MGT 679 Final Exam (due on SafeAssignment by June 11th) The questions below are based on the following

a. The Strategic Secret of Private Equity b. When to Walk Away from a Deal c. Strategic Due Diligence for M&A's d. Note on Corporate Strategy e. Not All M&As Are Alike. (location: Course Reserves, 11p.)

(Course Reserves, 11p.) (Class web site , 6p.) (Case pack, 10p.) (Course Reserves, 9p.)

Please answer all three questions. Use the ideas in the articles to answer the questions; do not summarize the articles. 1. Based on your reading of the articles listed above, explain the basic strategies of financial acquirers and strategic acquirers. For each one, explain: -What is the plan for adding value? -What are the challenges involved? -What core capabilities are necessary to succeed? 2. Explain what due diligence is and what acquirers need to look for through the due diligence process. 3. “Strategic Due Diligence” and “Not All M&As Are Alike” both offer M&A typologies. -How do they compare? -What are the similarities and differences? -Which would be more useful in your industry? -Optional: If your company has recently made an acquisition or merger, which typology best captures the nature of that deal?

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