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Anthony Torres 5.

2 Notes History The Two-Party System The two-party system means that there are only two major parties a minor party is a political party without a wide voter support. Why a Two-Party System? The Historical Basis Ratification of the Constitution saw the birth of two parties: the Federalists, and the antifederalists America began as two party Framers wanted to unify nation George Washington warns against being too loyal to a party rather than to a nation Parties turned out to be moderate and thus unify the nation The Force of Tradition Humans are creatures of habit and their systems are self-perpetuating. America has a two-party system because america has a two-party system. The Electoral System Most elections are sing-member districts, in other words, winner takes all. Minor parties are discouraged because there can only be one winner. Often times voting for a minor party seems like a wasted vote The parties make laws to protect the two major parties minor party candidates don't make all the ballots The American Ideological Consensus There is a general agreement upon fundamental matters. The conditions to produce strong rival parties do not exist Two parties that are generally pretty moderate and try to walk the middle of the road. Multiparty Systems multiparty systems have several major parties and many lesser ones, where all can seriously compete in and win elections it leads to a broad range of choices but also to a weaker, less stable government with less people satisfied in its nation's leaders One-party Systems often leads to dictatorships Party Membership Patterns often patterns appear where most members of a certain section of society will vote for a certain party but never have all the members of a group permanently aligned themselves with a party