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centering and grounding

violet flame is a grounded energy, so it responds best when a
good earth connection is made, a bit like a plug. if the earth
wire is connected then the energy is controlled not to go off in
other directions. unlike a plug, unearthed violet flame wont do
damage though.

to centre we can use simple visualisation, the japanese
meditation technique of gassho, or run energy though our haric
line to our tan tien. the haric line is a narrow energy channel
of about 7 or 8mm (1/3rd inch) width that runs in the front of
our bodies and through our auric and etheric fields, allowing
connection from the celestial realms to the core of the earths
heart. the line starts about a metre above our heads.

the haric line sets and holds our intentions, corresponding to
life task and deeper spiritual purpose, our reason to incarnate.
there are 3 points along this line, the first of which is above
our heads and funnels into our being our individuality and
spiritual reasons. if we follow the line down to our chest, 3
inches below our neck we come to the second point, which is an
expandable diffuse light carrying our longings and passions to
accomplish our great goals, if you like, our heart's desires. the
final point is the hara, or tan tien, well known to martial
artists as the point from which our energy is transmitted.

the tan tien is located below the navel and is our bodies centre
of gravity. it is in the region of the sacral chakre but is not
usually synonymous with it. awareness of this point centres us.
imagining it as a pivotal joint and moving around as if jointed
there will bring it into awareness. you can then run energy both
up and down the haric line, although i find it easier to start
with running up and down the line to earth first and when i feel
the tan tien filling with energy then i try to move the line
upwards and connect to the celestial realms. some times the
energy gets stuck running though my body, and i bring in energy
from above and try to run it through the block in both directions
at once. although this makes a good clear channel for energy work
its not necessary to do this for centering.

for more information on this i recommend reading chapter 17 of
'light emerging' by barbara brennan.