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This internet folder is created to accomodate the requests I received from my orkut friends to disseminate some informations on

Reiki Healing. For that i've gone through various internet resources and also official sites of traditional reiki. I have collected some
materials and these are presented here. Here in this folder there is nothing which i can claim to be my own. Those who want to get
more detailed informations about traditional reiki are referred to read Divine Reiki healing manual-- authored by Mr. Manoj Kr
Vimal who is a well renowned Reiki Master and widely acclaimed as GURUJI. I take this opportunity to tender apology for publishing
karuna reiki symbols in this folder. Karuna Reiki is a variation of Reiki and cannot be considered as a complete method for healing
as this method is not recognised by the traditional reiki masters as "Reiki". Hope this will meet the curiosity of many of my orkut
friends.Just for informations of those who want to know more about Reiki system of healing as practised in India are referred to the
link in this site you will get an uptodate picture of Reiki healing as practised in India.

I take this opportunity to introlduce to all the viewers a very high spiritual personaliity in the field of Rekii healing and his name is
Guru Monoj kumar Bimal M.B.A who has in his record a very large number of patients who have been recovered from terminal
illness. He runs a number of reiki healing centres thoughout the country. At present he is stationed at Calcutta . He has been invited
to lead reiki seminars in all the major cities of the country.Shri Bimal is the source of inspiration of all the reiki teachers and
practitions of the country. His personal achievements in the other fields of Sadhana are also worth mentioning. He has attained
Omkar siddhi and guides Omkar Sadhana in many parts of the country. This page is too small to describe all his spiritual

Guruji can be contacted in the following phone numbers

Guruji Mob No 9883091563

Pranab Bhattacharya Mob No 9331208708