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A Lesson Plan in Reading For High School Students By: Gapas, Victor Lebre, Jessa and Sawayan, Jade


Objectives: After the 60-minute session, 80% of the class are expected to: a) narrate the story entitled A Spring by The Seaside in their own words, emphasizing 2 or more key ideas presented by selection in an oral presentation; b) express their reaction about the text in at least three sentences through writing; and c) share any superstitious belief and dramatize it in an on-the-spot setting by group within two minutes.


Subject Matter: Topic: Literature A Spring by the Seaside by N.V.M Gonzales Skills to be developed: Narrating the story based on own understanding Expressing reaction Sharing and dramatizing some superstitious belief Reference: English expressways textbook, pp. 75-78 Materials: Handouts of the story Manila paper Thumbtacks Flashcards Lesson Proper A. Pre-Reading a.1 Preliminaries Teacher Activity In order for us to be comfortable or convenient enough in the reading