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Jetpack Joyride Lesson Plan

Jetpack Joyride Lesson Plan

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A lesson plan for incorporating "Jetpack Joyride" in the EFL classroom.
A lesson plan for incorporating "Jetpack Joyride" in the EFL classroom.

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Published by: whistleblower on Oct 16, 2011
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Lesson Plan

Language Level: Elementary – Upper Intermediate Learner Type: Young Learners & Teenagers Time: 90-120+ minutes Activity: Creative Writing Topic: Stories & Predictions Language: Past Forms – Writing Stories Materials: Images, Story Board, iPad or iPhone, Paper, Glue and Pens (possibly YouTube or Projector for the video) Context Building 1. Brainstorm with learners Apps that you are able to download from Apple and ask students what their favourite App is. 2. Compare different Apps that are available. If possible get students to present their favourite App to the class (depending whether students are confident or enthusiastic enough). You could group particular Apps according to their use on the iPhone or iPad (Social Networking, Games, etc). 3. If any students have a different phone or tablet (such as an Android product), get them to share their own favourite Apps. 4. When ready, ask students to suggest their favourite iPhone, iPad or other App related Games. Make a note of these on the board and ask why they prefer particular games.

Creative Writing 1. Introduce students to Barry Steakfries, the main character of a new game called “Jetpack Joyride”. Mention to students that you will hand out various pictures from a video and that they have to put the images in an order they believe is appropriate. Hand out the images to groups of two to four students. 2. Monitor students and help (if required) to ensure that students are re-ordering and following instructions accurately. 3. Once the groups have finished, provide each group with a story board so that they are able to glue their version of the story on the story board. When
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students are ready, explain to them that they need to write their version of the story beneath the images to describe what is happening. 4. Monitor and assist learners if required. 5. When students have completed the creative writing, get them to explain their story to different groups. Monitor and provide cold error correction when everyone has finished.

Introducing the Game 1. Explain to students that they are going to watch the video and it will include images from their Story Board. Play the video. 2. When ready, explain to learners that the game is about Barry Steakfries and a jetpack and highlight that it is available on the iPad and iPhone from the App Store. 3. Tell students that you are going to play the video again and students need to make a note of what they think are the rules and objectives of the game. Highlight that there is some information nearer the end of the video about the game. 4. Play the video for a second time and allow students to write notes. Once the video has finished, get students to compare notes and ideas in their groups. 5. Tell students that they need to work together (nominate a team leader) and must write what they think are the rules/objectives of the game. Hand out some a photocopy of the Wordle and Images from the game. Whilst they are working, monitor learners and assist if required.

Playing the Game 1. Tell learners that they will have the opportunity to play the game and that their groups need to achieve the longest distance travelled. However, explain the controls and rules of the game (touch the screen to let Barry Steakfries fly the jetpack, etc). 2. Some language which might emerge could include „lasers‟, „rockets‟, „scientists‟, etc. 3. Advise learners that they will be competing between groups and that their scores (distance travelled) will be transcribed on the whiteboard and the group with the largest score wins. 4. Invite students from each group to play the game one at a time and write their score on the board. 5. Get groups to replay the game. Optional Activity 1. Should you wish, tell students that they are going to write up a Game Review for “Jetpack Joyride” for homework.

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