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Red Ribbon Week

Honorary Proclamation
October 23-31, 2008

Whereas, alcohol and other drug use has been identified as one of the greatest
threats to the future of our nation, and the 15-24 year old age group is dying at a
faster rate than any other age group; and

Whereas, it is imperative that visible unified prevention efforts by community

members be launched to reduce the demand for drugs; and

Whereas, the Colorado Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth and the
Westminster Area Community Awareness Action Team (C.A.A.T.) are sponsoring
the National Red Ribbon Campaign offering citizens in our community the
opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to drug free lifestyles; and

Whereas, business, government, law enforcement, schools, sports teams and other
organizations and individuals will demonstrate their commitment to drug-free,
healthy lifestyles by wearing and displaying red ribbons during this week-long
campaign; and

Whereas, the Adams County School District 50 Community further commits its
resources to ensure the success of the Red Ribbon Campaign:

We, the Board of Education of Adams County School District 50, therefore, do
now hereby proclaim October 23- 31, 2008 to be Red Ribbon Week in Adams
County School District 50.

Signed this 14th day of October, 2008

___________________________ _________________________
Vicky Marshall, President Chuck Hensel, Secretary

__________________________ _________________________
Marge Rinaldi, Vice President Kevin Massey, Treasurer

________________________ _________________________

Dr.Marilyn Flachman, 2nd Vice President Roberta Selleck, Ph.D., Supt.