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Comparing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Comparing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

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Published by Saim Nadeem

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Published by: Saim Nadeem on Oct 17, 2011
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Gates vs.

Jobs and Computer Engineering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The demise (death) of Jobs was marked by an outpouring of sympathy from Presidents of countries, from business friends, foes, & competitors, and from numerous people in the street (everyday folks like you and me). Newspapers in every country had something positive to say.
“ A Visionary passes away...” “A Revolutionary is gone...” “Goodbye Steve Jobs, Goodbye the Legend.” “The mischievous child answers a curtain call.” “Steve Jobs give up the throne, iQuit.” “Steve Jobs give up his seat, will Apple still be amazing ?” “Farewell, Steve Jobs’ era.” “The Apple has really being bitten” “Apple lost its core ?” “He changed our lives forever..”

Q1 Compare and contrast the contributions of Jobs and Gates in computer technology. (at least 5 sentences) Q2 How much money did Job and Gates each amass because of their talent, inventions and business sense? Q3 How did Jobs start his business career (his early life) (at least 5 sentences) Q4 How did Gates start his business career (his early life) (at least 5 sentences) Q5. Describe in 5 sentences what it takes to be a successful inventor and entrepreneur (businessmen). Submit your work in Turitin.com in the correct folder TODAY OCT 11, 2011


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