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History of the End

of the Age
K. Grogan Ullah
By the year 2020 global warming dried out most fresh water supplies,
changing life on the once “blue planet” forever.
 Global warming strikes

•Despite walls, tree lines and other erected defenses, desertification

overtook all major cities, destroying civil society.
Lasting only several months, governments attempted to maintain control, but
were soon overwhelmed.
 The world’s religions attempted to step into the vacuum and reclaim society from
the collapsed secular governments, but to no avail.
After nearly 30 years of anarchy, three religions emerged uncontested, setting
up world wide governments: the Bahai Faith, the Mormons and the Jehovah’s
The Mormons gained complete control over most of North America, excluding
Mexico. The Bahai Faith came to rule Africa, Europe and most of the Middle
East. The Jehovah’s Witnesses claimed Asia as their kingdom.
Everywhere free thinkers fought back,
holding underground meetings, writing
pamphlets, setting up guerrilla radio
and gathering dissidents against the
 The three Great Theocracies struck back against the dissidents through a complex network of
surveillance, strict censorship and book burnings, thus crushing the free thinkers movement.
 Because each of the three Great Theocracies claimed exclusive divine
rights to the earth, they could not tolerate the existence of a competitor,
resulting in nuclear war and the end of life on earth.
 View of Earth from space circa 2100 A.D.