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NEWTON FlatDeal PA eee eo VEE eS LCL] Trelis) Documentation and Generation of STE ee) eee Drafts and Letters Newton Software Pvt. Ltd, develops quality products aimed to enhance clients’ business opportunities. Established in 1992, we have eared for ourselves a rich domain experience primarily in civil engineering and realty and then on in diverse areas like medical and electronics We are a team of top-notch professionals who believe in innovation and continuous Uup-gradation. Staying in tune with the needs of our esteemed clientele is our hallmark. Thus, we have been able to create many indigenous products which have been very well received all over India. Newton has come to symbolize innovation leading to efficiency for its clientele. FlatDeal I Sere CUCM eC) Every builder is aware ofthe fuld and competitive nature ofthe Realty business. It, therefore becomes of crucial importance to have up-dated Factsand figures talltimes; especially when comes to sales. FlatDeal Builders' Sales-Management System This software is specially designed forthe builders: targeted to simplify the work ofthe Builder's Sales department. The software is created to improve efficiency and on time generation of routine reports. Its connectivity to TALLY makes t'a must hve! or every Builder. FlatDeal is a complete software solution that automates all the major functions of the Realty sales department right from listing of number of| apartments sold, amount received and outstanding balance of every customer, preparation of routine reports and letters such as loan tements, sales reports, booking confirmation report to handling of customer correspondence and sales recovery. KEY FEATURES (exo memnetans disbursement SNCs Automates Sales Report Fat Avallabiliy Report Flat Cancellation Report Project-wise Vacant and Sold Flat Report Project-wise Parking Availabilty Report Flat holder Statements! Report Inquity Tracking Register EEEt nue eM ehnteiasn eis ‘Automates Booking Form Booking Confirmation Letter Demand and Reminder Letter Permission to Mortgage Apartment Voucher Related Reports ‘Standard Registration Form Loan Disbursement Letter Possession Letter err ereees Has Tally Connectivity Generates Total Outstanding Payments Building-wise Outstanding Report Flat-wise Outstanding Report Calculates Interest on over-due Payments Project-wise Collection Report CCustomer-wise Payment Received Report atl DY =r] | Ce oe ue FiatDeal systematically organizes all he information required Ee by bullets Sales office and generates easy t-use reports KBtonatruetion which are most apt for you. rnin tte Rs€onstruction comnse rma Rei SE amasrobent ats Break free from the tedious job of ee ae , i" eek tk . ~ “creating documents, reports and letters. Cotte BBeonatrection * 7 = ons cg CONFIRAATION LETTER FlatDeal docs a ofthis systema == Boor witha lot of accuracy and also ina time | Seeereaee newt ager — crea peu ne am tn ctf a bound mamer = Ti a vest c