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Gates vs.

Jobs and Computer Engineering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The demise (death) of Jobs was marked by an outpouring of sympathy from Presidents of countries, from business friends, foes, & competitors, and from numerous people in the street (everyday folks like you and me). Newspapers in every country had something positive to say.
A Visionary passes away... A Revolutionary is gone... Goodbye Steve Jobs, Goodbye the Legend. The mischievous child answers a curtain call. Steve Jobs give up the throne, iQuit. Steve Jobs give up his seat, will Apple still be amazing ? Farewell, Steve Jobs era. The Apple has really being bitten Apple lost its core ? He changed our lives forever..

Q1 Compare and contrast the contributions of Jobs and Gates in computer technology. (at least 5 sentences) Q2 How much money did Job and Gates each amass because of their talent, inventions and business sense? Q3 How did Jobs start his business career (his early life) (at least 5 sentences) Q4 How did Gates start his business career (his early life) (at least 5 sentences) Q5. Describe in 5 sentences what it takes to be a successful inventor and entrepreneur (businessmen). Submit your work in in the correct folder TODAY OCT 11, 2011