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EDEN GATE PROJECT : Biggest Emotional Blocks

FatiqueGreed Marital
Financial Attachments
Gossip Hidden Fear
Self Centered Hidden Guilt
Opinionated Hidden Shame
Humorless Hidden Anger
Bad Health Self Hatred

Politics Resentments

Hopelessness Deep Grief

Self Effacing Broken Promises

Martyrdom Selfishness

Social Approval Not Receiving

Fear of success Lack of Confidence

Lack of Purpose Mental Laziness

Possessive Undisciplined

Disloyal Intolerant

Manipulative Not Authentic

Conditional Love Low Growth
Discarnate Pride
Environmental Getting Even
Impatience Panic
Craving Drama Mothering
Blaming othersEnvy Denial
Sexual (c) 2006 Sheree Rainbolt-Kren