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HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: This is a 75-year-old female who accidentally twisted the right ankle, and caused pain

and swelling three days ago. It hurts to put weight on it. PAST MEDICAL HISTORY: She suffers from early dementia, and has problem with hypertension and hyperlipidemia. FAMILY HISTORY: Noncontributory. SOCIAL HISTORY: Noncontributory. ALLERGIES: None. MEDICATIONS0.50, FORMAT) 1. Toprol- XL, terazosin, ______,. 2. Terazosin. 3. Vytorin. 4. Aricept, and. 5. Namenda. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: GENERAL: He She(0.50, SV AGREEMENT) is a well- developed and well- nourished, and ambulatesambulate(050, GRAMMAR ERROR) with a limp, but heshe(0.50, SV AGREEMENT) follows command. VITAL SIGNS: Weight of 160 pounds, height of 5 feet 6 inches. WT 150 lbs. HT 56. BP 164/70. 0.50, FORMAT) Pulse 64 of per minute, blood pressure 154/70, temperature/min. Temp. 98.5. HEENT: Normal. SKIN: No rash. NECK: Supple. Thyroid is not enlarged. LUNGS: No rales appreciated. HEART: Regular rhythm with no murmurs. ABDOMEN: Abdomen is soft

0.50, FORMAT)Soft with no point of (1.50, OMISSION)tenderness. EXTREMITIES: The left lower extremity is normal. The right lower showed an ankle that is swollen on itseach(0.50, GRAMMAR ERROR) lateral thighside(1.50, INCORRECT ENGLISH WORD) with ecchymosis. There is tenderness on the lateral modules. malleolus. (3.00, INCORRECT MEDICAL TERM). NEUROLOGICAL: No deficit. No deficits(0.50, PLURAL FORM). DIAGNOSES:. 1. Sprained, right ankle. 2. Possible subacute fracture involving the lateral modulesmalleolus(3.00, INCORRECT MEDICAL TERM). . PLAN OF TREATMENT0.50, FORMAT) 1. I showed to the daughter who brought her mother to put an elastic bandage around the right ankle. 2. She will be on ibuprofen 600 mg t.i.d.tid. 3. She was advised to elevate the legs as much as possible. 4. She needs to wear crutches to avoid putting too much weight on the right lower extremity. 5. Her daughter was told to see an orthopedicorthopaedic(3.00, MISSPELLING) doctor upon arrival in Louisiana for evaluation and moderatefurther(1.50, INCORRECT VERBIAGE) care. Thank you. NP: 18 LC: 24.77 QA: 27.33%