AutoSteel is the CAD/RCC drawing. including column / beam / slab schedules. The software reads the entities within the CAD drawing & extracts the related schedule to process the measurement sheets and the estimates ‘One can get item wise calculations i.e. quantity required fr all the items like beams, columns, slabs with its measurements. AutoStee! _gives lengths for bars with various sizes inthe form of measurement sheets. Separate measurement sheets are avallable for Columns, Tasks Scans, Sbs,Stavas and Fotngs. Arched beans ap lng stp ooing,pleoundaton and suc aspects of ste caneasybe worked out from this software. Another feature of AutoSteel is the master database for formula. ithe toa atach the frm fr easton. Ti form catable sf eauted. Reports ae generated as eauited bythe calyindst This is how AutoSteel works: CTE ‘AtoStee exacts data from drawing factors