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Mrs, Putsuvus' CIussroom NewsIetter

Our Week

0ear Parents,

The KIndergarten class wIll have a
Halloween celebratIon on Dct. J1
1:45pm. Please read the letter that Is
goIng home tonIght In the red folder. t
explaIns the party In detaIl and what type
of costumes are acceptable for them to
wear. Call or emaIl me If you have any

n FelIgIon, we wIll read Chapter 6, "We
are ChIldren of Cod". We wIll read about
Chen and hIs gIft (talent) from Cod and
learn that we are all chIldren of Cod. We
wIll learn what a gIft from Cod Is and how
we use these gIfts. Last week we learned
the HaIl |ary prayer and a copy of the
prayer Is In theIr red folder. The students
can contInue to practIce thIs prayer at

n |ath we wIll IdentIfy ordInal posItIon to
fourth, order the numbers 010, IdentIfy a
mIssIng number, solve a problem by
lookIng for a pattern, count objects In a
set and match objects usIng onetoone

n FeadIng we wIll conclude our book on
0oc and then begIn our next SuperkId, Sal.
We wIll work on the followIng skIlls: blend
sounds to decode words, learn new
vocabulary, IdentIfy the InItIal and fInal
/s/ sound In words, form the letters S and
s, draw conclusIons from pIctures and
follow oral dIrectIons.

St. Peter SchooI
Aurora, L

October 17, 2011



Thank you to all of the parents who sent
In Items for our basket for the 0raw
0own! We fInIshed paIntIng the cookIe
jar last week and It looked great! can't
waIt to see It In the basket! hope that
everyone can attend the 0raw 0own. t
Is a fun evenIng where we raIse money
for the school. People who attend are
able to bId on the baskets that each class
has made. Even If you cannot bId on a
basket, It Is stIll a fun evenIng out! Hope
to see you there!

We thoroughly enjoyed our fIeld trIp last
FrIday. Thank you to our parent
volunteers for comIng and helpIng us!

Parent TIp of the Week: You can help
your chIld wIth theIr language skIlls by
explaInIng words as you are talkIng to
them. For example, If you ask them to
hand you a utensIl In the kItchen (or a
tool In the garage), explaIn what that
Item does and how you wIll be usIng It.
n SocIal StudIes we wIll IdentIfy common
sIgns and symbols.

n ScIence we wIll learn about fIre safety.

Have a good week,

|rs. Patsavas