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David Hiriart Prof. C. Tafolla-Schreiber Comm-103-05 06-20-11 The Basic Fiction Writing Process I.

Storytelling comes naturally to humans, but since we live in an unnatural world, we sometimes need a little help doing what wed naturally do. From Homer's Oddesey to Star Wars, from Hamlet to Robocop, almost every story ever told follows this writing process. II. To inform. III. After this presentation the audience will know the basic building blocks to the writing process IV. There are three main points to writing or telling a story, knowing these components lend to easier storytelling which can be used in our daily academic and social lives. V. The three main points are character, narrative thread and narrative theme. Transtion: To begin we will start with the most elemental and obvious part, the main character. Body I. Character A. Hero 1. Virtues 2. Weakness 3. Anti-Hero B. Antagonist 1. Virtues and Weaknesses 2. Relation to the Hero C.Secondary Characters Transition: Once we have develop our characters, we need to put our characters in a situation, to some, that may sound as the most dificult part, but really it can be broken down in a few simple steps. II. Narrative Thread A. First Act 1. Character is in zone of comfort 2. Call to adventure. 3. They enter an unfamiliar situation B. Second Act 1. Challenges and temptations 2. Point of no return. 3. Transformation. C. Third Act 1. Atonement 2. Return Transition: These are the series of situations that we will put our characters through, but how do we make them appealing? Through the simple notions of narrative theme. III. Narrative Theme A. Ethos 1. Meaning

2. Example B. Pathos 1.Meaning 2. Example C. Logos. 1.Meaning 2. Example Conclusion: I. Once we have our character, what that character is going to go through and why that story is important to us, you can see how simple it is to write and/or tell a story. II. The audience can now apply these simple story devices to tell ther own stories or analyze those of others. III. The professional writer has no magic gift, everyone has an amazing story to tell, and with these simple steps hopefully you will be more comfortable telling it.