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Mabummed (PEACE BE UPON HIM) THE NATURAL SUCCESSOR TO Christ (PEACE BE UPON HIM) CHAPTER1 “AND GIVING GLAD TIDINGS sey 2ots25 OF A MESSENGER Sy eyes TO COME AFTER ME, cobs Se yyee WHOSE NAME SHALL BE AHMED.” Sah At Holy Qur'an 61:60 MULTI-FACETED SUCCESSION Successions are of many kinds like the birthright of the “first-born” as in Jewish law. Or the ascending of the eldest son or daughter to the kingly throne. Or by election, to select a candidate by the vote of the majority. Or Theo- logically, an appointment by Divine Decree of God’s chosen Messengers. Like the call of Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Muhummed (May the Peace and Blessings of God be upon them all) who were appointed or “annointed”@ in con- secration to their office. Quran not onty for blesings oF adornment. it presents & golen opportunity for my tearnea oreiiven 10 memonte theve quotations wih i mearng anit share the Apomiesge win orhen 2, ANNOINTED:" or appointed: Mebrew wars “Methion. See my book “Christ in Muhummed’s (pbuh) succession to Jesus Christ (pbuh) is multi-faceted. 1. UIIUHUIUgILany, HE HBWWLy 29 @ seyUEHLE UI Eve time. 2. By being Chosen™ by God. 3. In the fulfilment of the prophecies of his pre- decessors, and last but not least... 4, By bringing the Guidance of God to perfection - “For be will Guide you into all Truth.” said, Jesus Christ HISTORICALLY The Holy Prophet Moses preceded Jesus Christ (pbuh) by some 1300 years and Muhummed (pbuh) succeeded to that high office vacated by Jesus some six centuries later. It was the 12 of Rabi I., in the year of the Elephant, or the 29th of August 570 of the Christian Era® that Muhummed the Praiseworthy, on whom all praise is due, was born in the sacred city of Makkah in pagan Arabia. His people the Quraish remembered the year of his birth as the “Era of the Elephant’, because just two months before the birth of the child Abraha al-Ashram, the Abyssinian viceroy of Yemen had attacked the sacred sanctuary at Makkah at the head of his troops, riding a huge African elephant. A terrifying sight never to be erased from their memory and a still more shocking end to the invasion — the miraculous destruction of Abraha and his army as recorded in Sura Fil or the Elephant — “CHOSE 2. Always use AC. [Aker Chesth oF CE. {Chvinan Era} and aot AO. as Muslims often do nihunkongly “Mustafa, bie of che Prophet of lam.