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The Olympic Games of Beijing

As the president of IOC Roger said,”Beijing

Olympic Games is exceptional in the Olympic
history”,Beijing has successfully shown its special
impression to the world and realized its promiss of
“Green Olympics, Scientific Olympics and
Humanity Olympics”.
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is a wonderful
gallery of the whole world.People from the world
flooded into our capital-Beijing to attend this great
sports meeting. The opening and closing
ceremonies of the Olympic Games was grand. The
persistence of the athletes have deeply attracted
my attentions I am impressed with the Olympic
spirits---"higher, faster, and stronger"
I think Chinese athletes are very brave and great,
we are proud of them, 51 gold medals and 100
medals were captured by the Chinese this time.
What’s more , Chinese government has made
great efforts to protect the environment.Beijing has
built more green projects ,pushed the recycling
economy and many measures have taken to
protect the environment. For instance , plastic
shopping bags are no longer free.Anyhow all these
projects and new measures are the most valuable
treasures for us .
In any case ,Beijing Olympic games has proved to
be the most wonderful and the most impressive
games and has truly fulfiled the slogan of "One
World, One Dream".