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THE ORIGINS OF HoMOSEXUALITY ‘A Few YEARS AGO, I received the follewing scrisbled note fom a very trousled youth. He wrote: Deer De. Dobson: ive been putting this off fora long simeso I'm finaly writing you aa lester. Tama thireen year old boy. Ihave listened to your tape [Pre- ‘paring for Adolescence] bus wot the complete set. I did listea tothe one on ex though. Getting to se point, [don’t knew i have a serious problem or « pasing? (I don't inow the word fort) All shrough ray lie (ver short) hase acted and look much more like a gid shan a boy. Wher T was litle, T would abwass wear finger nail polish, dreses, and the sort. Labo bad an alder cousin who would ‘ake us (little cousins) into bis room and show us his genital Tim afraid i havea litte sodomy in me. Tewas very hard for me write what I jus did I don’ soant 1 be homaecial bus Tm afraid, ver aftsid. Thet was hard w write oo. Let me explain futher ‘Through my bigher grades in school ('m in seventh grade) kids Ihave always cahed me name: (gay, fig et), and made fin of me, Its been hard. Ihave masturbated (I guess) ut gone oo far. When I war 113 Bringing Ub Boyt isle (not thas lle) Tori so more than once 20 suct my own pens \ io ve ark). That sornds very bad and looks even uorie to readit, 1 pray tha: nothing is wrong with me, ‘Very recent'y Ihave done suchacts as ooking (maybe lusting I pray 0 bard thas I wasn’) at my selfin skimpy underunar. When- ever wear it I fel « like sexual seasaton, Ysterday in the bathroom (infront of the snrvor), I wiggled my bods very -apidymaking my genitals bounce wp and down. I ger a Ul bis oj thas feling mentioned shove as I wrie this, After I did this, Timracdiaely asked forgivenes of God, went inthe shower but did is agai there. I prayed more aad file very bad: called with one of my pastors and tld him at that point I prob- ably prefered arman's body ever awoman'. Now thet was hard Xe said he didn’s think anything was wrong with me (I don: now how eset say it. He apparcatly hough it waspasing), bse 1 foe very badly and want to know why. The pastor mentioned above isone {go o for advice very oftea. Aboutsny spiritual lif: Icameto Christ onby about a year ago ‘but have grown very much. I have ako done lors wrosg. Lam a Merwronise What denemination are you? Ihave been bapticed ‘and am will liked inthe church (bin). Tm afuaid fam not soaighs chars much easier to write) I will 0 hel. Idon's want 10 be not sraight. don't iy tobe no straight. Lleve God and wast to go to raven. If something is wrong with sme, [want to ges rid oft Pleas helpme, Mar was deeply touched by Mark's lerter I know him welleven though we aave never met. He is representative of many other preeens and tens around the world who have awakened 10 semething terrfying within— something they don’t understand—somehing that creates enormous con- fasion and coubt. These kids often recognize very eadly in ife that thes are “different” Eom other boys. They may ery easly, be less athictic, have an at tstic temperament, and disike the roughhousing that thet friends erjoy. Some of them prefer the company of girs, and they may valk, talk, des, and even “think” efeminatdly. This, of cours, brings rejecton and ridizule 14 ‘Tur Onremns oF Homosextanrry from the “rea! boys,” who tease them unmercifully an¢ call them “queer” “fag,” and “gay.” Even when parznts are aware ofthe situation, they typically have noidea Low to helo. By the time the colescent homones kick in du ing early adolescence, a full-blown gender identity criss threatens to oves- vwhelm che teenager. This is whet Mark was experiencing when he wrote. And ic ilustrases why even boys with normal hetersexuul tendencies ae oF ten tertfied chat they will somehow “urn gay.”* ‘Thereis an additional dimersion of pain for those who have grown up in a strong Christian bome. Taeir sexual chougyss and feelings produce ‘great waves of guilt accompanied by secret feats of divine retibution. They atk thernselves, How could God lave someone as vile as ne? Mark even felt condemned fer jumping up and down in the shover and forfeeling the ex- cemen: it created. (Tht titillation by thes ght o°his own body isa dassic symptom of narcissism, ora “tuming inward” cofalfillhis unmet gender- identification needs.) He either had to figure out how te control this mon- str within or, in his understanding, face an eternity ia hell. There is no ‘greater interne] turmoil for a Chistian boy or gir. han this. At che top of Mark’s Ieter he wrote, “I may sound very bad. I hope Tm not that bad, “Maris in desperete need of profestional help, but he is un- likely to get it. His parents apparently don't know abouthis travail, and che pestor he trusts tells him it will pass. Ie probably won’ Mark appears to have a condition we might call *prehomoseruaity,” and unless he and his cetire family are guided by someone who knows hew to asst, the probabil- ities are very great that ke will go on to experience 1 homosexual lifesrye. What do we know about this disorder? Well Ses, i: isa disorder, de- spite the denizls of the American Peychiacric Association. Great political pressure was excrted on chis professional organization by gays and lesbians (ome of whom are psychiatrist) ro declare homosexuality tobe “normal.” ‘The debate went on for years Finally, a decsion was made in 1973 w re- ‘mave this condition from their Diagnostic and Seatstical Marual (DSM). I ‘war made not en thebasis of science but was srongy influenced by a oll of ‘APA members, which was initiated and financed ky the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The vote was 5,834 to 3,810.’ The American Peycho- logcal Associacion soon followed suit? Today, piychobgiss or psychia- ‘tis who disagree with this politically correc interpretaion, or even those ‘who try t help homosexals change, are subjected 20 conrinual harassment ‘and accusations of malpractice. ‘The second thing we know is that the cisorder is not typically “cho- sen.” Homosemuals ceeplyresentbeing told that they selected this same-sex inclinaticn in pursuit of sexual excitement o: some othe: motive. Itis un- fait, and { don't blame them for being irritated by that assumption. Who us