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Todays Word:

Which MOUSE do you mean ?

A gadget (noun)

an animal (noun)

An action word (verb)

Mouse, a computer device. (noun) I will buy a new mouse. Click the right button of your mouse. This mouse is wireless.

Basic Structure:

marker +


Mouse, a little animal. (noun) I have a little mouse in my room. Your mouse is very smart.

Basic Structure:

marker +


(to) mouse, (verb) You must mouse over the icon. Mouse over the comment, please. Tom is mouseing over the menu bar.

Basic Structure: Subject + VERB (action) + C

C* = Complement

MOUSE as an ACTION word

Tense Simple present Simple past Conditional Progressive Perfect Action mouse, mouses moused (can, must, will) mouse (is, are, was, were) mouseing (has, have, had) moused

Basic Structure: VERB (action)

Other examples: This shape is to make mouseing more comfortable for women. This model increases mouse control.

Hey, fellows !

Lets have some fun before leaving !

Qu le dijo un ratn a otro ratn ?

Thats all, fellows ! Have a nice day !

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