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Empire Earth Cheat Codes

Result Cheat Code

100,000 of all resources all your base are belong to us

1000 more gold atm

1000 more wood you said wood

1000 more rock rock&roll

1000 more iron creatine

1000 more food boston food sucks

Building of all structures completed [Note] coffee train

Display all codes display cheat

Free upgrade to lvl.10 for all units (not citizens) the quotable patella

Full map asus drivers

Full map and all resources my name is methos

Instant building and research brainstorm

Lose game ahhhcool

No resources the big dig

No gold boston rent

No wood uh, smoke?

No food slimfast

No iron girlyman

No rock mine your own business

Planes refueled in mid-air friendly skies

Remove objects from map headshot

Restore energy to selected Prophet/Hero/Mana user i have the power

Reveal entire map and remove fog of warn bam

View fish and animals columbus

Win game somebody set up us the bomb