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Class: Intermediate – 2nd Grade

Date: 10 Dec – 16 Dec

Objective: Sports

Ss should have an understanding of vocabulary of different sports.

Time Activity Procedure Materials

20 min Review/  Quick Class Brainstorm on any sports that Ss know. Powerpoint
 Sporting Quiz – Handout Quizes to Ss, Ss must
select the correct sports. Quiz Sheets
 Select Ss to come and write answers on Blackboard.
10 min Class speaking  Ss must find the favorite sports of other members of Quiz Sheets –
activity the class. Side 2


10 min Surfing, Foil

boarding and
Review some  Watch Video clips of surfing, foil-boarding and windsurfing
popular Water windsurfing.
Sports from New 
Zealand Powerpoint

5 min Surfing, Foil

boarding and
Christmas Lights  Watch Video clips of House lights at Christmas windsurfing
Video 


Backup Pictionary  Draw on board, Students guess the word Ss book