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Clergy Review

Time: Noon’ish, Wednesday. October 1, 2008
Location: Good Shepherd Church (Please bring a bag lunch)
Attending: Rev. Kersi Bird, Rector’s Wardens Ron Kyle and Kathie MacDuff
Goals: To conduct a Clergy Review; to brainstorm a review process/
timeline for future wardens and incumbents to use as a guide
A. Clergy Review
(Conducted in the latter part of 2008; to be used for the 2009 budget)
1. Together review and comment on each paragraph of the 2006
Pastoral Covenant in relationship to Kersi, the vestry and the parish.
a. Are there any items in this covenant that are outdated or in
need of adjusting?
b. Are there any new items that need to be included?

2. Together develop an updated Clergy Review checklist, following the
Pastoral Covenant and based on information from this current
review, for use in 2009.

B. Clergy Review Process Guideline
Given the evolution of volunteers and incumbents, the clergy review has, in
the past, been late, been skipped, job descriptions misunderstood and or
topics repeated despite their earlier resolution etc. In order to assist
those who follow and, understanding it is a fact of life that new challenges
arise with the passing of time, we feel procedures should be put in place to
ensure continuity; to have expectations (of clergy, vestry and parish) crystal
clear and to avoid personal interpretation.
1. Together develop a Clergy Review process along with suggested
timelines to be consulted prior to the Clergy Review.
a. For example: Use the Pastoral Covenant for a period of two
years after which revisions are encouraged as agreed upon
by the Incumbent and the Executive.
b. Set out timelines for the Executive review, Rector’s Warden
and Incumbent review followed by the Executive assessment
and report back to the Incumbent (by the Rector’s Warden)
and to Vestry including the Treasurer.
c. Use the Clergy Review Checklist discussed in A.2. above.