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William Holley Intro to Visual Art 112-117 August 28, 2011

As you can see my name is William Holley, although most people call me Grant. My major is undecided but it was music education. I decided to change it because music education wasnt what I thought it would be. Im taking this class because a woman at student resources suggested it and Ive always liked art so I decided to try it. What I really hope to gain from this class is a basic understanding of art and the artists who create it. I dont have a very big knowledge base of art but I do enjoy it. My favorite artist would probably have to be Vincent Van Gogh. His paintings and his lifestyle where what drawn him to me. No one else painted like he did. To me art is anything that someone creates with the purpose of self- expression. It can be anything at all. It doesnt just have to be a painting or a picture. It can be a sculpture, a piece of music, or even an assortment of junk crafted into some form of self-expression. I find art to be very important. Without it the world would honestly be very dull. Art can be used as a form of dealing with emotions or letting of stress. I think everyone would benefit from some form of art training. Whens the last time you heard someone say that they wish they didnt learn how to paint or play an instrument? I hope this paper makes my understandings on art and its relevancy to the world clear. I hope to learn a lot from this class and to gain a basic knowledge of art.