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LLNL Site-Specific ASCI Software Quality Engineering

Recommended Practices
Guidance, Samples, and Templates
SQA Documentation

SQA Project Plan Outline Sample

This section provides a brief summary of the contents of a typical SQA plan. The
PSE/VIEWS guideline document for SQA plans provides a template for project-specific
SQA Plans. Consult that document for detailed guidelines for preparing an SQA Plan.
This section briefly describes the contents of a project-specific plan, namely the
• goal and objectives of the SQA plan;
• identification of SQA activities and associated work breakdown to include:
—SQA engineer’s participation in establishing the software development plan,
standards, and processes for the projects; and
—reviews to be performed by SQA Engineer.
Examples of SW activities and products to be reviewed include
• deliverable and non-deliverable software products (operational and support);
• non-software products (e.g., documents);
• product development and product verification activities (e.g., executing test cases)
such as
—standards and defined processes to be used as the basis for reviews;
—documentation/products/reports that the SQA Engineer is required to produce
including the method and frequency of providing feedback to software
engineering & the SSC;
• resource requirements for SQA (including staff, tools, and facilities) and funding;
• schedule of the SQA activities.