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( 4] ( ANSWEF “ "1" “SPACES f. Asolid ysltow tine on your side of the center stiipe means " do not pass. 3. traffic signal ahead. wi 2. slow down. 4, you are on a multiple lane highway. | 9. You must, give a signal elther by hand, ami, or by signal device 1. only at night anytime you change lanes. is 2. only if the other traffic is _ Av only If you are driving Zz affected by your movement. car of truck. ) ‘0. When a vehicle ahead of should . 7. sound you for. 2. overtake to the right. you stops to let a pedestrian pass in front of it, you @ stay In tine and wait until the the vehiole akeed proceeds. c} When choosing your driving sueed, the mast important’thing to consider is 1. the time you have to travel. 5. the car your are. driving. 2. the condition of the other drivers. 4. the condition of the weather, traffic, df toad, car and driver. 12. The maximum fine for a first conviction of driving without a valid drivers licénse is 4, $100.09 3. $50.00 4. $500.00 > 13. A:postet speed limit of 55 means 4, you can always lawfully drive 3. you may drive 60 mph as officers 5 mph on that road. f allow an extra'5 mph, 2 you may drive §6 mph only under h 4. you may drive 69 mph day or! favorable driving conditions. night-on that road. : if you are teaching a beginner to drive, you must 1. be over 21 years old. 3. have a commercial license. 2.'be a Wcensed driver age 18 4, have had five years driving/ OF over. . experfence. i 4, e ANSWER iH A person’s driver's license will automatleally ba sus SPACES: ispended If convicted of: 1. four or more traffic violations, ~3. possessing a false driver's license. 2. aitempting to flee from a 4, failure to maintain financial police officer, responsibility. 4 16. As you nedr an‘Thtersection, you discover you are In the wrong lane for turning {o tight as intended therefore, you should 4. wait until other cars Pass and then get Into the proper lane. & 2. turn from the lane you are in if no cars are coming, 7 | 3. drive ahead until you can get into the proper lane, then tum at another intersection. 4S 4. move quickly into the proper lane. 17. A driver waiting to make a left tu en when the traffic 1. tum hurtledly ahead of oncoming traffic. 2. walt and turn on the next’ yellow signal, 3. signal and bluff other vehicles into stopping, 4. lum only after there is no danger from oncoming vehicles. light tums green should AB, Marijuana use will }, Adversely affect a driver's concentration, judgement and perceptual skills. 2. not affect a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle ) °3. make a driver More alert. | (49. If you havea blow-out while driving, you should 1. step on the gas, 3. hit the brakes, ; 2. push in the clutch ‘and coast 4. steer firmly, take your foot off the Y to a stop. gas and brake cautiously, 3. If your drivers license is suspended you may drive only 2, }: if you get permission from the local police, &© 2 if you tieve an accompanying licensed driver. 3. if you drive on little-traveled roads. v4. If you obtain an essential need drivei’s license, Soil AA, Whats tho first thing that should be done when @ motor vehiclo starts to skid? 1. apply brakes immediately, S02 steer for the shoulder of the road. a 3. 4. take your foot off the accelerator end steer in the direction of the skid steer in direction of skid and steadily apply brakes. d It you are involved 1. the local Police. 2 th ~ the county sheriff led for g ty 3. $3,000, ~4. $2,000, In an accident, with injuries, you mu 4. the Justice st immediately notify, 3. the high patrot, Of the peace, 7,Conviction of driving white under the intlience Injury is, ANSWr SPACE S 28. A Tlashing yellow light means 4. do not tum. 3. slow down if other traffic is near, c 2. stop, 4. always slow down, ~ 27. When driving in the 1 using upper headlight bean x. using lower headlight beam: Including teaction miles per hour it will bo about, 1. 30 feet, le fog, you can see better by 3. using the parking tights. 4. switching beams frequently, 3. about 133 feet, 4. about 188 feet. jime, the stopping distance is about 3 60 feat, 4. 75 feet, 4 Gia 20 feet at 10 mph at 20